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Your Wallet Will Love This Vibrating Almost Silent Masturbator


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The Autoblow Vibrastroker is our budget-friendly handheld masturbator that is low on price but BIG on feeling! The Vibrastroker is comprised of two parts – the soft flesh-like sleeve and a 10 mode rechargeable vibrating bullet. You just lube up, put the strap behind your balls, insert your penis, turn on the bullet, and get to work stroking.

The bullet vibrator, measuring about a full inch across and 3 inches long, houses a seriously strong deeply vibrating motor AND rechargeable lithium ion battery. This newly developed vibration technology feels fantastic when inserted into the stroker but feels even better when placed directly behind the head of your penis. Some of our customers can reach orgasm only from using the bullet vibrator without stroking!

All parts of the Vibrastroker are waterproof so you can easily work a load out in the shower without anyone else in your household being aware of it. Make sure you pair your Vibrastroker with a water-based lubricant and a toy cleaner for a slippery and safe experience. If you haven’t watched the Vibrastroker video, get up there to the top of the page and spend 30 seconds watching it!

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I’m mixed. My standard use is more laying down and setting up a pillow fort (or something) to thrust. This definitely requires more “hands on” which can be challenging. The device is soft. I love the texture on the inside. The vibrator slides in and the vibrations feel great. The fact it slides in means it can be used creatively. The grips work well even when slippery. My biggest issue is that the vibrator likes to pop out as lube spills into it. This makes keeping it in and stroking a bit challenging. It would be nice if it had a pocket or a way to lock it in. The ball strap didn’t work well for me. When I could get it to stay it added something, for sure. It just liked to slip off so I gave up. So, standing isn’t my cup of tea but I’ve made this work with vibrations on and off. It’s responsive to the hand, and I think better than even without the vibrator. As I am currently unable to do my usual method, this is probably the most effective for me. If there was a way to keep the vibrator in I’d likely bump it up a star.


Great texture for me, good vibrations, ability to be creative with a partner


Vibrator can slip out when lubed or wet.

Bottom Line

Overall I like this and it’s likely very effective for those who want to do hand action.
The packaging is modern and comes with a rechargeable vibrating bullet, a rubber or silicone sleeve and a charging cable. You insert the large bullet into a "pocket" in the sleeve, and get to work. There is a hook that hooks the whole deal behind your balls too which is a nice touch. The vibrator has modes on it, and I finished after maybe 10 minutes. All in all its unique and did what it was supposed to do.


Rechargeable vibrating bullet feels high quality


The ball strap may not work for you if you don't have big balls.

Bottom Line

Nice addition to my collection
I am a Fleshlight user looking to downsize as my Fleshlight is huge and traveling with it is an issue. After a month of owning this, I came back to write this review. For traveling nothing beats this stroker as it fits easily and discreetly in my bags. Of course during COVID my work travel became much less but still I like that I can fit this into my underwear drawer and the cleaners or my nosy nephews wont find it.


Surprising intense vibes from the vibrator


I have a long penis and wish this was longer

Bottom Line

Solid and at a fair price
Blowing loads on the roads! I'm a trucker and this is cheaper and better than the garbage they sell at those road side porn shops on I-90.


Vibration and easy to clean


The bullet charges with a magnetic charger but it is easy to knock off. They should make it a normal USB hole.

Bottom Line

Helps me blow loads on the roads