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Frequently Asked Questions

Autoblow AI+

Autoblow XT

Shipping & Billing

Shipping & Billing Questions

1. How can I track my order?

2. Do you ship discreetly? What does the package look like?

3. How will this appear on my credit card statement?

4. How do I contact customer service?

5. How quickly do you ship? How fast can I receive my package?

6. I entered my address incorrectly. Can you change the shipping address for me after my purchase has been completed?

7. Can I cancel my order?

8. I live outside of the United States and I never received my product or had to pay duty/taxes. What now?

9. Will you protect my privacy?

Autoblow AI+ Questions

1. Where can I learn about all Autoblow AI+ functionality and view tutorials and walkthroughs?

2. How can I access the new AI+ internet-enabled features?

3. What does this product do differently than other sex toys for men?

4. Do I have to plug it in while using it? Is it safe?

5. What is new on the Autoblow AI+?

6. What data do you collect about me while I use interactive mode? Is my data safe?

7. Are the sleeves reusable? What are they made from?

8. What do the buttons do on Autoblow AI+?

9. How do I clean the Autoblow AI+?

10. Do I need a computer to use the Autoblow AI+?

11. How loud is the Autoblow AI+?

12. What is the size of Autoblow AI+?

13. What is the warranty on the Autoblow AI+?

Autoblow 2+XT Questions

1. How is Autoblow 2+xt different from Autoblow AI+?

2. What size is the Autoblow 2?

3. How does Autoblow 2 work?

4. How loud is the Autoblow 2?

5. How do I clean my Autoblow 2 sleeve?

6. Does the Autoblow 2+xt vibrate?

7. What is version 2+xt? What came before it?