Frequently Asked Questions

Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow X.T.

Shipping & Billing

Autoblow A.I. Questions

1. What does this product do differently than other sex toys for men?

2. Do I have to plug it in while using it? Is it safe?

3. Are the sleeves reusable? What are they made from?

4. What do the buttons do on Autoblow A.I.?

5. How do I clean the Autoblow A.I.?

6. Do I need a computer to use the Autoblow A.I.?

7. How loud is the Autoblow A.I.?

8. What is the size of Autoblow A.I.?

9. What is the warranty on the Autoblow A.I.?

Autoblow X.T. Questions

1. How is Autoblow 2+xt different from Autoblow A.I.?

2. What size is the Autoblow 2?

3. How does Autoblow 2 work?

4. How loud is the Autoblow 2?

5. How do I clean my Autoblow 2 sleeve?

6. Does the Autoblow 2+xt vibrate?

7. What is version 2+xt? What came before it?

Shipping & Billing Questions

1. Do you ship discreetly? What does the package look like?

2. How will this appear on my credit card statement?

3. How do I contact customer service?

4. How fast do you ship?

5. I live outside of the United States and I never received my product or had to pay duty/taxes. What now?

6. Will you protect my privacy?