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Men who already use rings know and love their pleasure and performance enhancing benefits. New to rings? You’ll love the new sensations they help create and just how hard your penis is when you use one. Several Autoblow rings are even made to stretch your scrotum or separate your testicles from your penis, further intensifying your orgasms.

Every ring is handmade from premium silicone for long lasting cost effective enjoyment

Harder erections make your penis more sensitive creating bigger more explosive orgasms

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Autoblow SmartPump Penis Pump

Easily Enhance Your Package
Retail Price
Sale Price
You Save 25 %

Did you know that most men are still pumping away with old style penis pumps that require constant hand pumping and manual monitoring of pressure? Poor guys! This pump uses the latest technology to reinvent the penis pump, sensing...

Advanced Silicone Penis Rings Set (6)

Best For Ball Play
Retail Price
Sale Price
You Save 33 %

Finding the perfect penis ring or balls separator can be an expensive and time consuming process – but not anymore! We’ve put together this premium set of 6 types of silicone straps and silicone rings for guys who enjoy experiment...

Extreme Sensations Rings Set (4)

Best For Intense Sensations
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You Save 36 %

If you are a man who loves extreme sensations, get ready to experience the enhanced pleasure you crave. All 4 rings in this set are made from thick and plush soft silicone for the ultimate in comfort. These rings won’t pinch your ...

Set Of 3 Silicone Penis Rings

For Men On A Budget
Retail Price
Sale Price
You Save 33 %

This budget-friendly 100% silicone penis ring set is a great add on to help you enjoy your Autoblow a bit more or just to enhance your regular masturbation. You’ll receive 3 different sized rings that you can use alone or in combi...

Whether you are a first time user or a penis ring pro, you’ll love how our cock rings enhance the intensity of your masturbation session. You’ll find selections on this page for beginners who have never tried c-rings, plus a few selections that will suit the most experienced players. All of our penis rings are made from 100% premium silicone which means they are always hygienic to use and will last virtually forever, if properly taken care of. We believe in providing a great value to our customers, so we don’t sell single rings. All of our penis rings are reasonably priced and come in sets so that you always have multiple ways to play and always have a ring that fits you like a glove.

You’ll also that this page contains our Autoblow Smartpump Penis Pump. Clearly we don’t make 200 different pumps as you may find on other websites. Instead we put our efforts into creating one single device that offers a feature you won’t find anywhere else: automatic pumping. The Autoblow Smartpump penis pump has a sensor that detects the pressure level within the tube. When the smart mode is activated, the pump automatically increases pressure in the tube whenever it senses a leak. You just hold it in place, and just like the Autoblow, the pump does all of the work for you. Make sure to watch the Smartpump penis pump video to learn more!