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Autoblow AI+ Sleeves

The Autoblow A.I. is compatible with a suite of 100% silicone sleeves designed to enhance your sexual experience, both physically and psychologically. If you are completely satisfied with the standard silicone sleeve, you will find those available on this page. For those who want to turn the Autoblow A.I. into a realistic sex machine, we offer a single ultra-realistic vagina sleeve, hand crafted by a master artisan who worked for over a decade in facial prosthetics for the film industry.

If you are interested in training yourself to last longer, look no further than the set of 3 stamina training sleeves. At twice the tightness level of our standard sleeves, they are designed to simulate an extra tight vagina, mouth, or anus. The stamina training sleeves are also a fantastic choice for men with smaller penises, as they will provide tightness equal to that experienced by men of average or large girth within the Autoblow A.I. device. 

Finally on this page you will also find a set of 3 Autoblow AI sleeves modeled after the winners of the Autoblow Vagina Contest. Instead of hiring porn stars, we allowed the world to determine by a process of voting, the 3 most attractive vulvas in the world. We 3d scanned the winners and turned them into an exclusive series of sleeves, only available here on Autoblow.com.