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Colibri Vibrating Prostate Massager

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The Autoblow Colibri prostate stimulator uses 2 high intensity yet whisper-quiet motors to deliver the same deep vibrations you’d expect from a much larger device. Like the Blast model, the Colibri also comes with integrated cock and balls rings to enhance your erection and orgasm. These rings are tighter than those found on the Blast, adding intensity to the experience. 

What sets this stimulator apart from other models you may find online is the integration of a remote control. Reaching down to press buttons detracts from the joy of the experience, especially when those buttons are located in an inconvenient location. The remote allows you to power the device on and off and permits full access to all 9 modes and intensities. 

The Colibri’s completely smooth surfaces mean that you’ll be totally comfortable during insertion and removal. The entire prostate massager pivots at the base, so it will move with your body during play. Remember – all of our prostate stimulators are fully silicone and fully waterproof so you’ll never have to worry about playing in the shower. Plus, the silicone material makes clean up fast and easy. If you’ve never used a prostate toy with your Autoblow – prepare for the orgasm appropriately or you’ll find yourself standing on a chair cleaning the ceiling. 

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I chose this one because it looked like the easiest shape to put in. I applied a water based lubricant and took a deep breath and pushed it in. Not painful but not too comfortable either. It was awkward to put on the balls and penis rings but I managed to get them on. Once all connected I turned everything on and was very surprised (in a good way) by the vibrations. They are serious little motors. Clean up and quality of product seems good.


Insane amount of semen produced


Cock rings should be bigger or at least adjustable somehow

Bottom Line

I read something on menshealth.com about prostate massage and decided to take the plunge (given I've been trapped at home for nearly 2 months). I chose this model because I liked the cockrings built on to it. Using it is very straightforward and there were no surprises. The question you may be wondering is: did this prostate massager feel good and if so, how good? The answer: 9/10. The highlights were that I didnt have to do anything once it was inside but press the one button the remote - so it was very convenient. The only lowlight was that I think the battery may have died after around 70 minutes and I like to masturbate for long sessions.


I shot 3 feet away and normally it only dribbles out


Motors make some noise, may not work if you have people living very closeby right on the other side of a wall or if the wall is not thick

Bottom Line

Happy I got this
All bodies are different. This shape did not work for me at all. The vibrations were good for me. I liked the strength and didn’t always try on high. The remote is nice but the device has a manual on and variation that can be accidentally changed when inserting. Minor annoyance increased because... This wouldn’t stay in for me. The neck and the base didn’t have enough variance or distance for this to stay stuck in all positions. Moving made it want to come out. The curve was a little too much. It hit the prostrate and “holy shit!” But it wouldn’t stay and was a literal pain in the ass to insert. It also caused physical pain. The tip had some angles to them that felt sharp inside. Not sure if this is a lube thing and a thicker lube would be better but overall this shape was more hassle than it was worth. I was sad because the others had ridges and I was concerned about collecting things I didn’t want with those. A thinner longer neck might have fixed the staying in issue, but that coupled with pain... I only gave it three tries. So... body types are different. Sadly this is going into the trash for me, but the mechanism itself seems good and when it hit the spot, it was awesome.


Good mechanism.


Didn’t work with my body.

Bottom Line

Not for me but others may love it. Other vibrating products have been good.