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The Ultimate Guide to Making Her Squirt

By Blake Parker
The Ultimate Guide to Making Her Squirt

Can you imagine what the first man to make a woman squirt must have been thinking? What was he doing at the time and what happened next? Since that day, men and woman have been obsessed with what their aroused bodies can do and nobody can blame them for it either. After all, watching (better yet, making) a woman squirt is one of the best things since sliced bread. Unfortunately, it’s still so rare that many men have no idea how to make their partners do it with any regularity and few women even realize it’s physically possible (and incredibly enjoyable too).

What Is Squirting?

Squirting, otherwise known as projectile female ejaculation or pretty much the hottest damn thing ever, happens when a woman gets off in an explosive way. However, today’s medical professionals want to rain on everyone’s parade by claiming that it’s not always associated with having an orgasm. Either way, what happens as a result of this intense sexual climax is quite the show. In fact, on-cue squirting has shot hundreds of porn stars into the league of legends and everyday women can do it too.

Basically, this pussy-based parlor trick occurs when the female’s urethra erupts with ejaculate fluid during foreplay, oral sex and/or intercourse. Different from regular female ejaculation which takes place internally and can’t always be achieved without direct stimulation, squirting creates an external gush of epic proportions if done correctly and can occur even when a woman is simply aroused mentally. Simply put, scientists don’t quite understand how all this shit works, but people with the right tricks up their sleeve seem to know exactly what to do.

Is Squirting Healthy and Natural?

So far, there has been very limited amounts of research done on the subject of female ejaculation. Unfortunately, our society didn’t pay too much attention to women’s sexuality until the 1900's. Before that, females were considered nothing more than receptacles for a man’s load and vessels for our posterity. Having just now tapped into their full sexual potential, we have a long way to go before we’ll fully grasp the level of intensity a woman feels when she’s about to squirt.

On the bright side, medical professionals consider female projectile ejaculation completely natural, if not beneficial to a woman’s health in many ways. However, controversy remains about how most ladies experience it (and about how the average guy can promote it). Regardless of the division, one thing is certain: Women love to squirt and men love to see them do it. And because it’s such a risk-free kink that comes with so many advantages, people from all over the world are constantly searching for the best ways to make it happen.

Unfortunately, there’s always that one douche who thinks he has the answer because the technique he used worked once and now he feels like a sex god. Bad advice flies around at the speed of light these days, and it seems like everyone’s got the key. On the contrary, it’s now common knowledge that not all women are capable to squirting, at least not in the same way as someone else. So, any asshole who claims to be holding the golden ticket to female squirting is lying through his teeth.

Why Don’t All Women Squirt When They Ejaculate?


Contrary to popular belief, sexual health experts now know that not all women can squirt. In many cases, it requires a learning curve on the female’s behalf and plenty of fortitude from her partner. However, not all ladies can teach themselves how to do it. Our scientists might not understand everything yet, but they do know this much: A woman either has what’s known as “the squirting gland” or she doesn’t. It’s as simple as that (well, kind of).

You see, women cum just like men do, only theirs is not always as thick, rich and frothy as a man’s because his ejaculate contains life-giving proteins and her ejaculate doesn’t. So basically, nature says that there’s no real reason for a lady to squirt and so she doesn’t unless properly provoked. Females have ejaculation glands all around their vagina that are specifically designed to keep the opening moisturized and free from harmful bacteria. If tweaked just right, those glands can and will behave the with the same explosive climax as a man, sometime even producing similar fluid eruptions.

For the unlucky ladies living life without this talent, it can be difficult to increase fluid intake enough to keep the vagina moist, let alone squirt on cue like your lover wants. It’s a tough gig, but even the girls who know they can pull it off can’t always make it happen on time. Remember, squirting is usually the result of extreme arousal and/or intense stimulation to the clitoris or g-spot. Therefore, chicks who are stuck fucking lame dicks aren’t actively preparing their genitals for that kind of climax and thus, they typically don’t squirt without a fight.

The Pro’s Playbook to Making Her Squirt

Pretty soon you’ll know whether your woman is capable of squirting or if she’s one of the unlucky ones who can’t. Either way, do yourself a favor by taking a step in the right direction. Your woman probably won’t squirt on her own, and if she does then you’re out of a job. Get closer to achieving the kind of wet and wild experience you’ve both been craving and then buy stock in plastic tarps because shit’s about to get real (as in “real messy”).

As with anything in life that requires skill and practice to make it happen, there are a few basic rules of conduct everyone partner should respect when trying to make a woman squirt during sex or foreplay. Keep in mind that all ladies are different, so their reactions to your actions will vary as widely as their legs. In the meantime, learn these three golden rules so you don’t turn an otherwise awesome experience into a nightmare:

Take Your Time

Making her squirt won’t always be easy, especially not at first. It will take a while to learn her unique body and personality, plus you’ll need time to work up enough momentum if you’re looking for an explosive experience. Unfortunately, there is no set time limit for this task, so give your lady room to breathe so she doesn’t feel pressured because that emotion will reverse your progress in an instant.

Watch for Cues

Don’t worry about keeping track of the progress as you go. Trust that she will let you know how you’re doing. The most common cues given by a woman who’s about to squirt are as follows:

  • An arched back
  • Deep, guttural moaning
  • Gripping or pushing away
  • Shaking legs
  • Silence or screaming
  • Closed eyes or direct eye contact
  • Lip biting or pursing
  • Verbal communication 

Remember how we said all girls are different when it comes to how they react to squirting and/or your technique getting them there? Well, don’t forget all about that when watching for her cum-cues. At this point, you should know enough about your partner to understand their unique nuances. If she doesn’t do any of the things mentioned above, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not about to explode. Keep doing what you’re doing unless she tells you otherwise.


NOTE: Open up an honest line of communication with your partner prior to starting the squirting session so you’re both aware of things like limitations, expectations, expressions and safe words.

Keep Your Expectations Low

While you’re down there, try to keep your hopes relatively low. This is especially important if you’re trying this stuff on someone new. You really don’t even know if they’re capable of doing it when they’re unfamiliar, so don’t be too quick to judge. For best result, only try to make a woman squirt if you’ve been in a sexual relationship with her for at least a few months.

You’ll also want to expect very little in terms of advice or encouragement from your partner unless they’re experts at squirting – in which case, you wouldn’t be reading this article. The sensations are so intense that many woman have what they describe as an “out of body experience” when they’re forced to ejaculate so heavily. Stimulating the gland responsible for the squirt doesn’t hurt her, but it may be too much for some women at first. This is yet another reason why the first golden rule is “take your time.”

Setting the Stage for a Serious Squirt

Since you’ll be taking things slow for a little while, it probably wouldn’t hurt to learn what all the pros already understand: You’ve got to set the scene, if you know what I mean. This involves everything from the space you’re doing it in to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state of your partner. Setting the stage is more important than almost anything actually, including the size of your penis and your endurance level (or lack thereof).

Unfortunately, most guides don’t give ambiance enough credit they know that naive men want all the glory for themselves. Truth be told, though, women respond to things like that and so do their vaginas. You’ll want to massage more than just their ejaculation gland if you want them to squirt with any enthusiasm. Gently tantalize that woman’s mind, body and spirit like the complex creature she is and she’ll be putty in your hands before you know it.

Here’s how you properly set the stage to make her vajayjay your personal slip-n-slide:

  • Make sure the area is clean and free of potentially unhealthy dirt or debris.
  • Keep the lights dim because low illumination is a mood setting tool.
  • Create a pleasant aroma in the air with incense or scented candles, especially the ones that are made to smell like natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Lay down some soft fabrics for her sprawl out on but be sure they’re okay getting wet.
  • Avoid materials like silk, satin, lace or velvet because female ejaculate can stain.
  • Prevent anyone from entering the space while things are hot and heavy because the added apprehension may prevent her from getting off.

TIP: Most people throw down a few bath towels to sop up the liquid expulsions coming from their partner’s pussy, but you’ll be using swimming pools by the time you’re done here so choose your weapon wisely.  

Perfecting Your Technique


Learning the Golden Rules and properly setting the stage to make her feel more comfortable are great, but they’re really only half the battle. Getting your girl to squirt is no walk in the park no matter what a stripper tells you. The main objective is to find her g-spot or clitoris, and then stay on that motherfucker until it gives you what you want. Unfortunately, the existence of the g-spot was considered folklore for far too many years, and now a vast portion of the male population has no idea where to find it.

Your success at getting her to gush all over the place depends on your ability to track and attack her mysterious little sweet spot. We promise it’s there. Keep in mind, however, that some ladies can only squirt with external stimulation, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Here are some of the top 5 tips from pussy pros who want to help you find her g-spot before she finds somebody else:

  • The g-spot is located inside the vaginal canal at varying depths.
  • In most women, it’s found within 1/2-inch to 2 inches from the opening.
  • Usually, it hugs the vaginal wall that sits parallel to the stomach.
  • It’s the only thing inside the pussy that’s not completely smooth.
  • Some say it feels a little bit like the texture on the skin of an orange.

Regardless of where her spot is or how much effort it takes to find it, spend the time because this is a worthy endeavor and she’ll be eternally grateful (especially if she’s ever done it before). Similar to the increased orgasmic intensity a man feels when he experiences prostate play for the first time, ladies enjoy an enhanced climax when you pay attention and read your map.

Once you’ve arrived at the destination, you’ll need to know what to do next. Simply happening upon her g-spot isn’t enough to make her squirt. It’s like a well-oiled machine up there. You have to become the conductor who fucked her, not the loser who abused her. When you’re certain the sweet spot has been reached, here’s what you do:

  • Begin to massage the spot with gentle, constant pressure either with your fingers, tongue, penis or sex toy.
  • If you’re using a sex toy, don’t forget to use plenty of water-based lube so it doesn’t hurt.
  • Stimulate the g-spot while simultaneously stroking the vulva and labia in a slow, back and forth or circular motion.
  • Continue to provide direct pressure to the gland until she begins to climax.
  • Hold your position past the point of her squirms and screams.

NOTE: This is much easier if you’re using a marital aid of some sort, especially one that vibrates or curves to meet the g-spot where it lies.


Keep in mind that the sweet spot might become sore after long play dates, so back off a bit if your partner starts to complain. Doing so will give them a chance to catch their breath and recoup from such intense sensations while also providing you ample time to recover your own stamina. On top of that, intermittent stimulation of the g-spot may be more effective than direct pressure for some women. Try several different techniques until you find the one that works, and don’t rule out the possibility of needing sex toys to help you out because that’s what they were invented for.

The Best Sex Toys for Squirting

We know enough about female ejaculation to understand how it happens at least. A woman’s orgasm occurs when the vulva and g-spot gland become filled with blood. In fact, the increase in vaginal size/thickness is considered a turn-on by many men, but we digress. Those natural changes are designed to intensify her sensations, boost her bodily fluid production and promote squirting, so certain sex toys can help make that happen faster. 

You’ll find a gagglefuck of options on today’s sex toy market, but that doesn’t help most people determine which devices to use. On top of that, they’re not all made for women, and even the ones that are don’t always make a girl squirt. There’s a method to all the madness, meaning you’ll have to come equipped just in case your fingers, tongue and penis don’t do the trick. Let there be no shame in your game, folks. This is how we do it in the Big Leagues.

Experts also know that some women can only ejaculate when their g-spot is directly stimulated, while other ladies have a hard time reaching the peak of that mountain unless their vaginal entry is left completely empty. Fortunately, the right sex toys can help partners get to the point no matter where it’s located. Remember, this isn’t supposed to be easy because it’s an extreme sport. Some people spend a lifetime trying to learn how to squirt. Be patient with yourself and/or your partner. Here are the top five best options if you’re trying to incorporate marital aids into the mix: 

  • The Vibrator
    Vibrators create intense rumbling sensations and can be applied directly to the g-spot or clitoris until the receiver squirts.
  • The Pussy Pump
    Pussy pumps draw blood to the surface of the vagina, thereby increasing sensitivity and the chance for a healthy gush.
  • The Clit Sucker
    Clit sucking toys do about the same thing as a pussy pump but they direct their attention at the clitoris and are therefore ideal for women who squirt with external stimulation only.
  • The Curved Dildo
    Curved dildos are great at pinpointing the g-spot internally while also sometimes stimulating the external parts of the vulva for a one-two punch to the vajeen.
  • The Strap-On
    Strap-ons (either with a harness or without) can make up for what a partner’s anatomy lacks.

When using sex toys for either internal or external stimulation on a woman to make her squirt, be sure to following these three important guidelines:

  • Always use plenty of lubrication that’s compatible with your partner’s skin type and with the materials on the toy.
  • Keep all devices clean and wash them off thoroughly after each use.
  • Only play with toys that have been cleared by your partner ahead of time.

Pleasure products come in all shapes and sizes, with compositions ranging from rubber and latex to medical-grade silicone and stainless steel. Many are rigid in construction while others are flexible to increase versatility and comfort. If you’re unsure how to use an insertable sex toy, especially to make her squirt, choose one that offers convenient flexibility or at least has several different uses as that will help mimic the sensations of different sex positions.

5 Awesome Sex Positions to Help Make Her Squirt 


Speaking of sex positions, did you know that there are certain ways to serve the D to your partner if you want to make her flood the bedroom? In other words, the angle of your dangle determines the height of her experience, so wield that wiener wisely and you’ll be mopping the bedroom in no time. The following poses are most commonly in effect when a woman is squirting, so take your pick, dick:

  1. Doggy Style
    Also known as “from behind,” doggy style is when you do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. The dominant partner has a vantage from the back while the submissive squirter stays prone. The position allows for direct stimulation of front-facing g-spots while also tickling the clit with every thrust because, quite frankly, your balls slap against it in perfect rhythm.
  2. Cowgirl
    Ever heard the expression “ride ‘em, cowgirl?” Well, that’s where we got the name for this position. It’s where the woman sits on top of the man or the strap-on device and rocks to her heart’s content until she starts floating the boat. This gives her greater control over the situation, helps you see the action as it happens, and provides stimulation to both partners if done right. 
  3. Reverse Cowgirl
    This position does the exact same thing as the original cowgirl, only it allows the bottom partner to enjoy the show from the back. On top of that (no pun intended), it might also help the rider reach her hidden g-spot because it uses the natural curvature of the penis or sex toy to pinpoint hard to reach places and provide direct, rhythmic stimulation to them.
  4. Supported Missionary
    We all know what the missionary position is all about. However, supported missionary means having sex in the traditional form while putting a sex pillow, wedge or cushion underneath her back. This elevates her pelvis and thereby makes the g-spot easier to track down. When “old faithful” just ain’t cutting it anymore, try a simple angle change like this for optimal results.
  5. The Scissors
    Now thought of as a position reserved only for lesbians, the scissors put two genitals right on top of each other in a completely different way. When performed by a man and a woman, or by two women using a strap-on, this fun and funky form helps stimulate the internal and external erogenous zones at the same time.

Changing positions too often can be annoying but doing the same thing all the time can make squirting impossible for a woman, even if she wants to do it more than she wants to do you. Guys, please don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit in the bedroom. She already has enough to worry about, which means it’s your job to use what you’ve learned so far to ease her into the wet and wild waters trapped inside her crotch.

Removing the 10 Boundaries That Keep Her from Squirting

Remember how we told you that scientists believe not all women can projectile ejaculate? Well, there’s this theory going around that most, if not all, women can squirt but they just don’t know about it because they’ve never pumped the breaks on their boundaries. And while a lot of people agree that there’s a psychological element to squirting, most external boundaries can be removed with simple adjustments to the surroundings. Don’t forget about what we said regarding ambiance and mood, fellas. We’re playing for points here.

When it comes to the internal battles that we all fight, try to keep in mind that those things may be wearing on your partner to the point that ejaculation is virtually impossible for them. There’s a lot to say about pre-sex relaxation, boys. After all, why do you think sensual massages, bubble baths and soft music are so commonly used to woo a woman (or so annoyingly mentioned in 90's R&B songs)? Don’t inhibit your lover any more than the world already does. Give her a reason to open wide by eliminating the limits.


Women who have trouble with extreme ejaculation tend to mention the following 10 factors as the main reasons:

  1. Stress from work, family, or relationships
    It’s hard to get off when you’re worried about everything all the time. Keep the relationship on an even keel or she’ll be too pissed off to give you want you want. Contrary to popular belief, hate sex doesn’t always produce a healthy squirt.
  2. Unchecked or untreated anxiety
    Ladies just love squirting when they’re in the middle of a panic attack. NOT! If you see your woman having trouble with her nerves, help her calm them down before moving into sex acts. She won’t even enjoy herself otherwise, so you might as well.
  3. Bouts of or chronic depression
    Mental illness can take a huge toll on someone’s libido, so be gentle you insensitive fucks. She may need some deep conversation to get going, or maybe she needs some time alone. Either way, it’s up to you to give it to her if you want her cum on your face.
  4. Physical, mental or emotional exhaustion
    In other words, don’t try to make her cum right after the funeral because she needs to mourn first and your dick’s not that good, Chuck. And since we’re on the subject, catching her right after a hard day’s work probably isn’t a good idea either.
  5. Reactions to certain medications
    Your little lady might be dealing with involuntary side effects of her meds, so take it easy if she can’t muster up a big pool. If her medicine is necessary, you might have to get over wanting to watch her squirt because it might not ever happen.
  6. Trauma from past experiences
    Some chicks can’t squirt because their brain tells them not to, which means only psychotherapy will help. Get your beloved into counseling as soon as possible, but it’s probably best not to mention your objectives.
  7. Fears and apprehension about the partner
    If your baby doesn’t feel too keen about you as a lover or if you’ve disappointed her in the past, your chances of making her squirt are lowered significantly. Now’s your chance to prove her wrong once and for all.
  8. Worries about pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
    It doesn’t matter what you’ve said or where you’ve been, some women will always worry about getting pregnant or catching the clap. Wear condoms or use sex toys to generate a good harvest without penetration.
  9. Bias about sex toys
    Believe it or not, many people are still weird about sex toys because they’re stuck on old-school taboos. That means you might have to ease your partner into using one if they’re new, or at the very least mention it before you whip it out.
  10. Embarrassment about squirting
    A surprising number of women are embarrassed about squirting because they feel like it’s the same as peeing. And while the sensation does feel a lot like urination, you have to remind her that it’s okay and a perfectly natural sensation she should be proud of.

When a woman experiences any of the problems mentioned above, she will obviously have a hard time getting relaxed enough to let go and gush. Essentially, you have to know three things before ever even dreaming about making this shit happen: your partner, your technique and how to set the mood. It seems to simple, but so many men complicate things by assuming it’s all about physical contact. Well, let this guide be one of the first to mention the fact that it’s not, it never has been, and it probably never will be.


Accelerating the Squirt: 4 Ways to Make It Happen Faster

For the women who know they can squirt and for the men who want to see it in person, there are a few surefire ways to make it happen much faster. For experienced ejaculation experts, lots of pussyfooting around isn’t always necessary to reach the goal. Either way, ladies like what they like and it’s up to us as their partners to give them what they want if we expect frequent, gushing ejaculation. It’s only fair, right? Well, that’s what they think.

Here’s a fact for you: No woman is going to have sex with a man she finds unattractive unless she’s getting something out of it. The take could include money, possessions, respect, career opportunities, or – in this case – amazing orgasms. These are the top 4 things that make women want to cum the fastest (minus direct stimulation from a sex toy, of course):

  • Feelings of Being Desired
    No sex toy or lovemaking technique can take the place of good, old-fashioned desire for your partner. It can’t be something you feel internally and neglect to share either. Let that girl know she gives you a fever and she’ll be all about nursing you back to health with her magic elixir.
  • Being with Someone She Finds Attractive
    You don’t have to be a super model to turn a woman on or make her want to squirt. She has to find you attractive as a person, and ladies often look at more than external appearances to make that call. Try to look good, smell good, and act like a civilized human being until it’s time to get primal.
  • Intense Sexual Tension or Longing
    Things like long dates, deep conversation, sensual massages, and tantric sex can drive your lady friend up the wall in the best way possible. The anticipation that builds from activities like that will make her pussy throb, thereby simplifying your job as the giver of great orgasms, even if you can’t outlast a porn star in bed. Don’t worry, none of us can.
  • Physical Foreplay
    A little heavy petty can go a long way in terms of piquing her arousal. Stroke her vagina, gentle pinch her nipples, and insert your finger or a sex toy into her vagina before penetration. It’s like have an appetizer before a meal – You kind of feel full and satisfied, but you’re left at the table longing for more. Don’t disregard the value of some heated foreplay, especially since some women squirt with external stimulation only.

The Takeaway

We can all agree that watching and/or making a woman squirt when she cums is one of the best things in life. Although it’s not always easy and it’s seldom ever “free,” it’s super sexy, it says we’ve done a good job as a lover, and it makes her feel good too. Knowing how to do it or make it happen is a terrific life skill, plus that’s the kind of thing that helps you make friends and we also agree that you need some more of those.

Whether you take this advice or leave it, try to remember the five important lessons we learned here today: While it’s still an incomplete science, it has been discovered that not all woman can projectile ejaculate, or squirt, even if they try with every ounce in their body. This kind of thing takes a lot of patience, technique and preparation to pull it off, it doesn’t matter if she’s an old pro. Certain positions and sex toys can help get the job done, but her mental, emotional and physical boundaries must be considered at all times.

As a matter of fact, there are many factors that play into her ability or inability to squirt on cue. Properly managed scenes and sessions almost always pave the road to success, but they have to be tailored to her unique desires. Keep in mind how much easier things become when you take time to set the stage beforehand. Get her adequately turned on so she’ll turn you out with her jizz flying across the room.

About Blake Parker

Blake Parker makes Ron Jeremy look like Mother Theresa. His honest take on allthings pertaining to pleasure and relationships has made him a household name that’s synonymous with sexuality. Blake’s unique perspective on toys and techniques prepares the mind and body for more than just an incredible orgasm. Hisentertaining sex toy reviews, buyer’s guides, and How-To articles inform consumers of what nobody else will say. His readers demolish emotional/physical strongholds, tear down social taboos, and become more comfortable in their own skin as he and his partner enlighten the world one sex toy at a time. Notoriety isn’t the goal with Blake; satisfaction is.