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Safe and Satisfying Techniques for Electro Stimulation Sex Play

By Blake Parker
Safe and Satisfying Techniques for Electro Stimulation Sex Play

Once upon a time, we would describe someone’s personality or an exciting event in our lives as “electrifying” and everyone understood what we meant. Nowadays, however, the expression has taken on a whole new meaning as we explore the various applications of technology. Along the way we’ve discovered countless inventive ways to pleasure our bodies and those of our partners but we forgot about one important thing – that sexual climaxes start from inside and work themselves out, not the other way around. Thanks to e-stim sex toys, we’re finally remembering what has been true since the beginning of time. I’m speaking, of course, about mankind’s willingness to go to great lengths for a decent orgasm. 

Back in the day, our horniest ancestors fashioned makeshift dildos out of common household goods. Archaeologists founds dongs carved out of polished metals, woods, and even stone or chalk. Old loaves of bread were popular alternatives to vaginas and olive oil was used as lube. We should all be grateful for the progress we’ve made as a species. Using high-tech electrodes for sexual gratification might seem like a stretch of the imagination but it’s a lot better than fucking ourselves with bones and sticks. I submit that our ancient relatives would have been proud, given we figure out how to properly wield the gifts we were given.

What Is E-Stim?

Electrostimulation, also known as e-stim, is a type of erotic foreplay technique that uses varying degrees of electrical pulses to activate muscle groups and/or nerve endings for the purposes of pleasure. Sometimes called TENS, this tantalizing technology allows participants to quickly and easily experiment with different sensations in a safe, controlled and consensual manner. It’s commonly used in BDSM and role playing games, although the adjustable settings on most devices make the technique a rockin’ approach to all kinds of sexual activities.

Contrary to popular belief, electrostimulation is not dangerous nor painful when you know what you’re doing. It’s also crucial that you use the right device and do so as directed by the manufacturer. The practice almost always uses adhesive electrodes to transmit power from the source to the participant, so some basic skills and knowledge of the properties of electricity are required. Despite some people’s apprehension to use these toys, devices are sold by the truckload and a few are even used for non-sexual reasons. In fact, TENS technology got its start as a gentle, effective method for intense physical therapies.

Meanwhile, people eventually caught wind of this technique’s amazing abilities and started using it in the bedroom. As a result, we now have a variable cornucopia of pleasure options featuring stimulation delivered in exciting new ways. There are low-frequency AC and DC toys, TENS and EMS units, and more sophisticated contraptions with higher voltage settings known as “violent wands.” Think: cattle prod and extreme bondage. Yes, we’ve taken it that far. The days of using e-stim for medical purposes only are finally over, replaced instead with an age of exploring our sexuality by whatever means necessary (as long as it’s safe and consensual, of course).

How Does It Work?


Electro stimulation works by using the properties of voltage, current and resistance, especially as they pertain to the average functionality of the human body. It’s a basic example of Ohm’s Law, wherein higher levels of electricity flow faster through paths of least resistance. E-stim play allows the sexually charged to have complete, direct control over the electrical pathways coming from their device. Typically, a voltage intensity meter and/or control are used to help participants customize their pleasure/pain setting. Higher settings render a higher electrical output, thereby allowing for varying degrees of surprise and anticipation.

TENS sex toys work in a wide variety of different ways, however – each one uniquely utilizing the fundamental principles of Ohm’s Law in their delivery of ecstasy. Usually, a series of electrodes are secured to the targeted part of the body (pretty much anything downstairs) and the device being played with is turned on, sending involuntary impulses at varying intensity levels until the desired reaction is achieved. Electrode placement priorities depend heavily on several factors, plus some devices don’t use external electrodes at all. These days, the prevalence of integrated electrodes is more common on sex toys than ever before.

Therein lies the problem for some people. You see, the pleasure product market has grown so huge and diverse that it’s almost impossible for any of us to tell the difference between devices, technologies and their so-called “innovative” designs. To make matters worse, few of us are given a formal education on electricity so we’re grossly unfamiliar with its powerful, harness-ready properties. Let’s take a moment to simply things a bit because, quite honestly, it’s the only way you’ll ever find the perfect sex toy and it’s pretty much you’re only hope for staying safe. In other words, there’s a lot more to playing with this shit than simply touching someone’s crotch with a magic wand.

Truth be told, e-stim is one of the most diversified types of pleasure play on the planet. At this stage in the game, we have a pill for just about every ill, with electrical currents that can be applied in widely varying speeds, patterns and intensity levels though at least three different means. Here’s a brief breakdown of the most popular TENS output options:

  • DC
    A DC-type electrical signal is unique because it uses the properties of polarity do its dirty work. Like a common household battery, DC units feature two different terminals wherein power is transmitted. The two terminals have opposing +/- currents, allowing for a steady stream of energy to pass through the components – a direct current, or DC. This type is commonly used in devices that need power to be quickly switched on or off to create a stimulation pattern. For that reason, DC electrostimulation is the go-to source for TENS and EMS-based sex toys. Also, the electrical current flows in one direction only.
  • AC
    An AC-type electrical signal is relatively rare on modern-day electro toys but only because it’s not quite as user-friendly, thus it requires special skills and/or equipment to enjoy it safely. AC stands for “alternating current,” which basically means that the signal changes polarity continually, allowing the unit to transmit energy in more than one direction. Frequency is measured differently here, in Hertz instead of volts. Therefore, AC electrostimulation renders a richer, more complex series of sensations and is, shockingly, used most often by experienced lovers for that specific reason.
    As the name suggests, so-called violent devices are typically designed for pain rather than pleasure, with features that allow for the delivery of extreme sensations on-contact. In most cases, toys in this category have glass/ conductive bulbs on one end so as to encourage a prodding like behavior from one partner to another. Common in extreme BDSM, violent wands use both AC and DC signals depending on the toy’s design, with many options creating a slight static discharge and subsequent harmless spark on the skin. The difference here is that these toys don’t send electrical currents through the body. The currents are instead kept at a surface level only.


Picking out the perfect electrostimulation device is always the first step to using one correctly (and without injury). The best thing you can do is try the technique on for size and then go from there. Try to remember that each unit has settings that let you control how intense the situation becomes. Sometimes, you can even turn the e-stim functions off altogether. Whether you choose, keep in mind that people experience and interpret pleasure and pain in their own unique ways. What feels good to you might not feel that amazing to someone else. For that reason, look for toys that are versatile, ergonomic and packed with added settings, safety features and output options.

Who Uses Electrostimulation and Why?

You might be wondering the same thing I was at first: Why is something as seemingly strange as this even a part of the conversation? Well, to be honest, it’s likely because there’s a growing number of fans and someone needs to talk about it. It certainly helps that the level of enjoyment you can get out of this shit is incomparable. Few people are addressing the fact that this is truly a remarkable discovery that raises questions about the connection between our bodies, the sensations it experiences and the uses of contemporary energy sources. It will be interesting to see what we come up with next.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the folks who have already jumped on the bandwagon and find out if their logic or intentions are flawed in any way. Only then can we determine whether electrified pleasure is right for us and begin our journey towards using it responsibly. Here are some of the everyday people who enjoy it the most:

  • Men
    Guys like playing with electrical erotica because it allows them to experience a bunch of different sensations without ever touching their own body. The hands-off pleasures are perfect for masturbation, but they play a role in healthy relationships as well. The level of excitement and intensity received or given is fully customizable, the currents create deep impulses in nerve groups and muscles that are usually hidden away, and orgasms are therefore innately enhanced without the need for MEPs, penis pumps or invasive medical procedures. Sounds reasonable enough.
  • Women
    If girls just want to have fun then it’s wonder why so many of them have figured out how to get that done by using electrical pulses. One of the most popular e-devices on today’s market is the bi-polar dildo, with its uncanny ability to shock the g-spot into submission on demand. And because most sex toys in this category are also ideal for external stimulation, women enjoy using them for clitoral massages and general body contouring. Clinical experts in female health also say that well-placed electrodes can help strengthen the pelvic floor, tighten the vaginal walls, and help with bladder control.
  • Recovering Patients
    Because of its humble beginnings as a medical device, electrostimulation is still widely used today for physical therapy and even some neurological conditions. Due to its ability to treat, cure or reverse certain ailments and health problems – incontinence and erectile dysfunction being just two of them – e-stim is considered generally safe and is therefore frequently recommended to post-op prostate surgery patients and women who have recently given birth. In my opinion, the fact that pleasure can be derived from something this practical and beneficial is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Singles
    This relatively routine and extremely intense practice is frequently used by men and women who are without a partner (either permanently or just at the given time). That’s because it’s an amazing addition to most masturbation sessions, offering a hands-free form of pleasure while bringing an exciting brand of realism to the table. Simplified AC/DC devices are ideal for this type of play because they don’t always require a second person on the court. Furthermore, solo artists can experiment more freely this way and never have to worry about performance anxieties sneaking up on them in the heat of the moment.
  • Couples
    Either way, couples eventually find out about the awesome powers of electrostimulation just by being a part of the modern world, which often leads them to incorporate it somewhere into their love lives in one of its varied forms. The diversity with which e-stim is used in the contemporary couple’s bedroom is difficult to describe. Let’s just say it gets plenty of mileage and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers are now primarily focused on creating couples-friendly zappers for that very reason.
  • Fetishists
    Not everybody is in it for normal reasons, some folks like it kinky. Those who enjoy playing with the nuances of fetish often pick up e-stim sex toys by default. Erotic electrica, as it’s sometimes called, involves fun and exciting things surrounding medical fetishes, BDSM (which stands for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism) and role playing. Picture a Nurse/Patient scenario. When the patient asks for help (or acts up), the doc can come to the bedside to deliver a quick zap of respite or reprimand. Regardless, fun is to be had and everyone gets what they want. Problem solved.


See? Almost everyone gets down with e-to-the-s-t-i-m these days. I’ll venture a bet and say that there are people you would never dream of doing this who do it all the time. After all, most of us don’t kiss and tell as much as I do. Now that you’re more informed and feel more comfortable exploring this side of your sexuality, it’s time to start talking shop. First things first, the power boxes.

E-Stim Power Box 101

You can’t even think about playing with an electrostimulation sex toy with any skill or efficiency unless you’re properly schooled on the different types of power boxes and how to use them. Each device comes with its own unique modus operandi, meaning you can’t skip the owner’s manual even if you’ve done this a million times before. Designs are always changing and improving, plus many options are made for one or two specific purposes, so buyer beware. To get the most bang for your buck, you’ve got to learn about e-stim power boxes and why they’re so unfortunately important (sometimes).

Here’s the deal, devices that use an external power box are usually much more robust and more easily customizable than those that have integrated electricity sources. Just like with automatic penis stroking machines and/or thrusting dildos, the ones that run off of a plug-in instead of a rechargeable USB battery offer greater strengths, lighter weights, and better bedroom versatility. The same can be said about these toys. Products that require an extra power box may seem like an expensive pain in the ass to the untrained eye but they’re absolutely necessary to the pros (at least as a side dish if not the main course).

Both TENS and EMS power units provide a series of stimulating electrical outputs at varying intensity levels, but anything with more than a 9-volt battery or current capacity should be handled with extreme caution. Those varieties are commonly used for the strongest possible performances, reserved only for the most experienced Kinksters among us. Either way, it’s usually the electrodes and settings that determine how much power gets transmitted. At the end of the day, therefore, what’s most important is that you understand how to operate the power box you pick out and properly apply its complimentary accessories for maximum benefit.

You, Your Partner and Electrodes

Devices that don’t feature integrated power sources must use adhesive electrode pads to get the electrical currents from the power box to the user’s body. Most of the time, those pads are made out of a skin-safe conductive gel but they’re sometimes insertable as well. Using insertable device can be scary the first time and it definitely takes practice to get the positioning just right. However, making good contact between the skin and the pad is essential, as is ensuring that the power source is properly hooked up to the pads via the included wires (which are usually the standard 2 mm).

Here’s something you may not know: Improperly connected electrodes can create electrical burns and injury you and/or your partner. At times, they’ve even been known to start fires because the wires weren’t hooked up to the power box correctly. Moreover, extremely powerful toys like violent wands can hurt the hands if you hold them wrong and the bigger the toy the greater your chances of these things happening. Therefore, a lot of people prefer using integrated e-stim or opt for simplified contact methods like clips, clamps, and attached wires. Whatever you decide, make sure to start out on the lowest setting so you can work your way up from there while monitoring the heat and/or electrical output of your power box and electrodes. This isn’t the Burning Man festival. Settle down.


I’ve just made electrode use sound frightening again and I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just important that you understand the essentials so nobody gets hurt. Lessen the burden substantially by employing a good conductive gel or lubricant. Many times, your toy will either come with some in the container or have compatible formulations available through the manufacturer. They’re usually water-based and some of them smell quite nice, plus they help reduce the amount of risk associated with this type of play while enhancing the sensations thereof. This technique, combined with responsible use and an appreciation of nature’s energy, can render a significantly satisfying experience each and every time no matter what you’re using it for.

Speaking of which, using your electrodes in a wise and intuitive way is key when it comes to this stuff. Male and female bodies are very different, with nerve endings located at unique places throughout their anatomy. Erogenous zones also vary from one person to another. Everyone reacts differently too, meaning even if you find the right area is still might be produce the results you were looking for. However, here’s a general breakdown of how to use e-stim electrodes like an expert depending on your and/or your partner’s body type:

    Female e-stim involves placing hypoallergenic, properly lubed up electrodes near the clitoris, on the thighs, or on either side of the pubic mound. They’re also magical when attached to her ass cheeks and the spot just below her rump where the butt cheeks collide.
  • MEN
    Male stimulation almost always involves strapping flexible, skin-safe contact bands around the base or tip of the penis, if not the balls themselves. Conductive butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers and urethral plugs are popular as well, although most of those use integrated currents instead of external electrodes.
    Gender dysphoria can make erotica quite complicated, especially when sophisticated sex toys are being used. Electrodes can be placed almost anywhere, thankfully, meaning all people (even non-binary) can experience extreme pleasure with them. Try putting electrodes on your commonplace erogenous zones and then move them around as you see fit from there.

NOTE: For all individuals and couples, it’s important to remember that placing electrodes on certain parts of the body is a big no-no. I’m talking about spots that aren’t necessarily erotic or even pleasurable to stimulate – the top of the head, the face, the mouth, directly on the asshole or clit, etc. Okay, that last one seems fun but it’s still not okay. Those areas are far too sensitive to endure electrostimulation at any intensity level unless administered by a medical professional.

Risks and Safety Tips

As you can see, playing with this shit takes some finesse. After all, nothing in life is free, certainly not the good stuff. To use e-stim the way it was intended, be sure to follow all the rules. I know you’ve had a hard time doing that your whole life, but it’s a matter of life and death right now. No seriously, a New York man electrocuted himself with one of these devices back in 2002. Six years later, another guy was convicted of involuntary manslaughter when he did the same thing to his poor, young wife. Granted, he was using a homemade device that he crafted out of an old hairdryer, but still. There are definitely some risks involved with this stuff, so listen up because what I'm about to say is important.


  • Electrostimulation play is not for the faint of heart, literally. Never engage in electrified sex games unless you’ve got the all-clear from a doctor to do so. This is especially important for people who wear a pacemaker, as electrical erotica can make the device malfunction or break. When in doubt, skip it for something more vanilla.
  • Don’t play with electric sex toys when you’re pregnant because it could seriously hurt the baby and/or cause birth defects. Babies are developing quickly, with millions of nerves being formed through electrical impulses in the growing brain. Any interference with that could have devastating results.
  • Refrain from using these kinds of sex toys while you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only do those substances reduce your ability to make good choices but they also numb your nerve endings and increase your threshold for pain, causing you and/or your partner to use more intensity than is realistically needed.
  • Try not to place electrodes on areas of the body above the waist. Electrical currents flowing across your heart can be fatal, so if you’re fantasizing about hooking your lady friend up by her nipples, think again.
  • Only use e-stim devices that are made for humans, not industrial-strength zappers designed for livestock and machinery. It’s probably a good idea to stay away from medical-grade stuff as well, unless it’s marketed as safe for the casual consumer.
  • Find toys that offer graduated intensity settings so you can be in control of the sensations produced. Be sure the device also has a safety shut-off button for emergencies and never build or use a homemade rig just because you can’t find what you want or are too cheap to buy a legitimate one.
  •  Always use plenty of water-based conductive gel or lube when playing with an electrostimulation toy. You may prefer silicone or oil-based varieties but know this: both of those options act as insulators which may turn your toy into an easy bake oven.
  • Try not to use anything that’s powered by an unreliable source. Commercial batteries may wane in life force rapidly but plug-in devices are susceptible to electrical surges from the mainframe. Have the proper home safety amenities in place and use industry-grade batteries if you can.
  • Come up with a reasonable, familiar and easy to remember safe word before playing with your partner. That way, if anything goes wrong or starts to feel uncomfortable, the session can be paused or ended immediately with minimal injury, awkwardness and apology.
  • Keep in mind that properly executed experimentation techniques will not leave bruises, burns or marks on the body (unless you’re into that kind of thing). Use of electro-conductive lubes and gels can help reduce this risk tremendously.

Reducing risk and increasing pleasure is what this is all about. When we can play with delicate laws of nature to enhance our orgasms, why wouldn’t we? The future is now, ladies and gentlemen, and your next curtain call will most likely involve electricity, sensual stimulation and erotic experimentation. For now, it’s best to prepare ourselves for what’s unfolding and learn how to get back on track after being shocked in the best way possible. It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.

The Essentials of Aftercare

Preventative maintenance is important but so is aftercare. For the love of everything holy, you’re about to experience an orgasm of epic proportions using a force that’s powerful enough to sustain your entire house. What do you expect? Starting with e-stim without knowing what to do when you’re done is a very bad idea and I’m about to tell you why. Much like the hospitals in which these medical fetish devices are commonly used, post-play treatments are required if you want everything to go as plan. This might include anything from basic supervision to hands-on scene cleaning, snack serving and/or psychological consoling. Routines usually depend on the participants’ needs.


Prolonged electrostimulation sessions can wreak havoc on a person’s hydration, making them extremely thirsty when all is said and done. Typically, a little R&R does enough to get things back on an even keel. Serve or consume lots of electrolytes and refrain from strenuous physical activity for about an hour if possible. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for phantom tingles in and around the area that was targeted during play. It’s not a sign that something is wrong, in fact, it’s rather normal. However, if those tingles and muscle spasms don’t go away from the hour’s rest, you might want to look into changing your technique, moving the electrodes, or consulting with a physician. Numbness and muscle weakness should be expected as well, but long-lasting bouts are cause for concern. If that happens, stop playing and see a doctor quickly.

Also, keep in mind that proper use of your electronics and electrodes helps prevent most of the concerns you’re having. Safe practices always seem boring but they’re really not. For, with them, you can enjoy the various components of your toys and explore your body without suffering negative consequences in the process. When the smoke clears, make sure you’re cleaning off your device as soon as you’re done with it and putting it back in storage immediately. With great privilege comes great responsibility, remember that.

The Pros and Cons of Erotic Play with E-Stim Sex Toys

With all these risks, aftercare needs and tiny details you might be wondering why anyone would want to mess with it just to get off. And while we’ve already addressed the most common groups of people who use e-stim, we haven’t talked about the general advantages and disadvantages. It is there that we find the true reason behind all this and can intelligently determine whether these products are right for us or not. Check it out:

  • Orgasms are significantly intensified
  • Customization options are exponential
  • Various parts of the body can be stimulated
  • More than one erogenous zone can be played with at once
  • Simultaneous partner play is possible without the internet
  • Can be used alongside other sex toys
  • Generally safe and painless when used properly
  • Conductive gels and lubes are relatively inexpensive
  • Hands-free sensuality is a reality
  • Ideal for men and women with mobility limitations
  • May be too intense for some users
  • Not ideal for people with certain health problems
  • Devices can be extremely complex and difficult to use
  • Could require the purchase of several pieces of equipment
  • Involves a bit of a learning curve

By carefully considering these pros and cons you can properly assess whether you’re up for the challenge of using electricity in the bedroom or not. It’s okay if you feel like this is all too much. Incredible orgasms aren’t for everybody and besides, there are tons of vibrating dildos, butt plugs and nipple clamps on the market to play with instead. If you’re not prepared for the business of the big leagues, I suggest you turn back now. It only gets more intense from here.

Hacks to Make It Feel Better


As if stuff could get any better than this, it turns out that there are several ways to increase the level of pleasure that you and/or your partner experience. People have been playing with electrostimulation sex toys for a very long time, even if you’re just now hearing about it today. With that said, their expertise is now ours to pick apart. Choose wisely. While you’re at it, brush up on your technique because people are watching. Here are some simple, easy and inexpensive hacks to implement into your routine:

  • Keep the Electrodes Clean
    It doesn’t cost much to make sure the sticky side of your electrodes are free dust, lint, dirt and environmental debris. Clogged up pads won’t stay attached to the skin very well and that can cause some pretty major problems in terms of comfort and safety. Most of the time, you can clean your electrodes with warm water and/or a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaning solution. However, it’s important to read the care instructions provided with your device because that’s not a steadfast rule. Regardless, you’ll either have to keep your supply tidy or invest in replacement parts.
  • Attach Electrodes Before You Begin
    Don’t even think about starting up your power rig before attaching all the electrodes to your body. That is, unless you want to feel a shock ripple through your fingers as you’re trying to accurately place each pad in an extremely delicate area of the body. It’s not wise to make things more difficult than they have to be, plus waiting to turn on the power source can help you deliver more of an enjoyable surprise to your partner and more controllable sensation to yourself. That’s what you’re here for, after all.
  • Moisten Your Skin
    Did you know that dry skin is less conductive than nicely moisturized skin? It’s true that complexions with less water content have a higher resistance to electricity, meaning you won’t feel the same sensations every single time unless your skin is conditioned reliably. Interestingly, skin hydration can change drastically throughout the process of playing with e-stim, so keep your eyes peeled for signs of trouble: flushing, redness, irritation, pain, etc. This right here is why having a previously agreed upon safe word is so important, by the way.
  • Know Your Skin Type(s)
    Speaking of skin and the effects of its chemistry on your experience with electrostimulation, it’s vital to know about all skin types involved with each session. According to science, there are at least five different skin compositions in the world, meaning you and your partner have about a 20% chance of matching. That could be a big issue when choosing and/or using any sex toy because bodies might not be compatible with each other or with the device in question. Remedy the problem by finding out about allergies and sensitivities so everyone can have a good time (without visiting the emergency room when you’re done).
  • Store Some Extra Lube for Emergencies
    Emergencies come in many forms, from life-threatening to orgasm-depleting. When it comes using these kinds of devices, both situations are possible. However, you don’t have to worry about your climaxes suffering if you use enough high-quality lubrication (the conductive kind). Follow the simple safety rules we outlined earlier and then slather on plenty of the products we’re talking about now and the occasion should end in fireworks instead of firetrucks. Remember that even water-based lubes dry up eventually, especially when they’re exposed to the open air. Keep a generous stash of gel or skin-safe liquid next to the bed for best results. 
  • Learn the Device Ahead of Time
    Now’s the time to practice using your toys, not when you’re in the middle of fucking. The last thing you want to do is fumble around clumsily or cause unwanted pain to your partner. Talk about making shit awkward and impossible to recover from. Instead, attach a few of the electrodes to your own body and begin testing out the various settings on the device or the power box. You can usually do this with or without applying lube, but I suggest doing it both ways just to feel the difference. If you have specific questions about your toy’s functionality or design, consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer before using it for sex.
  • Start on the Lowest Setting
    Whatever you do, be sure you’re doing it safely so you can enjoy the device as intended by its maker. Plugging in or turning on your device while the power is cranked all the way to the top is a great way to damage your toy and ruin a perfectly good night. Surges of electricity can cause serious hiccups as well, so check your home’s electrical grid before starting to avoid preventable mistakes. If all else fails, opt for an integrated contraption that uses battery powered but either way, start out on the lowest setting so nobody gets hurt (or pissed off).

One of the best things about electrostimulation is that it’s incredibly versatile and extremely customizable. That means you can usually tweak the hacks given above to suit your personal needs. However, illogical experimentation is never recommended and may result in serious complications, so keep it simple and don’t be a cheapskate. Instead, have yourself and your partner cumming back for more by enjoying your toys responsibly and taking proper care of them in the meantime.


Vital Cleaning and Storage Tips

Part of using your electro erotica equipment properly is knowing how to clean it off and store it away when you get done. Usually, devices will come with a set of maintenance instructions, so always follow that advice before listening to mine. However, the story usually goes a little something like this:

  • Keep your products away from prying eyes, curious onlookers, minors and pets by storing them in secret and/or hard-to-reach places.
  • Never keep your devices or accessories out in the open air because the adhesive pads can collect dust and environmental debris very quickly.
  • Store your products in a clean, dry area of your home or office, with restricted access to moisture and extreme hot and/or cold temperatures.
  • Clean all components of your playthings, including the plugs, wires and electrodes, by wiping them off with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Allow your device and accessories to dry fully before putting them back into storage.
  • Collect all your parts and pieces then keep them together in a durable, secure container. A manufacturer will sometimes provide this.
  • Before turning it on, check the condition of your batteries, electrode connections and power units to ensure maximum functionality and optimal efficiency.
  • If possible, register your toy within 30 days of the purchase to validate any warranties offered by the manufacturer.
  • Wash off all insertable components with warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or specialized sex toy cleaning solution, whichever is preferred by you and/or recommended by the maker.
  • Clean off all electrodes before moving them to another portion of the body, especially if it was attached to the wearer’s genital region.

I can’t sit here and say that all experiences will be the same even if you use the exact techniques and toys every time, but I can say that they’re all dramatically improved when these simple steps are taken. E-stim is supposed to enhance your sexual sensations in a safe and exciting way, so use the devices as intended or else pay the consequences of being too casual about kink. The moral of the story is that it’s is up to you to make this work. If you still have questions that weren’t answered, either contact the manufacturers of your favorite devices for more information or resign to the fact that this shit just isn’t for you.

Final Considerations

It’s time to stop kink-shaming people because they enjoy using electrostimulation sex toys. This stuff may have got its start as a medical method for therapy but that’s no all it’s used for anymore. These days, there’s more fetish and frivolity involved in e-stim than ever before in the history of mankind. At this point, there’s a little something for everyone regardless of their body type, their appetites, their sexual orientation or their experience level. It’s interesting, exciting, safe, satisfying and kinky. As long as you know how to use it, there aren’t any dangers you need to be concerned about. Truth be told, playing with specially made sex toys is the safest and easiest way to do it.

About Blake Parker

Blake Parker makes Ron Jeremy look like Mother Theresa. His honest take on allthings pertaining to pleasure and relationships has made him a household name that’s synonymous with sexuality. Blake’s unique perspective on toys and techniques prepares the mind and body for more than just an incredible orgasm. Hisentertaining sex toy reviews, buyer’s guides, and How-To articles inform consumers of what nobody else will say. His readers demolish emotional/physical strongholds, tear down social taboos, and become more comfortable in their own skin as he and his partner enlighten the world one sex toy at a time. Notoriety isn’t the goal with Blake; satisfaction is.