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How to Role Play in Your Relationship

By Blake Parker
How to Role Play in Your Relationship

Oh, role playing. Doesn’t it make you feel like a complete ass when you do it? How about when you mess up, say the wrong line, or break character over something stupid? It happens to the best of us, and it’s probably because a lot of us don’t know how to role play in our relationships properly. After all, it’s not like this is the kind of shit they teach us in school. Or is it? Role playing as an adult turns out to be almost exactly the same as it was when we were doing it as children, only this time we get to stay out past dark and eat more than cookies at bedtime. Being a grownup finally has its rewards but my hope is that we can all recapture a glimmer of our youthful innocence from time to time, starting with a newfound understanding of how to play pretend with our friends.

A lot of people are intrigued by the concept of bending the rules in the bedroom; the practice has been around in as long as written history exists. Unfortunately, too many people are either apprehensive about trying it or have no idea where to start. The situation is even sadder once you realize all the benefits it brings to an intimate relationship. However, I understand that incorporating something like this into your love life can feel a bit like trying out for a theater production you don’t even want to be in. Still, pull off an exciting sex scene with your consensual lover and get called The Cock of the Walk in no time. Take it from somebody who knows.

My best advice is to gather up all the information you can find on role playing and consider how it pertains to your love life. What works for you might not be ideal for someone else, so remember that. Also keep in mind that it’s usually kind of awkward for everybody at first and that practice makes perfect. Combat embarrassment by educating yourself and getting organized, that way you can intelligently explore the various options at your disposal. At the end of the day, nobody is going to come knocking at your door offering up this information (unless it’s part of the game, of course).

What Is Role Playing?

First things first, let’s get some definitions out of the way. According to the most reliable dictionaries, role playing is a blanket term that refers to a wide range of different activities wherein an existing, often assumed, character acts out certain details of a pre-made scene with another existing, often assumed, character. In other words, it’s when two lovers play pretend like they’re something they’re not, typically for the purposes of being kinky in the bedroom. Most the most part, we’ve all done it in some degree at least once in our lives. However, we’re going to be talking about something a little more sophisticated today.

“We can always make a difference to someone, no matter what role we play.” – Lindsey Stirling

Essentially, role playing is what happens when you and/or your partner temporarily change your habits, behaviors and responses to certain stimuli as they are given, using the construct of the new dominant/submissive dynamics and the scene that was created to generate a pleasurable experience. Games can consist of many different scenarios, details and outcomes, with physical and psychological benefits that are either consciously created, subconsciously adopted or both. Many times, RPGs are used for entertainment purposes only, but there are obviously times when they’re used therapeutically instead. In fact, the intimacy enhancing effects are some of the main reasons why this practice is so popular among sexually active couples today.


The ways in which role playing games get enjoyed are about as varied as the people enjoying them. Generally, however, RPGs begin when a participant assumes the role of specific characteristics, occupations or social interests. Partners typically determine their character guidelines before games begin, allowing for optimal customization in most cases. Scenes are set up to establish guidelines and rules, wherein an agreed upon list of rewards and punishments are doled out accordingly. Sounds like fun? Well, it gets even better. Properly structured characters and scenes allow for increased improv opportunities and dramatically boosted fun.

Last but not least, this stuff sometimes means dressing up (or down) or wearing a costume. Hey, the devil is in the details, right? This one’s actually quite common, pretty much mandatory, enjoyed if not expected and also favorable to your underlying plot. The right costumes can help solidify a scene and character, making it easier for both partners to play pretend without feeling like a pair of goobers. Whatever the case may be, successful RPG-ing in the bedroom has countless advantages to your health and happiness, therefore it should always be approached with steady, sexually charged hands instead of shame and hesitation.

Exploring the Practicality of Playing with Interpersonal Roles

So far, there have been very few negative opinions regarding the act of role play in the bedroom. Typically, the naysayers are speaking about more extreme cases of kinky exhibitionism wherein one or more the partners bring too much of a good thing into the public eye. Their qualms are not focused on the rather vanilla acts of toying with interpersonal roles at home. And while there are many times when taking these games outside is fun and exciting, couples tend to do this stuff in the comfort of their own homes for the most part and there’s a good reason for that. I mean, if you struck gold would you run out and tell everyone about it? Me neither, I’m usually not this generous.

But (and this is a BIG but), I came to realize that role playing is practical and advantageous to pretty much every sexually active person on the planet. I found that people generally like it too, and I think that’s because it lets them temporarily walk in someone else’s shoes - seeing what they see, doing what they do and feeling what they feel. It alleviates anxieties when it’s done right, plus it helps us knock down certain physical, mental and emotional walls that we’ve put up to protect our insecurities. In a sense, we can be ourselves in that moment because our actions temporarily belong to someone else. Our deepest, darkest desires can therefore be experienced more freely because the role being played creates a manageable psychological schism.

The best part is that we can flip back and forth between our scripted personas at any given time. So, if things start to become chaotic or uncomfortable, we can shout out a safe word or break character immediately until the scene gets back on an even keel (or until our cab arrives). Because of this dual dose of confidence and its complimentary helping of frivolity, most couples are able to satisfy erotic hungers more efficiently and without ruining the relationship. Knowing that everything is temporary and personalized makes it so much easier to let your partner fuck that hot cop. Just sayin’. This stuff has saved millions of marriages and counting.

It Is Safe?

Relax. For a majority of participants, romantic RPGs are completely safe, both physically and psychologically. The temporary mental divide created when a partner steps into a different persona is viewed as a secure neurological space wherein a person can reside for a moment in time before returning to reality. Most sessions only last a few hours at most, allowing folks to get on with their lives when playtime is over. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Mental health experts and sexual behavior skeptics warn that getting too deep into character can have lasting effects on a person’s psyche, begging the question as to whether role playing games do more harm than good. It’s interesting to note, though, that a person’s reaction to an RPG scenario is based heavily on their mental health before the games begin. It is therefore highly recommended that you and your partner(s) undergo a thorough psychological evaluation before attempting anything that involved intense and/or excessively detailed “under the covers” work. If that’s not possible, at least talk it over first and come up with a deadline for the scene.


Keep in mind as well that this shit sometimes involves the use of sex toys and bondage equipment. That means you’ll want to brush up on your etiquette and re-read those owner’s manuals collecting dust in your bedside drawer before adding this to your agenda. Simply saying, “I want to try role playing and I’ve got a ton of costumes” is not enough. You must find a willing partner, have the proper equipment and know how to use it ahead of time. Don’t make me tell you twice.  

Who Does It and Why?

Believe it or not, more people enjoy role playing than you probably think. The reason why numbers are so skewed is, in part, because of Hollywood’s unrealistic portrayal of the sport. This is not some kind of corny kink or pathetic pastime. Truth be told, playing pretend with a partner is something most of us already do, whether casually in passing or for real in the bedroom. Degrees of seriousness can vary widely from one participant to another but the point is that we’re likely more familiar with erotic RPG than we realize. For example, here are the seven most common groups of people who get down like this. See if/where you fit in:

  • All Sexual Orientations
    Contrary to popular belief, roleplaying is not an activity that’s reserved only for certain subcultures, social clubs or special interest groups. It’s something we can all enjoy regardless of our sexual orientation. In fact, even people who play around with gender roles in the bedroom can confidently say that their sexuality remains intact when outside the bedroom. That’s because this game offers a safe, consensual form of expression that just so happens to be temporary and private instead of permanent and public.
  • The Curiously Kinky
    Sometimes you just want to experiment with the laws of nature and push envelopes like you work at the Post Office. There’s nothing wrong with being curious, kinky or both; it’s the “neither” that we have problems with. You see, folks enjoy playing different roles with their partners because it allows them to test drive scenarios, sensations and emotional responses to various stimuli. It gives them the freedom to determine what they like and dislike without committing to a certain way of life. If we’re all honest, most of us dig that kind of shit anyway.
  • Captivated Couples
    The world is full of arousing inspirations but that doesn’t mean maintaining a healthy sex life is easy. Couples who find themselves struggling to keep the spark alive often turn to kinky role playing games so they can rekindle the flame, while otherwise happy partners also incorporate romantic RPG just for the added layer of fun. There is no right or wrong reason for wanting to fulfill fantasies and honor relationship commitments simultaneously. We’ve all got to get our kicks from somewhere but it’s not okay to ruin lives in pursuit of it. That’s where scripted erotic scenes come into play for millions of couples all over the world.
  • Sexually Active Adults Wanting Enhanced Orgasms
    Not surprisingly, highly detailed erotic scenarios featuring all your favorite things can lead to a much better orgasm. When traditional lovemaking just isn’t cutting it anymore and things are starting to grow stale, many people slip into a sexy costume or begin doing it right under their partner’s nose. This naturally increases arousal then results in optimized intimacy between lovers, which in turn makes the act of sex, foreplay and/or masturbation more intense. The subsequent climaxes are therefore even greater. It’s basically what happens when the creative side of our brain influences the primal cortex (or something like that).
  • Those Dealing with Sex Addiction
    Being addicted to sex and/or masturbation is no laughing matter. It affects a large portion of the modern-day population and its rampant among both men and women. Sexual compulsions can lead a person to do some pretty awful things, but playing with interpersonal roles offers the best of both worlds in many cases. Because sex addicts often fantasize about sex acts in a wide variety of different scenarios, well-played romantic RPGs can help satisfy those fantasies in a healthier, more productive way. This is especially true if you learn how to communicate your desires properly, involve your partner(s), and refrain from being unfaithful.
  • Folks with Fantasies
    You don’t have to be a sex addict to have sexual fantasies, just ask the millions of adults who claim to have at least one right now that hasn’t been fulfilled. Unquenched sexual fantasies are often the driving force behind unhappiness, frustration, infidelity and even erectile dysfunction. That’s one of the reasons why role playing is so important for the development and maintenance of a healthy, well-rounded relationship. Regardless of the level of details in the scene, couples benefit greatly from satisfying their partner’s fantasies in this safe, acceptable and controllable manner.
  • People with Performance Anxieties
    Although it may seem counter-intuitive, playing with the interpersonal roles within your relationship is a terrific way to determine where you stand, which in turn gives you a lot more confidence to perform at your best capacity. You have to spend money to make money, right? Well, the same can be said here. Those who are brave enough to invest in role playing with a partner are far more likely to reap the profits of personal freedom later on. It’s just a fact of life: You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. This may very well be your winning hand.


Isn’t it interesting to learn about all the different kinds of people who enjoy romantic RPG? Don’t you feel like less of a loser now? It’s difficult to understand why anyone would feel silly because of some innocent, pleasurable role playing but I suppose I can see where they’re coming from. Either way, laughter is the best medicine and even behavioral experts say that there’s something to all this. According to their research, couples who play together stay together because they’re able to establish and retain greater levels of emotional intimacy while also exploring the countless ways to communicate their deepest desires.

How to Introduce Role Playing Games in Your Relationship

Despite it being a little more popular than most people realize, and regardless of the fact that it’s incredibly beneficial to a sexually active, modern-day relationship, role games can still be sort of difficult to introduce. To make this occasion work out as intended, it’s important to devise a plan and prepare for unfamiliar situations. This will help decrease the number of conflicts you have while enhancing the experience as whole. Luckily for you, incorporating RPG scenarios into your bedroom isn’t as hard as you think. In reality, overthinking this can end up being counterproductive so take it easy.

Remember how playing different roles allows you to experiment with various circumstances and sensations? Well, understand that doing this right will naturally increase your level of self-confidence and comfort. In turn, you’ll quickly develop instincts where there were none before, so allow the upcoming guidelines to get you started (but don’t stop there). Let me teach you how to be proactive about this role playing business – how to make mistakes elegantly without losing your shit in the process. You can thank me later. For now, just follow these five simple steps:


It’s impossible to use interpersonal roles to experiment erotically when you don’t even know where you stand to begin with. Knowing your place means understanding whether you’re dominant, submissive or a little bit of both. Also, try to figure out who typically does what and how they do it because that information will become essential when the jobs begin to shift. Here are the five most commonly identifiable relationship roles:

  • Dominant
    Dominants, or doms, like to be on top and in control of just about everything, from when a partner can ejaculate to how long they must perform before they can release. The dom’s word is considered law and they expect those under them to obey without question. When you think of the word “dominant” you probably imagine a dominatrix but the role is much richer and more complex than that in most cases.
  • Submissive
    Submissives, or subs, prefer being on bottom and out of control, in a sense. They like to have a dominant partner tell them what to do, how to do it and when, freeing up their mental and emotional spaces for more pleasure and personal exploration. You might think a submissive is a bitch or a pushover but most subs find the exercise extremely enjoyable and even uplifting if it’s done by a compassionate dominant.
  • Switch
    Switches are those who enjoy going back and forth between being a submissive and a dominant. Switch-hitters are some of the most common types of people in the role playing underground because of their versatility and ability to work well with others under varying conditions. Usually, people who identify as a switch end up benefiting the most from BDSM and RPG play. NOTE: Switching has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but it can.
  • Brat
    A brat is someone who likes to be a pain in the ass to their dominant, basically. The dominant, in turn, becomes aroused by the challenge and/or creates fun new game play options to work around the trouble. Brats come in many forms and are from all walks of life, plus games involving this character are almost always more interesting. It’s important to understand, however, that’s controlling a brat is not supposed to be easy.
  • Explorer
    Erotic explorers are those who remain curious about what they’re into and who they are despite several rounds of experimentation. They’re also the people who like to swing between one role and another as often as possible. Not always indecisive, folks in this category usually have the most fun, the greatest number of sex toys, and a lot more ease finding willing partners to play with.

So, where do you fall in? How about your partner? These are things you need to know before even thinking about attempting a romantic RPG moment. If you move with too much haste, you’ll ruin it for everybody and set our species back a decade or two in the process. Don’t be the guy who messes things up for the rest of us because you were overzealous about your O-faces. Calmly proceed to the next step like you’ve got some sense.



A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, nor does it get fucked properly. As with anything in life, communication is the key to success and satisfaction. How do you expect to please yourself or your partner if you’re completely unaware of what needs to be done? Knowing your lover’s personality is one thing but having a firm grip on their libido is another. Here are the bases you’ll want to cover before moving on:

  • Wants
    Find out what everybody wants before games begin, that way you can determine whether you’re the man or woman for the job. Wants might include things like a specific location, a time of day, a certain behavior, a special reaction or a unique costume. However, it’s important to note that there are absolutely no limits on the things people might want. Go about this with an open mind for best results.
  • Needs
    Next, you’ll want to discover what you and your partner need to feel safe, comfortable and confident in the upcoming scenario. This might include things like specialized positioning furniture, mounting gear, high-quality BDSM equipment, couples-friendly sex toys, feature-rich lubricants, performance enhancing drugs, hypoallergenic cleaning supplies, etc. Remember, everyone’s requirements are different but valid, and it’s both people’s duty to accommodate so the scene can go off without a hitch.
  • Experience
    Don’t forget to consider and discuss each partner’s experience level, both in acting their natural part and trying on new roles. It may take a while for the correct expression to get excavated and communicated, so have patience with one another so some headway can be made. If this is your first time playing a specific role or dabbling in the fine arts of RPG, use that inexperience to your advantage by integrating into the scene. After all, few things are more intense than popping the cherry of a willing virgin.
  • Fears
    Mid-stroke is not the time for your fears to get in the way, so talk about them now to prevent that from happening. Fears might include things like having someone walk in, getting hurt because of a position or technique, not having the right body type, ill-fitting costumes and so forth. Each scenario will have a different set of concerns to consider, so be sure to take this step every time you begin playing in a new or unfamiliar way.
  • Intentions
    It sucks to say you’re sorry, especially when you didn’t mean to mess things up. Unfortunately, happens more often than we all care to admit. Usually, the issue stems from a lack of preparation and undefined ideals. So, act like a pro by discussing your intent before getting into character. This will give you ample opportunity to restructure your approach is need be, plus it helps both partners solidify their expectations one last time before the starting gun is shot.

By taking the time to openly and honestly talk to your lover like you give a damn about the relationship, you instantly increase your chances of making this role playing thing your bitch. Things go a lot smoother when you’re organized and prepared, but it also helps to have some realistic examples. Watching cheesy porn will only get you so far, ladies and gentlemen. 



They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so flatter your partner with an execution of your role that deserves an Oscar. Play like you mean it by studying the behaviors, choices, vocabulary and attire of the role you’re about to play. It’s a lot like the character acting that Hollywood stars use to get ready for a film, only you’re not getting paid in money. You, my friend, are about to get paid in orgasms if you research personalities from the following sources:

  • Movies and TV
    When it comes to advise on role playing techniques, there’s no better source than contemporary TV. Big movie screens are a goldmine as well, especially if you watch an award-winning production with talented actors and costume designers. Keep in mind, however, that some movies and television shows are historically and/or socially inaccurate. For instance, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series is a terrible example of what healthy, consensual BDSM really is. Move with a sense of discernment, ya’ll.
  • Books and Magazines
    Books are generally more informative and in-depth than casual TV shows and digestible movies. Magazines, on the other hand, offer a brief synopsis of important information and are therefore favored by people cramming for this erotic exam. Either way, look for literature that inherently explains it through a complex plot. This will help you see how characters are developed, maintained and changed over time. Imagine what that will do to your own kinky storyline.
  • People Watching
    As long as you’re not a complete creep about it, watching everyday people while they’re on the daily grind is a great way to get an inside peek at the goings on in their lives. Much like watching a movie or reading a book, you’ll get instant insights on how behaviors form and choices are made, allowing you to create complicated characters, interesting plots, and more realistic costume designs. Remember, life doesn’t reflect bad art. It’s the other way around. Ground yourself by peering at your fellows every once and while. 

Once you’ve got enough information to start creating a sexy, role-specific character, it should be a lot easier to convince someone to play with you. Moreover, setting up a safe and comfortable scene ahead of time helps make pleasure more readily available to both partners, all while allowing each person to do a few quick adjustments prior to their curtain call. It’s all about mastering the stage, folks, and you can’t do that if you don’t have a stage to master.


You can most certainly enjoy role playing in your relationship without going all out but where’s the fun in that? Complicated scene changes, wardrobe transitions and special effects are not what I’m talking about here. Realistically speaking, setting the scene can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be. The ticket is to hit on a few key points along the way. Trust me, these three things will make all the difference in how much fun you two have:

  • Clean It Up
    It’s important to keep your environment clean but it’s not all because of aesthetics. Depending on what you and your partner plan to do, things could get messy in a hurry. Bare asses are all over the place and the struggle with skin sensitivities is real. Sex juices can fly around everywhere too, so your priceless goods might need to be put up anyway. Tidy up your space before things get started so you can prevent unwanted incidents, injuries and infections.

TIP: Try using aromatherapy with essential oils to set the mood and clear the air of potentially harmful pathogens.

  • Add the Details
    When it comes to achieving an amazing orgasm, the details surrounding it matter quite a bit. It’s already tough getting into a believable character then playing out that role like a love-sick kindergartner, so don’t make this any harder on yourself or your partner. It’s possible to set the stage without buying a bunch of extra stuff too. Just try to have the basics and then work your way up from there based on the things you learned while talking to your lover.

TIP: Use mood lighting, accents, and customizable documentation to help increase the level of realism in each scene.


  • Gather Your Gear
    No sex scene is complete without all your equipment ready and waiting to be used. Unless it’s a part of the show, you don’t want to step away in the middle of playtime because it can ruin the mood instantly. Not only that, but breaking character to get out your gear makes you look like a jackass. Have everything laid out, cleaned off and powered up or face the consequences on your own. You have been warned.

TIP: Always keep sex toy chargers and/or spare batteries on deck for intermission and pack plenty of lube so the fun never has to stop.

Getting into character can be extremely difficult for some people, that’s why we’re not all stars on the big screen. However, it’s fun and exciting, nevertheless. Like most things in life, it cannot be mastered as soon as it’s attempted unless you have a natural talent for fantasy portrayal. Since most of us don’t, intelligent and thoughtful scene prep is a must. Now comes the best part: Practice.


If practice makes perfect then you’re about to be a seasoned vet at romantic role playing because you’re just about to the point where you can begin incorporating it into your bedroom routine. There are no right or wrong methods here, by the way. Whatever works to make you a better lover and a more convincing actor/actress for your scene is totally fine (as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody or creep someone out). Here are a few techniques that might help you out:

  • Go Solo at First
    Some of your best work has been done all by yourself, so maybe this is yet another example of how unique you really are. Use that exclusivity to your advantage by spending your already lengthy bouts of alone time practicing your character’s behaviors and responses. If your time is tight, practice in the car on your way to work or in the shower after you get home. Whatever the case, keep a spot open in your schedule to put your ongoing character development into action until it’s the just way you want it.
  • Work It in the Mirror
    It certainly helps when you practice your character’s behaviors but it’s almost impossible to determine how believable and/or seductive they are unless you see yourself doing them. This is why mirrors were invented folks, or at least it should have been. Peering into the reflective glass can help you tone down or perk up specific reactions to different stimuli, all while helping you feel more confident about doing it when someone is watching. It’s like having an identical twin to blame when you look like an idiot, which you won’t.
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper
    This one is easier said than done, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Silly hiccups in the middle of the scene mean everything is going to plan – both partners are so distracted by pleasure that they’re forgetting their lines. Plus, don’t forget about the importance of play in a relationship. Even professional psychologists say that you should let go and laugh more with your lover. So, when the occasion arises, don’t get butt hurt because the plan fell apart, chuckle and giggle flirtatiously instead. As long as nobody’s hurt, there’s really no reason to stop what you’re doing or start feeling stupid.
  • If at First You Don’t Succeed…
    I can’t stress this enough: The first round of sexy scene creation and exploration will most likely not be a good indication of how future scenarios will turn out. This can be good and bad, but mostly bad because things tend to get better as you go. If at first you don’t succeed at this whole role playing thing, don’t give up. Practice the same scene several different times and in many unique ways until you find what works. There aren’t necessarily any rules when it comes to this stuff. You can even blend scenes and characters if you want. Fuck it.
  • Get Loose as a Goose
    When your bodies are relaxed, so are your minds. When your minds are at ease, so are your bodies. It’s a natural symbiotic relationship and, when harnessed properly, can help make a sex life a lot more amazing. That’s why it’s important to wine and dine potential mates, and why ancient sensual massage methods are still go-to seduction techniques today. So, while I don’t recommend consuming alcohol because of its negative, depressing effects, I will say that delay sprays, topical numbing products, and CBD (or THC where it’s legal) can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience.
  • Document Your Progress
    Who says porn has to be something you buy at the local adult entertainment shop? Did you know that you can make your own? You can even create educational materials for yourself if you’ve got the time. This is a surefire way to develop a great character, practice moves, rehearse scripts, and review rules or regulations given by the dom. It’s a little time consuming and takes some basic skill but overall it’s an effective technique for improving any role playing scene. You can go back and watch it as many time as you want and even use it as a gift or play it as backdrop to the scene.
  • Ask for Input
    This last one might be sort of hard on the average person’s ego but it’s a necessary evil when playing with the interpersonal roles of your relationship. Ask for thoughts, opinions and suggestions, even if your partner hasn’t witnessed you practicing and especially if they’re supposed to be playing a role as well. Troubleshoot with each other in the most playful and openhearted way possible, keeping in mind that every person is different. Respect boundaries and make adjustable plans for future scenes because, let’s face it, you’ll want to do this again if you handle yourself like a pro from the jump.

The possibility of you messing something up at this point is slim to none, by the way. In fact, you’re damn near ready to direct your own motion picture, let alone stand in front of a mirror or a sexual partner to play a silly yet sexy role for the purposes of pleasure. There’s nothing make-believe about achieving a mind-blowing orgasm, nor is there anything unrealistic about wanting that kind of thing in your life. Everyone’s just looking for their own piece of the pie. Maybe now’s the time for you to start playing the naughty baker.

10 Role Playing Ideas to Give a Try

Speaking of clever scenarios and kink-worthy concepts, people have been coming up with interesting role playing setups since the very first couple played pretend with their pants off. The ideas that have stemmed from our collective perversions are impressive to say the least, with scenes depicting just about anything you can imagine – explorers taming the indigenous peoples of uncharted territories, zoologists training wild beasts, astronauts discovering lusty life on other planets. The list goes on and on. My point is that mankind’s imagination is just as vivid today as it was back then, so let it whisk you away because life is short.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, there are a handful of tried and tested techniques that work for just about everybody. Be sure to check out these 10 role playing scenarios that remain popular attractions in modern-day bedrooms:

  • The Educator
    A sub assumes the role of a student learning something new and difficult, while the dominant assumes the role of an experienced teacher. The dom can choose to be forgiving and kind or a disciplinarian who rules with an iron fist. Subs are welcome to become obedient pupils or test their boundaries for more fun and excitement. 
  • The Dutiful Secretary
    A dominant presides over a sub who is assuming the role of a hard-working secretary in a busy business office. The dom can become a vindictive boss with a mile-long chore list or a generous overseer whose main concern is finding out what the secretary’s best talent is. Subs can play it either way as well, creating a plethora of storylines and objectives to experiment with.
  • The Delicious Deliverer
    It’s not delivery, it’s dick (or pussy or whatever). Anyone call for a large Hot and Ready? Feel free to use those lines in your scene where concierge personnel assist you in various ways. Having trouble handling all those big, floppy bags? In the mood for some delicious pizza served off of a flesh platter? These days, you can get just about anything from room service.
  • Classic Cops and Robbers
    We played it as kids and now we’re enjoying a more sophisticated version as adults. This time, it involves things like fuzzy handcuffs, leather floggers, cowhide whips, and…whipped cream? What kind of jail is this, anyway? It’s whatever kind of jail you want it to be because someone’s the warden and someone’s the criminal. Time for a cavity search.
  • The Job Interview 
    Your desperate for a position. You’re willing to bed over backwards if that’s what it takes. You’ve got the stamina of a workhorse. That’s why you should be hired by the intimidating interviewers. Your spiel not convincing enough? Use your powers of persuasion to land yourself the best paying gig in the industry. Prove your worth to that demanding boss. I dare you.
  • The Personal Trainer
    Subs and doms really enjoy playing this scenario because it’s centered on their partner’s physicality. You can get a lover to voluntarily bend, stretch and spread when you tell them, that doing so will make them happier and healthier. Don’t forget to reward their hard work with gym treats and workout breaks. Meanwhile, compliment their progress and/or ask for fitness “tips” along the way. That’s right, just the tip. Just to see how it feels.
  • The Sordid Affair
    Most people secretly want to have sex with someone else. And if they could do it without getting caught and/or without feeling like a piece of shit afterwards, they most certainly would. This scenario allows folks to get their cake and eat it too, giving them fantasy fulfillment and the air of unfamiliarity sans divorce papers and child support payments.
  • The Photo Shoot
    Your partner is one fine mamma-jamma, so why not capture that shit on film? You’re already using a camera to look at yourself during role playing practice. Leave it on the table and suggest a scene wherein the sub is a model and the dom is a high-end photographer. Lay out some costumes and chill the wine for this one. It’s bound to be a long night.
  • The Patiently Nursed
    What’s up, doc? Your partner has a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell. Oh wait, I mean more crotch time. Either way, being in the hospital sucks if you don’t have a nice nurse to keep you comfortable. Have a sub serve you various medicines and perform medical treatment procedures until you feel better. Just be sure to brush up on your bedside manner because health is important.
  • The Hands-on Handyman
    You’ve got a clog and you need someone with strong hands to cum help you out of this jam. Not worry, there’s a handyman for that as long as someone’s willing to play switch. Dom and sub roles are flexible with most scenarios, but this one is especially versatile because one person has knowledge and the other person owns the home. This should be fun.

Feel free to let your imagination run wild. All forms of romantic role playing are fun when you do them right and prepare accordingly. There are troves of different scenarios I didn’t even mention. I’ll list a few out of them out below for your viewing pleasure. I tried to make their names as self-explanatory as humanly possible:

  • The Dirty Dominatrix
  • The Erotic Exotic Dancer
  • The Captive and the Guard
  • The Sexy Stranger
  • The Reunion
  • The Masterful Maid
  • The Royal Rendezvous
  • The Time Traveler
  • The Next Door Neighbor
  • The Blind Expedition
  • The Intense Interrogation

Remember, you can freely incorporate any of those popular scenarios, or even just a part of them if that’s what you’re into. Remember, there are no real rules to role playing besides the ones you and your partner come up with ahead of time. This is supposed to be a physical and psychological journey of discovery, with the final destination being the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced. It’s not a figment of your imagination. That’s just the RPG talking.

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