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Everything You Need to Know About Prostate Orgasms

By Blake Parker
Everything You Need to Know About Prostate Orgasms

They say going in through the back door without proper clearance is rude and I couldn’t agree more. After all, our mothers taught us to knock before entering a room and none of us were born in a barn (I hope). As somewhat civilized human beings we’ve been expected to put away our animalistic impulses in exchange for more sophisticated behaviors, many of which remove the pure sexuality inherently ingrained into all of us. The result has been less intense orgasms for every gender, poorer reproductive health and fewer happy campers in the bedroom. Turns out, the human body has an automatic reset button but it’s located deep inside your anus. Figures.

Anal orgasms have been practiced and beloved for a very long time throughout almost every country in the world, with references made to it by various cultures and for extremely diverse purposes. As it turns out, prostate play is an ancient erotic art form with holistic roots that go back many centuries. The earliest known mention of butt stuff was discovered on terracotta plaques that were mass-produced in the Old Babylonian era. In fact, innocent p-spot stimulation seemed to be the least kinky thing on the menu back then. Oh, how we have fallen.

Exploring the furthest reaches of your own anal anatomy is a lot like checking for cobwebs in the corners of your sacred tush temple. It’s nobody’s business what goes on in there and you’re usually busy doing what’s best for it while you’re praying to the gods of good sex. We’re all pretty much the same in a sense that we’re searching for optimal sexual experiences with minimal bullshit and backlash. Luckily for us, ass orgasms can answer the call if we’re willing to pick up the proverbial phone. Don’t be afraid to investigate and educate, just make sure you’re doing it the right way by seeking reliable information.

(Not-So) Common Sense about Prostate Orgasms

Otherwise known as prostate milking, p-spot play is a type of sexual activity that involves penetrating the anus with various objects (fingers, body parts, sex toys, etc.), usually for the purposes of essentially juicing the prostate gland until it’s no longer clogged with its natural fluids. The procedure is sometimes used for medicinal reasons but typically favored by individuals and couples because of its ability to produce extreme amounts of sexual pleasure. That superpower is, in fact, what draws most people into its clutches but it’s important not to put the cart before the horse on this one. Like all good things in life, anal stimulation is magical so it requires a lot of knowledge, finesse and patience to make it bloom in your garden.

Before we get into the proper techniques or start swapping tips like they’re grandma’s old recipes, let’s take a minute to build a foundation of fundamentals that you can stand on when beginning to incorporate butt stuff into your routine. Keep in mind that prostate orgasms are no joke and they’re certainly not for the insecure, the faint of heart or the morally bankrupt. On the contrary, people who are healthy with a well-rounded, open-minded point of view about sex are the ones enjoying all that p-spot play has to offer on a regular basis. Here are the 9 most important things you need to know to get your kicks without all the tricks:


1. The Anus Is Crazy Sensitive

According to medical professionals and digestive health experts, anal sex can lead to some pretty serious sensations. Their research has revealed that the average human anus is chalk full of super sensitive nerve endings which make it react uniquely to various internal and/or external stimuli. In other words, your asshole can probably feel more than your fingertips can which is why butthole penetration became a popular pastime in our society over the years. Simply put, even the slightest touch to the outer anal orifice can render significant sensations and internal stimulation is all the more intense. However, the methods and tools used to deliver that level of stimulation needs to be vetted very carefully.

2. The Anal Walls Are Super Thin

Prostate orgasms can be reached in a wide variety of ways, even sometimes without penetration into the anus. However, it’s crucial to note that the entire anal region is as sensitive as I described above, meaning you can’t be cramming things in there all willy-nilly. That also means you need to be extremely careful when playing for the pocket, especially if you plan to head inside to meet your p-spot face to face. Remember that the anal walls are paper thin, so roughhousing with your rump could end in disaster. More on this a little later; for now, let’s just keep it at you not beating your butt like it owes you money because that’s neither necessary, recommended nor preferred (usually).

3. Gaining Access to the P-Spot Is Tricky

The prostate gland is located deep inside the anal canal but its precise coordinates vary greatly based on a man’s unique anatomy. Because of this basic body diversity, it’s sometimes difficult for a person to find the p-spot even during profound penetration. At times, the trickiness of tracking deters otherwise enthusiastic participants and turns would-be fans into passionate naysayers. On top of that, not all men (or women) ejaculate from this type of erotic play, so it’s truly a specialized sport. The point is that practice makes perfect and customization is key. What works for one person might not work for you so be ready to make adjustments as needed.

4. Women Can Have Anal Orgasms Too

Contrary to popular belief, ladies love some good buttfucking just the same as the boys even though they don’t necessarily have a prostate gland to stimulate. The magic happens when a woman’s g-spot gets activated through the walls of the anus. That kind of performance is not only possible but it’s also extremely common and incredibly sensational – just ask your ex who’s currently taking it up the ass without you. Remember, however, that gals require special care in the hygiene department because their vaginas are super delicate organs that don’t take too kindly to fecal bacteria. Learning proper butt play tips and etiquette can help. 

5. Prostate Orgasms Are the Definition of Intense

Experts say that the orgasmic potential located inside your ass is downright phenomenal. The process of milking a man’s prostate is so beneficial to his wellbeing, in fact, that it’s routinely done in doctor’s offices on an out-patient basis when it’s not practiced in the comfort of a person’s own home. Considered a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, performance enhancing supplements, complacency and invasive medical procedures, p-spot play releases endorphins into the blood stream while sending exaggerated sensations to nearly every nook and cranny of the body. Therefore, the already powerful feelings of an orgasm are increased automatically – often to the point of unbelief and occasionally harnessed for medical purposes.

6. Some Folks Feel Like They Need to Shit but That’s Normal

When you think about it, having something shoved up inside your asshole is kind of strange considering the main functionality of the anus. Most people assume it’s a one-way street back there, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Many times, we feel like we need to take a dump as soon as anything touches our sphincter. Without voluntary provocation we might tense up and cause ourselves and/or our partners pain. Extreme caution must be taken and preventative measures must be met, sure, but it’s perfectly normal to experience the sensations of a good Number 2 while playing prostate pool. Don’t let that rookie shit deter you from having a great time.

7. They Say Prostate Play Can Fight Cancer

Cancer is such bullshit, so why not use poetic justice to fight back against it? According to medical professionals, regular stimulation (or milking) of the prostate can lead to a much better bill of health, including one that’s void of any signs of prostate or testicular cancers. Research shows that men who engage in anal penetration have a much lower risk of developing heart disease and infections as well. P-spot play also increases the amount of testosterone produced in the body, which is known to eliminate certain free radicals, boost immunities and optimize male anatomical functionality in several different ways. Here’s to your health, ladies and gentlemen.


8. It May Feel Better for Men than for Women

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy being penetrated with skill and conviction. Believe it or not, it’s the men who experience the most pleasure from anal insertion. This is especially true if the man’s prostate gland is stimulated or massaged because that’s the spot responsible for enhancing ejaculation quality and is therefore crucial to orgasmic intensity. Prostate play can be performed in a number of ways, with countless tactics for couple’s enjoyment as well as solo artistry techniques for practice and personal maintenance. Either way you approach it, though, p-spot masturbation may include pleasures that far surpass that of a woman’s climax or a typical penile jizz-fest. Consider yourselves warned. 

9. Anal Orgasms Reveal a Better Quality of Life

Sexual climaxes are routinely studied to reveal important information about normal human behavior and its effects on our health. Recently, some pretty interesting data was discovered. For example, did you know that prostate orgasms can lead to greater weight loss and fewer trips to the emergency room or doctor’s office (as long as you play responsibly)? The list of advantages is long, plus experts say it doesn’t matter how the orgasm is reached – as long as it’s reached in a consensual way and is followed up with proper after care. Here are just a few of the many benefits associated with seeking and experiencing a heap of amazing anal O-faces:

  • Swift Kicks to the Immune System
    German studies have shown that sexual arousal, especially in men, is linked to an increased number of leukocytes in the blood. What are leukocytes, you ask? Good question, because I didn’t even know until I looked it up. As it turns out, those little cells are killers of toxins, free radicals, viruses and bacteria, leading scientists to ask more questions. The results have shown that frequent orgasm can boost a person’s immunities and help prevent certain illnesses from ever taking foot in the first place.
  • Prolonged Life Expectancy
    Who would have thought that butt sex could make someone live longer? According to research, that’s exactly what it does. Experts have known about this for quite some time now too. Way back in 1997 there was a study initiated to determine the exact relationship between sexual frequency and longevity. Researchers in Wales discovered that people who enjoyed orgasms (by any means) at least twice a week were much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease than those who only enjoyed the big O once a month or so.
  • Improved Digestion and Urination
    When the rest of your body is optimized then your digestive system, or fuel injection filter as I like to call it, can do its job without unnecessary delays or avoidable malfunctions. This is one of the reasons why fiber is so important, and also why many men (and women) routinely embark on backdoor adventures for the sake of their health. In other words, good orgasms streamline your body in such a way that it’s naturally easier for you to drain the main vein when nature calls and maintain your quality of life along the way.
  • More Productive Sleeping Habits
    Sleep is everything. Without proper amounts of rest you won’t even want an orgasm, let alone give a shit about the many advantages it provides to your wellbeing. Fortunately, the intensity of a well-played prostate orgasm is so effective at relaxing the brain and body that it’s commonly used as a holistic sleep aid. Recent reports say that both men and women enjoy this chill-out method right before bedtime because of the natural increase in neurochemicals like serotonin and dopamine into the bloodstream. Nighty-night.
  • Improved Pain Management  
    Word on the streets is that health helpings of anal orgasms can elevate a person’s pain tolerance by a significant margin and I believe it. After all, I can’t remember the last time I had a headache or migraine after having sex or masturbating. Plus, doctors endorse the claims by stating that sexual climaxes release pain-numbing chemicals into the blood, thereby eliminating preexisting conditions (even if only temporarily). Basically, well-executed butt sex essentially turns you into Lee Dungaree – can’t be busted.

Modern science is finally proving that orgasms are vital to mankind’s survival, so it should come as no surprise that they’re also discovering how the various methods we use to reach orgasm are just as advantageous as the act itself. Therefore, it’s okay (and actually recommended) that you let your guard down just a little bit, especially if it’s going to enhance the quality of your life in some noticeable way. After all, the prostate gland was put in that ass of yours for a reason. Why not explore everything it has to offer like you’re the boss of your brown eye? Business in the front, party in the back.


Understanding the Significance of the Prostate Gland 

Orgasms are obviously awesome but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Anal stimulation provides much more intensified sexual climaxes than traditional penetration, thereby increasing the level of benefit that the participant receives when he or she reaches fruition by doing it. At the same time, p-spot play has the power to optimize body functionality and streamline hormonal efficiency. Eventually, expertly executed butt sex can lead to better health, wealth and happiness for all those involved. This kinky chain of events is not difficult to follow and that’s why I (and pretty much everyone I’ve ever spoken to) think that this delicate, egg-shaped gland up inside our bums is extremely significant to the progression of mankind itself.

Not sure why everyone’s making a big deal about prostate orgasms and butt stuff? Maybe that’s because you’re not yet familiar with what the gland does for your body. Here’s a quick overview of its purpose to help you grasp the importance of properly (aka: skillfully) massaging this mighty member of your anatomy:

  • Seminal Fluid Production and Regulation
    The “milk” that comes out of your prostate is a major part of the fluid you see when you ejaculate. It’s responsible for transporting semen from the testicles to the head of the penis and, without it, your orgasms would feel as dry as your ex’s personality. Healthy glands help regulate the production of seminal substances and adequately massages p-spots seldom get swollen from excessive fluid build ups.  
  • Erection Support
    Your precious butthole button may feel like a dirty little secret but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag because frequent stimulation of the p-spot can help increase the sturdiness and longevity of your erections. Happy prostates equal better blood flow, better blow flow leads to stronger boners, stronger boners result in longer sexual experiences, and longer sexual experiences lead to more potent orgasms, increased intimacy and enhanced satisfaction. It’s the circle of life and it’s a win-win for damn near everybody.
  • Unhindered Personal Relief  
    Swollen prostate glands can put pressure on the urethra and blood vessels that lead to and/or line the penile shaft. This added restriction to the digestive system can make urination and evacuation a pain in the ass, literally. By shrinking the size and density of the gland, a man (or woman) can naturally regain their continence while enjoying extreme pleasures along the way. Some think of anal sex as nature’s enema, but truthfully, it’s all about how intently that person’s prostate is stimulated.

I probably don’t have to tell you this because you’ll most likely notice it on your own if anything goes wrong, but an improperly functioning glands can produce extreme pain and discomfort. However, symptoms of a problem are not always evident and can therefore get out of hand quickly. Talk to your doctor for more information about how your body functions and be sure to ask questions about safe and effective ways to experience prostate orgasms because this is by no means medical advice.

Advice on Introducing P-Spot Play into Your Relationship

Achieving a decent asshole orgasm is no easy feat despite the act being extremely simple to do for most people. The hard part isn’t always about the positioning of the gland either. Sometimes, mental and/or emotional barriers get in the way of enjoying this type of erotica but the good news is that those issues can be circumnavigated with the right approach. And since we’ve already discovered how beneficial prostate play is to the average human being, it’s worth talking about the proper procedures for introducing it into your bedroom.


It doesn’t help that society has placed countless taboos on butt stuff, especially when it comes to the men who like doing it. Automatically, guys are forced to question their sexuality when playing in their own backyards and that’s just a shame. Concerns about comfort, morality and appropriateness can hinder a person’s ability to reap the benefits of their behaviors. The fact of the matter is that all healthy, sexually active men should be milking their p-spots every once in a while. Get your partner on board and defeat your personal inhibitions by carefully considering the following five factors before you begin:

  • Your Partner’s Personality
    Not all lovers are down for trips to brown town so be gentle when you bring up the topic for the first time. Keep in mind that trying out prostate massages with someone you’re comfortable with is the best way to dramatically increase the level of pleasure you both experience. Your partner’s personality and their opinions on ass play can make or break the situation, and that’s why talking about your desires, fears and expectations prior to initiating intimacy is so important.

TIP: Crack a few jokes about anal sex and masturbation then pay close attention to how your partner(s) react to the punchline. Gauge the speed and direction of your upcoming conversation using that information.

  • Your Level of Honest Communication
    Unfortunately, you both could talk until you’re blue in the face and nothing good would come of it if you’re not completely open and honest about the things you share. Prostate masturbation is a delicate matter with many stigmas and much misinformation attached. Go slowly and be understanding of your partner’s concerns, perhaps finding educational materials to help you explain curiosities or fulfill fantasies in a safe and effective way.

TIP: Keep the conversation about prostate orgasms light and try not to have any extreme reactions to the things your partner says or asks. Make plenty of eye contact and don’t be silly when they’re being serious.

  • Your Lifestyle and Home Environment
    Home may be where the heart is but that doesn’t mean it’s the best place to attempt a prostate orgasm. This is especially true if you live with other people or plan to use sex toys that produce lots of noise. Depending on your living situation, lifestyle, habits and personal/professional obstacles, enjoying butt stuff may be a bit of a challenge. Address those concerns head-on by educating yourself on the latest and greatest anal pleasure products (and how to use them). Chances are, you’ll eventually find something that’s conducive with your weirdness.

TIP: Look for solutions that allow you to be more spontaneous with your sexuality and the expressions thereof. Many times, there are travel-friendly pleasure devices made specifically for people who live extremely busy lives.

  • Your Cleanliness and Hygiene
    It’s not even cool to bring up the topic of anal stimulation unless you’re prepared to discuss cleanliness, hygiene and etiquette. The reason why those things are so crucial has a lot to do with comfort levels and social taboos, but more important it’s because backdoor play leaves you susceptible to certain otherwise avoidable dangers like anal fissures, irritated hemorrhoids, infections and exposure to fecal bacteria. And while proper hygiene cannot fix it all, adequately maintained sex toys and clean body parts will definitely help. Promise your partner a good time by coming at them correctly, AKA: lean, clean and ready to be seen.

TIP: Always use cleaning products and toiletries that are gentle on the skin and compatible with your sex toy collection. Thoroughly wash anything that will or has come in contact with your asshole, including your asshole itself and those grubby little hands of yours.  

  • Your Moods and Motives
    You’ll eventually have to explain to someone why you’re into ass play so much. Most people will immediately understand, yet others will stand there confused like a deer in the headlights. Either way, familiarizing yourself with how your moods effect your approach to sex and then comparing those effects with your intentions can lead to some pretty amazing things. Bring up the topic with your partner ahead of time but be sure you know which direction you’re supposed to be headed in or else you may be lead astray by their terrible advice.

TIP: Determine whether you’re seeking a p-spot climax for pleasure, pain or medical purposes. Then, be sure to find out if your medications and/or treatments will make the process easier, more difficult or dangerous.

Unfortunately when it comes to prostate play there are more problems than just a breakdown in communication and unavoidable medical concerns. Men are especially susceptible to these issues, but mainly just because of the sheer intensity that’s experienced when the gland is properly stimulated. I’m talking, of course, about premature ejaculation here. It’s a major issue for guys who enjoy backdoor penetration prior to vaginal and/or anal penetration. You see, because the orgasms experienced are so absolutely incredible, it’s often impossible for a dude to get off again without waiting through a lengthy recovery phase afterwards. It is what it is, folks. Say hi to inevitable disappointment.


The good news is that there are just about as many solutions as there are problems themselves. The modern-day pleasure industry has not been shy about cranking out feasible, practical products for every Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet. It’s not longer an inevitable issue that you’ll cum shortly as being penetrated. In fact, studies have shown that not all people get off that way as it is. As if we didn’t have enough issues when it came to finishing together, now this. What gives? Your tolerance level, skills and relationship status don’t matter as much as they used to. These days, you too can prolong this beneficial, erotic experience while also intensifying your pleasures in the comfort of your own home – all by utilizing the following things:

  • Male Enhancement Products (MEPs)
    Contemporary performance enhancers aren’t like the ones of the past. They’re made out of high-end, all-natural ingredients most of the time and they seldom interfere with other medications. Moreover, they can help increase your sexual stamina, further intensify your orgasms and help with recovery time as well. But don’t blame me if your eyes pop straight out of your head while using these. Contact the pill manufacturer with your questions, comments and concerns. And if you’re already on a MEP, don’t stop taking it just because you’re trying something new. Use it to your advantage and impress the hell out of your partner.
  • Numbing Agents
    Anal sex and masturbation can be somewhat uncomfortable at first. Even if you’re with someone you truly care about and the scenario is set up perfectly, slight tensions can make insertion more difficult. Lubes help quite a bit, as does encouragement, but sometimes you need to bring out the big dogs. Might I suggest using safe and natural numbing agents like organic delay sprays and CBD-infused lubricants? Both products can help make the situation more tolerable while also enhancing the experience for both sides. WARNING: Use of these items may cause an addiction to prostate orgasms.
  • Cock Rings
    Cock rings are commonly used to restrict blood flow to the shaft of the penis, sometimes while also holding the testicles in place, for the purposes of enhancing orgasm and naturally delaying ejaculation. For that reason, they’re quite helpful when practicing intense prostate play (especially for the first few times). Bring, for instance, a vibrating cock ring to the table and your partner will be more inclined to say yes to backdoor penetration because the technique more or less promises pleasure for both people. You can thank me later. 
  • Interactive Vibrators
    Proper prostate orgasms almost always require some form of penetration, vibration or sonic/electrostimulation (e-stim). That’s exactly why the sex toy industry exploded around the same time scientists discovered the value of the p-spot. Fast-forward a few decades and now we have fully interactive devices in nearly every size, shape and color. Compatible pleasure products suddenly allow individuals and couples to experiment with different sensations in real-time while taking advantage of good ergonomics and user-friendly features. Gone are the days of dangerous trial and error. These days, you can set up a scene exactly how you want it and then execute with or without a partner’s presence.

Introducing the concept of prostate play can be tough at first, but with the right knowledge, skills and equipment it gets a whole lot easier. The best part is that, most of the time, people who do it right end up coming back for more. When that happens (and it probably will), you’ll want to be ready so you can experience the kinds of p-spot orgasms that inspired the research which made the toys in your collection in the first place. It’s like the biggest circle-jerk on the planet and you’re the guest of honor. Boner Appetit.

Taking It Like a Champ: Using Sex Toys for an Intense Prostate Climax


Welcome to the big leagues, ladies and gentlemen. Now it’s your turn to undress for success. That means learning about, acquiring and using the industry’s top anal sex toys. When it comes to this stuff, try to remember that brands and features aren’t nearly as important as the device’s overall functionality because personal preference cannot be easily standardized. With that said, these are the top four pleasure product varieties you should probably invest in sometime between now and immediately:

Anal Beads

Characterized by a flexible string of ball-shaped beads that are made to be inserted into the anus and then removed at varying speeds. Bead sizes vary greatly and can even undulate on the same string. Safety features for easy insertion and removal are generally included in the overall design as well.


  • Can be worn for long periods of time
  • Creates a unique pleasure sensation
  • Does not require special skills or equipment


  • May not be comfortable for all users
  • Not always ideal for beginners
  • Can cause injury if inserted too deeply

Butt Plugs

Characterized by a flexible or rigid, cone or pyramid-shaped plug that’s made to be inserted into the anus for simple prostate stimulation or long-term wear. Plug sizes vary greatly and can feature specialized textures. Safety features for easy insertion and removal are generally included in the overall design as well.


  • Can be worn discreetly under loose fitting clothes
  • Ideal for beginners and pros
  • Does not require any special skills or equipment


  • May not be comfortable for all users
  • Usually not as feature dense as other options
  • Can cause injury or irritation if worn for too long

Strapless Strap-On Harnesses

Characterized by a hollow penis-shaped probe that’s made for dual stimulation, devices are worn around the penis and secured through insertion into the anus. Shaft sizes vary widely in size, shape and functionality, with specialized textures often used on the inside and out for enhanced play. Safety features for easy insertion and removal are generally included in the overall design as well.


  • Can be enjoyed by two partners simultaneously
  • Typically offers perineum/clitoral stimulation
  • Ideal for men with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease


  • May be difficult for some users to keep it in place
  • Requires some skill and equipment to use
  • Can cause injury if used incorrectly

Prostate Massagers

Characterized by their vibrations and unique dimensions made to pinpoint the prostate gland for optimized pleasure in short-term masturbation and/or foreplay sessions. Sizes and shapes vary greatly and materials can feature specialized textures. Safety features for easy insertion and removal are generally included in the overall design as well.


  • Ergonomic shaping for precision p-spot contact
  • Ideal for everybody and all skill levels
  • Typically offers perineum/clitoral stimulation


  • Cannot be worn on a long-term basis
  • Some devices are noisy
  • May require special skills and/or equipment

Prostate play is couple’s play, but that doesn’t mean you have to involve a partner every single time you get an anal massage, at least not anymore. Lucky for you, each of the devices mentioned above can be used with or without a lover’s presence to man the battle station. Yes, even some of the interactive vibrators allow for solo missions and/or long-distance erotica. There are so many options and variations out there and the average person can get carried away pretty quickly, risking injury and embarrassment along the way. Please don’t ruin a perfectly good prostate orgasm by being overzealous with the information you just received. There are still a few things left to learn and consider before your education is complete.


Anal Penetration Risks and Warnings

I can’t say I blame you for being super excited about the prospect of having a more amazing orgasm through anal penetration. All the cool kids are doing it. However, don’t forget to consider the risks because you’ll want to keep those in mind while you’re begging for more. Getting overly enthusiastic can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have any preexisting conditions or undiagnosed medical concerns. In general, anal sex is safe. But you still have to account for the hemorrhoidal irritations, rectal wall punctures, subsequent bacterial infections and permanent damage that comes with irresponsible and/or unclean play. Again, talk to your doctor more information on how to properly host a welcoming backyard BBQs (I mean anal sex, you know that right?).

Also, there are a few things that might increase your risk of injury so let’s get that out of the way right meow. One such “thing” is called prostatitis and it effects more men in the United States than anywhere else in the world, perhaps because of dietary choices and lifestyle habits but that’s a whole other conversation. The point is that ailments like those can significantly limit a man’s ability to ejaculate from (or even participate in) anal Olympics. Here are three other “things” you’ll want to watch out for:

  • Dirty Sex Toys
    Even previously cleaned pleasure products can be dirty from environmental debris when you go to use them again, so give everything a quick rinse before (and after) insertion. Keep your eyes peeled for devices and accessories with missing parts, compromised materials or malfunctioning components too.
  • Unclean Partners
    Lovers with dirt and germs all over their bodies can bring that nasty shit right into the bedroom without you even noticing, so take proper precautions by having higher standards than that. Request partners to take showers and cleanse their rectal regions before agreeing to touch it with anything but a ten-foot pole.
  • Unexpected Pains
    It’s extremely important to listen to your body when experimenting with anal penetration. Those who do it often enough begin to understand their anatomical cues, allowing them to explore various activities without fear. Meanwhile, signs of trouble are addressed immediately and that’s what you should do as well. Unexpected pain means stop everything and find out what the problem is. End of discussion. 

Practicing safe sex is about more than using condoms and taking random trips to the free clinic. It involves being responsible about your sexual impulses and allowing the orgasm to happen in a natural way, whether using assistance from a partner, sex toy or neither. In fact, there are numerous methods that can help make your prostate climaxes worth writing home about. The secret is to find out what the pros are doing and then imitate those behaviors in your own bedroom until they become second nature. Now that you’re properly educated on p-spot play, that should be a piece of cake.

Tricks to Make P-Spot Play Feel Even Better

You’re already going to thoroughly enjoy the erotic experiences and sensations associated with anal stimulation, especially if you’ve listened to anything I’ve had to say thus far. However, making prostate play feel even better is a real possibility when you know what the sexperts do. Before I release you into the wild, let me make sure you know about these simple, easy and virtually cost-free enhancements:


  • Use Way Too Much Lube
    The anus does not create its own natural lubrication like the vagina, so the need for good lubrication cannot be overstated. Also, you’ll want to use more than enough every time penetration is about to happen. Regardless of how long-lasting the lube manufacturers says their product is, keep plenty of backup on deck because the area can dry up quickly and without warning.
  • Go with Something Fortified
    When picking out a decent anal lube, don’t forget to look for something that’s fortified with skin moisturizers and, if possible, specialized performance features like numbing, tingling, heating, cooling or pain reducing. Buying flavored lubes isn’t always a good idea for this one, especially since no tongue can truly punch a man’s fart box. So, just choose lubricants that are compatible with your skin types and sex toys if all else fails.
  • Thrust in an Upward Direction
    The average man’s prostate gland is located somewhere between the bladder and the penis. It’s usually activated through direct pressure and/or massage but finding it can be a bitch. Practice runs are important but when time is of the essence, press up and rock your hooked finger or curved sex toy in an upward direction. That should help you find the sweet spot with a lot more efficiency.
  • Relax into It
    Anal penetration always feels a lot better when you’re completely relaxed, so do whatever you can to get in the zone before taking it in the rear. Some people enjoy a quick alcoholic beverage but that’s not always recommended or necessary. Instead, reach the peak of relaxation through safer things like tantric sex games, roleplaying, sensual massages, intense foreplay and good conversation.
  • Let It Soak
    When you can’t get into ultimate relaxation mode or when your asshole is acting up, it’s sometimes a good idea to let your favorite object sort of rest inside your anus for a while. This is where a well-made butt plug comes in handy most of the time (outside of BDSM, of course). Letting an insertable toy soak will allow the muscles to relax down around the stimulation point and can also help you determine exactly where your p-spot is located.
  • Regulators, Mount Up
    Some cowboys are made to live in the saddle, so mount up. It gives you the power to remain in control when things get hot and heavy, plus harnesses and mounts allow for extended couple’s play, enhanced experimentation and tailored sensations. Regulate your prostate with high-end sex toys, accessories and complimentary equipment or else pay the penalty in the bedroom. While you’re at it, make sure you’ve taken the time to read owner’s manuals and instructions for all the devices you’re using.
  • Host a Post-Play Pow Wow
    Last but never least, always sit down and have a chat with your lover when you get done attempting or experiencing an anal orgasm. This is the time to speak up about any qualms you had or changes you’d like to make. You’re supposed to be communicating before and during the session as it is, but few people discuss their thoughts after the fact because they’re usually brain dead. When your wits return, troubleshoot so the next round will be better.


Prostate orgasms are far more intense than penile climaxes and they offer a completely new sensation for women as well. However, the prostate gland’s unique abilities to transform a man’s love life in a healthy, happy endeavor is uncanny. Discovering what it’s all about, researching safe, satisfying and effective techniques and then educating yourself on the risks associated with those is the most responsible way to go about this. Don’t listen to all the hype that says butt play is weird, painful or difficult. It’s normal, ancient, pleasurable and pretty easy if you understand what you’re doing. By now, familiarity with your asshole should be the least of your concerns. The rest of this depends on your willingness and ability to learn what the pros already know – that p-spot play is the bee’s knees and every should be doing it.

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