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Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-Spot

By Blake Parker
Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-Spot

Ah, the g-spot – a relatively elusive little gland that hides itself deep inside the body. It’s still generally misunderstood, although we’ve come a long way since utterly denying its existence altogether. Back in the day, it was assumed that women couldn’t even have an orgasm, much less possess a special spot that took them to the heights of pleasure. Their sexual gratification was thought to come only as a result of satisfying the man, with little to no regard for the female’s ejaculation. As a result, many people have no idea how to find it these days and some folks even speculate that it’s not real. We obviously have a long way to go but at least we’re on the right track.

Ask any woman whose ever had a mind-blowing internal orgasm and she’ll tell you that the g-spot is a very legitimate thing. Most men have heard of it, though few of them can say they’ve stimulated it with any accuracy. A majority of g-spot massages happen by accident and then can’t be repeated afterwards, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. My guess is that you’re ready for some serious sexual satisfaction and if that’s the case, listen up. The g-spot does not have to remain a mystery; there are several positions designed specifically to help you reach it.

What Is the G-Spot?

Once upon a time, there was a German-born medical doctor by the name of Ernst Gräfenberg. He was also a scientist, which meant he was constantly conducting experiments on things that related to his field of study. At one point, he invented the intrauterine contraceptive device, or IUD. Later, he would become known for supporting the women’s sexual liberation movement by discovering the role of the urethra in female orgasm. By the time of his death in 1957, he had found a special erogenous zone located deep inside the female vagina and it was eventually named after him – the Gräfenberg spot, or g-spot as we know it today.

This magic “spot” possessed by almost every woman on the planet is usually characterized by its ability to produce extremely erotic pleasures as soon as it’s touched. The stimulation thereof often leads to feelings of strong arousal and eventual orgasm or squirting. This zone’s presence and power are so well-known, in fact, that a large portion of today’s best sex toys now have features that are designed specifically to massage the g-spot at varying speeds and intensity levels. For a lot of women, using a specialized device is the only way they can experience such a massive climax. However, that may have more to do with the position she’s in than we think, as evidenced by testimonies, research, and media. 

Do Men Have G-Spots Too?


According to modern science, male bodies possess a special erogenous zone inside their bodies as well, although obviously not inside their main genital region like in female bodies. Instead, it’s located deep within the anal canal and is often referred to as the p-spot because of its relation to the prostate. When stimulated by any means, the male g-spot can produce extreme sexual pleasures including eventual ejaculation and heightened arousal. Also, the same thing can be said about the toys produced for male anal masturbation and p-spot massage. The devices are usually sized and shaped to pinpoint the sweet spot, with specialized features and textures to make accuracy easier.

The magic spot for men looks like a walnut-sized lump and it typically sits right behind the penis (which sometimes makes it hard to find). It also contains a shit ton of super sensitive nerve endings, meaning it’s the ideal target for serving up intense sensations and can even produce a full orgasm without direct penile stimulation being involved. The pleasure is so intense, in fact, that some men prefer it to the feelings provided by other means. And while anal play has had a stigma attached to it for a very long time, the taboo is being lifted at the speed of light to reveal an honest respect for the human body’s true design.

3 Reasons Why G-Spot Stimulation Is Important for Men and Women

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from or what you like to do in bed, satisfying sex is an important part of living a happy and healthy life. Interestingly, those who go without orgasm for too long can start to exhibit signs of distress. Doctors have even noticed a direct correlation between prostate/cervical health and sexual frequency. G-spot stimulation therefore plays an essential role in our collective wellbeing, although far too many people still assume it’s used for pleasure alone.

Truth be told, there are at least three good reasons why any man or woman should try to stimulate their g-spot (or p-spot) as often as humanly possible. See if any of these would be beneficial to you:

1. It Increases Orgasmic Intensity

Who doesn’t want to experience a more intense and longer-lasting sexual climax? Clitoral stimulation is extremely pleasurable, of course, but only an internal massage to the g-spot can render such a whole-body sensation. Best of all, the orgasms produced by this type of play come with their own set of unique advantages, including but not limited to the following five:

  • Reduced Blood Pressure

Sexual activity that leads to an eventual climax has been shown to significantly reduce the participant’s blood pressure levels due to a sudden surge of our body’s naturally occurring hormone called oxytocin.

  • Protected Heart Health

Frequent orgasms may help some people live longer and feel stronger thanks to the massive number of benefits sex has on the cardiovascular system, including working out the muscles and preventing fatigue.

  • Decreased Risk of Cancer

Doctors and sexual health experts worldwide agree that men and women who neglect to have enough satisfying orgasms put themselves at a greater risk of developing certain cancers (prostate and cervical, primarily).

  • Improved Sleep Cycles

When a person has sex, a bunch of chemicals get released into his or her bloodstream – one of which is called prolactin, an organic hormone that induces feelings of relaxation and drowsiness (typically right after achieving an orgasm).

  • Boosted Mood

The swift release of natural hormones like serotonin and dopamine during sex can significantly improve a person’s mood, thereby eliminating depression and the uncomfortable symptoms thereof (headache, lethargy, appetite suppression, etc.).

2. It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Good sex has the power to wipe out stress and make anxiety take a back seat to reality. Used commonly by struggling couples and frustrated individuals as an all-natural anti-anxiety treatment, g-spot orgasms are not only free but they’re also effective. Satisfying erotica can even take the place of potentially harmful medications, some of which may lead to more serious performance problems later on. When utilized as a safe and enjoyable coping mechanism, however, climax can and will help the participant balance their priorities and focus on the positive more easily.

3. It Enhances Intimacy Between Partners

You already know that great sexual experiences can solidify the bond between you and your partner. After all, that’s probably why you’re researching the best positions to hit the g-spot in the first place. Intense pleasure does something special to a person’s mind and emotions, and if it’s wielded correctly it can transform the definition of your relationship in an instant. The magic is performed through a chain reaction of sorts – one which seems to be woven into the very fabric of who we are. In case you were wondering what I mean by that, here’s how it all goes down:

  • Good Sex Leads to Craving

A partner who consistently satisfies your mental, emotional and physical needs tends to be the one you hit up first for a booty call.

  • Craving Leads to a Tighter Bond

Consistent booty calls typically lead to improved familiarity with one another’s body and personality, leading to better understanding and improved patience.

  • Tight Bonds Lead to More Satisfaction

Sex with someone you know and trust is the absolute best, especially if that someone has had lots of practice getting you off.

Orgasm is obviously the best thing since sliced bread. No matter how or when you achieve one, it’s going to improve your health and mood automatically. However, g-spot climaxes are generally more intense than external stimulation and are therefore more satisfying as a whole. It’s not difficult to see why so many tools and techniques have been invented to pinpoint the sweet spots hidden deep inside our bodies. The hard part, at least for some people, is finding the damn thing to begin with.

3 Tips for Finding the G-Spot

The success of your trip to the sweetest place on Earth is a direct reflection of your ability to locate it on the map. In most cases, the g-spot rests in the same general vicinity no matter who you’re talking about. For women, it lies just behind the pubic bone right at the front of the vajeen. You can find it somewhere about halfway between the back of that bone and the top of the cervix. Some find it by following the course of the female urethra, hence Dr. G’s amazing discovery of it back in the day.

Thanks to his insightful perversion and curiosities, the g-spot is now known to almost always be located about 5 to 8 centimeters up on the vaginal wall in healthy females. To find it without fail, simply start at the opening and move towards her bellybutton until the sensitive area is reached. If all else fails, use these helpful tips and tricks to get ‘er done:

  • Explore Ahead of Time

The worst possible time to hunt for the g-spot is in the middle of sex or foreplay. So, you’ll want to find that son of a bitch ahead of time to avoid any awkwardness or obligatory apologies. Do a quick finger test or use your favorite sex toy to determine the general vicinity. Be sure to communicate your findings to your partner before engaging in sexual activity to give them the upper hand.

QUICK TIP: Put your finger or sex toy inside the vagina and then bring the object up into a hooked position before circling around the edge with balanced pressure.

  • Think Outside the Box

Keep in mind that no two people are the same. Their bodies will vary greatly, thus the position of their g-spot can range widely depending on several factors. If you’re not finding your favorite erogenous zone with the finger test and/or if it’s not located where the average woman’s is, introduce pressure to other areas of the vaginal wall until you discover it. For some ladies, it’s tucked deeper behind the pelvic bone than usual. For others, it’s off to the side a bit or located on another vaginal wall completely. Think outside the normal parameters when you’re having trouble.

QUICK TIP: Try hunting towards the back of the pelvis near the anus instead, with a reversed hooking motion similar to the one described above.

  • Choose the Right Sex Position

Sometimes, you and/or your partner’s g-spot is easy to find or close to the surface, but you haven’t been able to pinpoint it yet because of the positions you’re using during foreplay, masturbation or intercourse. Penetration that leads to an intense internal orgasm often requires creativity and physical elasticity, so experiment with different positions as frequently as possible or at least until you find one that hits the sweet spot every time. Don’t forget to communicate with your partner about the sensations that he or she is delivering with each thrust.

QUICK TIP: Use specialized positioning tools like sex pillows, adjustable wedges and swings or slings to maximize your g-spot finding potential without enduring physical pain.

The Top 5 Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-Spot


Believe it or not, some people still think that the g-spot is a myth despite scientific evidence to the contrary. The fact of the matter is that the Gräfenberg erogenous zone exists and the stimulation thereof creates mind-bending sexual climaxes without fail. It’s a manual pleasure point, a seductive couple’s retreat and a hidden health booster all in one. And while it may not always be easy to find, the g-spot is one of the most rewarding treasures to discover after a long and lustful journey. With that said, here are the top five most effective sex positions to try when you get the chance:


Difficulty Level - Moderate

Cumming in from the rear is a great way to knock the boots off your partner, but I’m not necessarily talking about anal sex here. Often called “doggy style,” pleasure from the back sometimes helps partners reach an otherwise elusive g-spot because it allows for deeper penetration and enhanced accuracy. This is especially true when the penis or sex toy is slightly curved to one side or another. For best results, whether laying down or sitting up on all fours, have her arch her back and keep her head from resting on the pillow. If possible, lift her hips while thrusting in a downward motion.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Some girls like it on top and there’s a good reason why. Riding on an erect penis or sex toy allows for increased control for the female while also providing her with the deep penetration required for intense g-spot stimulation. If the woman angles her hips in the right way (by leaning forward or backward, for example), she can more accurately and consistently massage her most sensitive erogenous zone regardless of the size of the penis or pleasure device inside her. Then, with just a few simple adjustments to the stroke speed, both partners can enjoy an incredible rodeo that results in a satisfying orgasm.


Difficulty Level: Intense

Sex positions that involve putting her feet behind her head = virtually immediate g-spot stimulation and crazy good orgasms. And while getting her toes near her nose may not be easy, setting them up on your shoulders should be a piece of cake. Lift her legs up and back for best results, but don’t forget to play with pressures by leaning into and pulling away from her pelvis. Use her thighs for support during this deeply penetrative practice, understanding that success is dependent upon the angle of your dangle as it enters the vagina and the depth that it plunges therein. Watch out though, because some girls can’t handle the intensity of this position without enduring severe pain.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Using the natural angular momentum of your partner’s body is what fusion is all about, at least in this case. To perform this position, have your lady friend straddle you in the Ride ‘em Cowboy formation, but instead of relying on your skilled thrusts and slightly curved dick to reach the endzone, have her lean back as far as she can. That way, she comes in low like a guided missile to receive her rightful climax. Keep in mind that this position may tire her out quickly, so give her plenty of support with your own body or throw a sex pillow her way for good measure.


Difficulty Level: Easy

The 69 is an ever-popular sex position that will probably never get old. Variations thereof are equally as pleasurable, including this one which involves inserting yourself into your lover as she lays on top of you facing down in the opposite direction – face down, ass up that’s the way we like to fuck - all while you lay there and take it like a man. Meanwhile, encourage her to wave those sexy hips in a figure eight formation, reminding her that the position she’s in can also stimulate her clitoris. If you do it right, you won’t have to tell her a damn thing because she’ll already know.

For a few more suggestions on different positions, perhaps even some that aren’t necessarily designed for direct g-spot stimulation, look in the Kamasutra or study guidebooks on tantric sex. You can also customize any of the recommendations mentioned above by incorporating certain specialty pleasure products and accessories.

Special Equipment (Possibly) Needed

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the g-spot, or at least it shouldn’t if you’ve been paying any attention. There’s a specific spot inside the human body designed specifically for housing this delicate zone, but its location all depends on where the nerve endings gather. Either way, a regular ole penis might not have what it takes to light that firework properly, especially if it’s for the very first time. Even the world’s most notable pussy pros need help every now and then. If they didn’t, we would have never witnessed the use of sex toys and position devices in pornographic movies.

There’s no shame in your game just because you need some special equipment to get the job done. At least you’re committed to excellence instead of being completely complacent to the existence of the female g-spot like some of those jackasses. A good performance takes great gear, so here are some of the most important things you’ll want to gather ahead of time (just in case your shlong ain’t quite doing the trick):

  • Feature-Rich Sex Toys

Sex toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with some crafted specifically for female gratification. Many don’t even require penetration, although those typically provide external, clitoral stimulation only. Insertable sex toys for women are generally made to pinpoint the g-spot by default and typically include the following:

  • Dildos (Dongs)

Dildos are ideal for deep penetration and realistic sensations. A majority of them are made with human-like features such as bulbous heads, natural shaft curvature, wrinkled balls and veiny detailing. There are a ton of nonanatomic options to play around with as well, with most designed for optimal comfort during maximum depth. Some can be attached to a strap-on harness, a bunch come with suction cup bottoms, and a handful are compatible with other sex toys.

  • Vibrators (Vibes)

Vibrators are the perfect accessory for someone who’s currently exploring their own body, but they’re generally made for someone who already knows what’s up in the bedroom. The intense vibrations are usually integrated into the toy’s design and send waves of pleasure to the body on contact, leaving ladies quivering with pleasure and satisfaction within minutes. Most are equipped with a variety of speed settings and performance modes, including a few that feature automatic thrusters, squirting ejaculators, and wireless partner controls.

  • Pussy Clamps (Spreaders)

Pussy clamps make the vagina the star of the show without incumbering penetration whatsoever. They’re made to spread the lips apart and wedge the opening to its maximum potential, all while looking great next to the wearer’s skin and causing a pleasurable temperature sensitive reaction. These devices are generally adjustable and, when installed correctly, they can be worn for several hours at a time without causing pain or discomfort. Best of all, this little accessory can be paired with almost any other sex toy known to man.

  • Durable Sex Furniture

Sex furniture is about as diverse as the people using it. Models vary in size, shape and weight but the general purpose is always the same. These innovative yet practical products help lift hips, support backs, and prevent injury while being relatively easy to use, maintain and store.

Erotica positioning aids almost always include the following things:

  • Pillows and Wedges

Sex pillows and wedges are all the rage these days, with manufacturers churning them out at the speed of light to keep up with the demand. Some even have specialized pockets to fit your favorite dildos and vibrators, allowing for customizable positioning and expertly controlled insertion. Most are machine washable or at least easily cleaned, and a handful can be flipped or folded to help you further tailor the experience into something truly fantastic for the both of you.

  • Swings and Slings

Sex swings are awesome because they allow you to suspend yourself or your partner from a door frame or ceiling and then fuck them from almost any angle. They come in numerous styles and usually have restraints for the arms, wrists, legs and ankles attached in some way. Sex slings are similar, although they can’t hang from anything and don’t allow for as much angular experimentation. Both, however, can help tremendously with g-spot stimulation.

  • Leg Spreaders

As part of the average BDSM fan’s starter kit, leg spreading devices are used for exposing the wearer’s pussy for the purposes of pleasure. Their lengths and material make-ups are variable, plus women (and men) who use them are generally more turned on just by the thought of being restrained or forced into orgasm. Especially for people in search of the g-spot or p-spot, leg spreaders are a definite must-have (and they’re super easy to use, too).

  • Stimulating Lubes

No sexual experience is complete without some good lube on the table. Personal lubrication not only protects the skin from irritation caused by friction but it also enhances the sensations and helps make penetration more successful. Add in some extra stimulation and you’ve got the recipe for some serious g-spot pleasures. Here are the three lube types you should consider:

  • Warming

Warming lubricants are great for helping a woman relax her vaginal muscles to receive deep penetration. They’re also pleasurable to the penis, by the way.

  • Flavored

Flavored lubricants are ideal for lengthy oral stimulation – a type of foreplay that’s commonly used to lead up to a successful g-spot orgasm.

  • Tingling  

Tingling lubricants are perfect for dual stimulation of both partners and to help delay ejaculation on the male’s behalf (at least until she gets off).

Remember, the right sex toys, accessories and equipment can give you skills where you had none. When it comes to finding and stimulating a woman’s g-spot, don’t discount the value of a good delay spray, a safe male enhancement product, or an effective penis pump. As the giver of great orgasms, it’s your duty to pull out all the stops until the job is complete. Don’t be a quitter.

Satisfaction Tips for Maximizing G-Spot Stimulation

You can have the biggest, curviest and most skilled shlong in all the land, slather it with the best lubes on the market and hit it at an angle that seems engineered by the gods of great sex, but you might not ever reach the g-spot if you don’t harken your ears to these simple satisfaction tips:

  • Take It Slow, Joe

There’s no reason to be in a hurry. Her g-spot isn’t going anywhere and you’re making yourself look like a fool. Slow it down a bit and rely on her physical cues for direction. Maintain visuals on her body and communicate openly about the pros and cons of each position before moving on. It’s important to exercise patience at all times because, quite frankly, she doesn’t know where her sweet spot is either and it’s not her fault you can’t do it right. There’s nothing wrong with a little “Does that feel good?” or “Do you like that?” every once in a while. Just don’t be an annoying fucktard about it if at all possible.

  • Play with the Pressure

Peer pressure is a pain in the ass, but ass pressure is a joy to your peers. Playing with your leans and angles is a great way to target the g-spot without incorporating sex toys or accessories. Plus, it helps you receive varying degrees of pleasure in the meantime. Once the special zone is located, different pressures can be used to lessen and/or intensify stimulation. This allows for enhanced tantric play, improved BDSM, and better satisfaction overall. Don’t forget about the sex furniture for this one. Many maneuvers require excellent balance and coordination but I’m relatively certain you don’t want to end up in the E.R.

  • Set the Stage

Few things get a vagina wet like careful preparation and planning. No joke, ladies love that organization shit, and their pussies seems to be linked to the condition of their surroundings. G-spots are therefore much easier to reach when her legs are spread wide open in anticipation and excitement. Get her ready for hardcore pounding by setting the mood with scented candles, special edibles, seductive music and attractive garments. It may seem like a frivolous step for something like this and it may very well be, but at least it will increase your chances of getting laid and we could all use some of that.

  • Be Clean While Getting Dirty

Did you know that certain reproductive infections and medical conditions can make it difficult for a woman to reach orgasm through g-spot and/or clitoral stimulation? Sadly, many infections are caused by having dirty sex with unclean partners and/or unhygienic pleasure products. To prevent that from happening, keep all your devices clean and stored properly while refusing to attempt a g-spot orgasm without thoroughly washing your ass. This also helps heighten arousal and gives both partners a chance to get busy in the shower, so don’t skip this step if you know what’s good for you.

No two people are exactly alike, which means even if you follow everything in this guide to the letter you still may never find your partner’s g-spot. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there. According to recent studies, only a small percentage of women can confidently say where theirs is (either because it’s never been massaged or because they’ve never really looked for it). How, then, are men supposed to be experts at this shit? Guys may have a g-spot of their own, but that doesn’t automatically make them masters of the craft. After all, most men don’t even know about their own p-spot, much less know how to stimulate a woman with any skill. Hopefully by now, that’s changed at least a little bit.  

Final Considerations

Despite all the advancements in modern science and our renewed understanding of human sexual health, far too many people still think that the g-spot is a fairytale designed to keep guys guessing. The mystery surrounding it has left some people at a loss for words, refusing to even look because they think it’s complete bullshit. Ask any woman whose ever experiencing a g-spot orgasm and your opinion will change. She wants you to know where it is and she wants you to stimulate the fuck out of it. The intensity of the orgasms reached through a direct massage to this erogenous zone are unparalleled. Some people have even speculated that it’s just an internal extension of the external clitoris.

Whatever it is (or isn’t), one thing is for damn sure: You’ve got to put yourself and/or your partner in the right position to get at it.

About Blake Parker

Blake Parker makes Ron Jeremy look like Mother Theresa. His honest take on allthings pertaining to pleasure and relationships has made him a household name that’s synonymous with sexuality. Blake’s unique perspective on toys and techniques prepares the mind and body for more than just an incredible orgasm. Hisentertaining sex toy reviews, buyer’s guides, and How-To articles inform consumers of what nobody else will say. His readers demolish emotional/physical strongholds, tear down social taboos, and become more comfortable in their own skin as he and his partner enlighten the world one sex toy at a time. Notoriety isn’t the goal with Blake; satisfaction is.