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How to Strengthen Your Relationship with an Intimate Partner

By Blake Parker
How to Strengthen Your Relationship with an Intimate Partner

Things are always great in the beginning. You and your partner can’t get enough of each other. The sex is good. Recreation feels like a dream. And speaking of dreams, they seem to be aligned in all the most important places. Then some time goes by. Things aren’t quite as amazing as they appeared at the start. Your emotions begin to feel dulled out and you find yourself wondering whether you’re with the right person at all. Once solid, your relationship eventually takes a turn for the worse because you’ve tried building a bond on top of ideals that continually change. The foundation upon which your relationship is built means a lot, but so do the questions and conversations you have along the way.

Contrary to popular belief, love is not formed out of grand gestures and super romantic rendezvous. It’s constructed out of the tiny moments in our everyday rhythm – the notes in between. To make things stronger, you’ve got to learn how to read your partner’s sheet music like a compatible composer. After all, trying to strengthen your relationship using the unrealistic methods you learned from Hollywood isn’t a good idea, nor is reading a bunch of conflicting Self-Help books that tell you to completely change who you are. Love sparks through chemistry, so it’s your job to keep that chemistry alive and well so that it creates a symbiotic union between you and your intimate instrument.

Look, life isn’t a movie and your partner doesn’t come with a script. Nobody can tell you exactly how this will go, but what we can tell you is that open and honest communication has been proven to strengthen a relationship in more ways than you can shake a stick at. There are some incredible insights that can be found when you know which questions to ask (and which ones to avoid like the plague). You already know what it’s like to watch your love fall apart. Have you ever wondered what it felt like on the other side of the fence? Keep reading to find out ways to change the direction your relationship is going and strengthen it until it’s ironclad.

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What It Takes to Build the Foundation for a Strong Relationship

First things first, let’s try to approach this with a mature mindset because there are enough children playing with hearts already. It’s important to keep in mind that all relationships go through ups and downs. There are always going to be challenges associated with two completely different people trying to live a unified life. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. However, you can still enjoy plenty of good times as long as you’re willing to work through the bad times with an open heart, a sound mind and an appreciation for your partner’s uniqueness. Remember, strong bonds don’t just happen. They’re the result of successfully navigating the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Don’t fuck up your chances because you’re looking at this the wrong way.

Great relationships are the ones that are continually improving – the ones that can handle changing alongside each partner’s growth in life. By understanding the basics of building trust and compatibility, you can strengthen your bond with a partner even when they’re going through trouble. Essentially, you’ve got to force yourself to move past the initial “butterflies in my stomach” phase and see your lover for who they truly are. And since this part of the process is vital for both people, a candid conversation has to take place eventually. So, what are you supposed to talk about and what’s the end game? That’s the fun part.

Building a strong foundation for your relationship requires customization on a very personal level. In other words, no two couples are exactly the same, so it’s okay if you don’t do things like the people next door. Still, there are some basic steps that any couple can follow to strengthen their foundation before attempting to conduct an intimate interview. Other sources might suggest jumping right in, but I think it’s crucial to lay some solid groundwork prior to prying. Relationships that are built on top of superficial ideals will not make it to the qualifying round anyway. So, going through this step is, in my opinion, the best way to determine whether the relationship you’re currently in is worth the effort or not. Passion may have led you there, but only a real bond will hold you together.

Image by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Here's how to create a legit connection to work with:

  • Turn Your Partner into a Priority

Your relationship is like a garden. A lot of time and attention is required for it to flourish. So, it only makes sense to invest in and nurture your bond throughout everyday life (and even when times get hectic). By making your boo a priority you establish precedence for the future and provide ample opportunities for both of you to bond. This gives you and your lover a chance to show off talents and work on shortcomings, plus it creates memories that can serve as reminders of your love and reference points for crumbling foundations.

  • Don’t Be a Dick, Pussy or Asshole

It doesn’t matter how upset you are, it’s never okay to throw around derogatory remarks, belittling comments and insults. Having passion is one thing, but being a dick is something completely different. And don’t be a pussy either; stand up for yourself if your partner is acting a donkey but do it in a constructive way. In the meantime, don’t stonewall your lover with dramatic exits and silent treatments because those behaviors rip perfectly good foundations apart quicker than ignoring the problem altogether. By the way, playing the blame game is no-no as well unless, of course, you’re absolutely perfect and never make a mistake.

  • Try to Focus on the Good

If you sit long enough you can probably come up with a fuck ton of issues you have with your current partner. Hell, even identical twins have fights from time to time, so what makes you think two totally inimitable individuals will agree on everything? On the other hand, you could sit for just as long and come up with all the reasons you love, admire and adore your bae. That’s almost always the better option when establishing and maintaining a good relationship foundations, especially if your qualms are with something as harmless as their innate personality traits or preferences. After all, you don’t have the best taste either and your book of fuckups is just as thick.


  • No Fixing What Isn’t Broken

Seriously, let go of that compulsion to start fixing your partner. They’re not an automobile you can just take to the shop; they’re a human being with good reasons for being how they are. It’s your job to get to know that person and love them for what they can and can’t do – not use every waking moment trying to change it. In the meantime, understand that you can’t change anyone but yourself and neither can they. When you both get busy working on your own personal shortcomings instead of focusing on each other’s, a more enjoyable relationship with a stronger foundation is pretty much created out of thin air.

  • Learn How to Say I’m Sorry (and Forgive)

Knowing how to say you’re sorry is a very big deal in any relationship, romantic or not. We all have disagreements and misunderstandings but remaining angry over something small is a big mistake that can permanently damage your bond and change the way your partner feels about you. On the other hand, being able to forgive is just as important because it shows that you care no matter what happens, plus it proves that you realize your own faults and sets the stage for your forgiveness when it’s time. And while many assume forgiveness means giving permission for that person to hurt you again, that’s simply not the case. It only means moving on and giving your partner the benefit of the doubt that they’re trying to improve.

  • Be Present, Not Just a Placeholder  

There’s no use trying to strengthen a relationship with a foundation that’s non-existent. That’s usually the state of affairs among couple’s who aren’t fully present for their beloved. So, what does full presence entail? Well, it involves not interrupting your boo when they’re trying to talk, not assuming you know what they’re about to say, and not ignoring them when something more interesting comes along. It requires asking leading questions and actually listening to the response without being a judgmental twat about what you hear. It’s a lot like the behavior you exhibit in an important job interview, only this time it’s with someone you care about and there’s likely some hot sex at the end.

Image by Hans Brax Meier on Pixabay

  • Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight

Few things are more annoying than dealing with a partner who turns to badgering when there are unanswered questions afloat. And while you may have been that kind of person in the past, it’s never too late to change your tactics. The best way to encourage openness, honesty and commitment from your lover is to give them the space and respect you’d prefer if you were in the same boat. This is neither the time nor the place to be overly critical of your companion or of the speed at which they open up. Keep it loose to create a tight relationship – one where your babe can be real on their own time without the fear of rejection and ridicule.

  • Find Out Your Partner’s Love Language

Each and every one of us has a unique way that we give and receive love in a romantic relationship. Your way may not be the same as your partner’s way. In fact, chances are that it’s not similar as much as it’s complementary. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Keep in mind, however, that it’s impossible to benefit from your partner’s love language if you don’t know how to speak it. By now, you should probably know more than a few things that turn on your boo, but there could be a handful of favorites you’re missing. Pay close attention to how your lover reacts to certain stimuli and then give them more of what they seem to enjoy the most.

  • Make Plans for a Future Together

Bonds begin in one way and die in another. One of their causes of death is the absence of future plans. Think about it: Things can become incredibly dull and pointless when two people have no reason to be together, but strong, long-lasting relationships are almost always built upon an itinerary that involves enjoyable, enriching activities and experiences. And while you’re out filling up the calendar, try to include things that your partner has already expressed an interest in (you’ll need to “be present” for that information, by the way). Also, find stuff that requires interaction and/or produces tangible memories, keepsakes and stories for you both to reminisce upon later.

Image by Carolina Grabowska on Pixabay

  • Let the Rugs Do All the Lying

Nothing kills trust, romance and relationship strength faster than a lie. To make matters worse, it’s easier to break confidence than it is to build or rebuild it, so you’ve got be extremely careful about walking the fine line between being honest and being crude. Good bonds are created out of accountability, so don’t keep secrets no matter what’s going on. Always try to give partners a chance to process your truths and assimilate them into their opinion of you. This will provide you both with the opportunity to know things about one another that nobody else does, further strengthening your relationship and making the union ironclad. Just mean what you say and say what you mean. It’s that’s simple.

At no point should you or your partner expect anyone to be perfect, nor should either one of you assume that the other person’s execution of these tips will be flawless. It isn’t easy being an amazing lover. Indeed, rethinking the way you approach a relationship takes tons of energy and it’s a process that features many bumps in the road. However, as long as both people are willing to give it their best shot regardless of how difficult it gets, things will most likely turn out positively in the end. The key is to understand why strengthening a relationship is so important in the first place.

5 Reasons Why Strength in Love Is Important

It’s hard to convince someone to begin working on their relationship when they feel as though everything is just fine the way it is. You can’t fix something that’s not broken, nor can you tinker with a project that’s controversial in your home. However, learning how to strengthen your bond is the best way to show someone you care, plus it comes with at least five different advantages that can drastically improve the quality of your love life.

Image by Pexels on Pixabay

So, if your partner is dead set on keeping things the way they are, maybe light a fire under their ass by mentioning one (or all) of the following perks:

  1. You’ll be able to handle the trials and tribulations of life without feeling so alone.
  2. You’ll be able to trust your partner’s intentions, actions and reactions when they’re not in your company.
  3. You’ll be able to anticipate your lover’s needs and provide them with a continual source of strength and encouragement.
  4. You’ll feel more fulfilled as a person when spending time with your partner.
  5. You’ll have someone to share inside jokes with and will never attend a party stag again.

Truth be told, there are probably about a thousand other advantages to being hooked up with someone you love but we don’t have that kind of time. If the benefits mentioned above aren’t enough to convince your lover that the relationship is worth working on, then it’s possible that nothing ever will. At this point, it’s a good idea to reassess the boundaries and expectations of your current relationship to determine whether it’s worth building upon or not. Hopefully it is, because being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  

FACT: According to recent studies, people involved in a healthy relationship are generally happier than people who are not. Interestingly, single people suffer from an increased risk of anxiety and depression. However, it’s important to also point out that most folks were content before entering into their current relationship, which means they brought a lot of great qualities to the scene when they showed up in the picture.

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20 Crucial Questions to Ask for a Stronger Connection

They say communication is the key to a lasting relationship and they’re not entirely wrong. Granted, there are numerous other factors that contribute to the longevity and quality of a romantic union but having open and honest conversations about important matters can help solidify intimacy and fill in gaps without cutting corners or making you miss out on the awesomeness that your beloved offers. Ask the right questions with the right frame of mind and watch as your relationship goes from coal to diamonds. You know diamonds are forever but do you know why? Because they’re reinforced by nature itself - virtually unbreakable and equally as beautiful, especially when the right light is shone upon them.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to stop for a second to remind you and your partner of a few things before we proceed with the Qs and As. First of all, some of the questions will feel corny and awkward because they use language that’s not commonly associated with casual conversation. Moreover, some of the answers to those questions might be hard to swallow. I suggest thickening your skin beforehand so you don’t suffer the consequences of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Yes, the person sitting next to you means a lot but your feelings for them should not get in the way of openness and honesty. Don’t make me tell you twice.

Also, this might be a good time to clear your schedule a bit. Good question and answer sessions with a romantic partner can take several hours, if not longer. Hell, it may even take a couple of rounds, so don’t rush through it like it’s a post-dinner survey from your waitress or something. The candidness and sincerity you exhibit here will be reflected in how comfortable your partner feels about opening up, so let them be your mirror. In fact, your behaviors and responses could change their answers and/or switch the focus from your long-term problems to your less important temporary upsets. Be cool and get through this without a bunch of scars.

Image by Claudio Scott on Pixabay

Meanwhile, start the conversation off casually and then, when you feel the time is right, pose the very first question: “Do you mind participating in a little F.A.Q. before we F.U.C.K.?” If their answer is yes, proceed. If their answer is no, give them time. The thought of saying something wrong may cause severe anxiety, and it’s always a good idea to think before you speak anyway. When you’re ready to go, here are the 20 most important inquiries to make (in no particular order):

  1. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Me as a Romantic Partner?
    This one might seem a little weird at first, but that’s only because hearing someone deliberately dish out compliments puts you on the spot. It will humble you and encourage you to return the favor at the same time. So, while your honey is answering this question try not to interrupt or ask more in-depth questions until they’re done. And take note of what they say too, because chances are, they’ll want you to do more of it if you can.
    TIP: Make it cute by inviting your partner to write down a list of things you love about being with one another. It can serve as reference material when times are tough.
  2. What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About Me as a Romantic Partner?
    Asking something like this may sting a little but be strong. You can’t fix anything or make your relationship stronger unless you learn about its spoiled spots. After all, your chain is only as durable as the weakest link, so find that motherfucker and get rid of it before it significantly damages your connection. Make sure you don’t get defensive when your partner proceeds to answer your question with honesty. I mean, everyone knows we can all be idiots from time to time. Their qualms don’t have to be deal breakers.
    TIP: Log this information in the back of your mind but don’t obsess about it. Just commit their issues to memory so you can actively work on them when the time is right.
  3. Are the Special Surprises Frequent and Meaningful Enough?
    Surprise acts of love and kindness are the fuel that keep relationships going. So while your bond may be solidified, it’s still important to remind your partner that their place in your heart has not been compromised. In many cases, relationships fail to grow stronger because one or both of the participants neglect to turn up the volume on the romance, resulting in all the wrong questions being asked. Most of the time, a partner’s qualms with this manifest themselves in curious, unfamiliar ways, so nip it in the bud before things get out of hand.
    TIP: Schedule a date night once in a while and put a little cash back for small gifts and favors. Even $10 a week can translate into a substantial monthly gesture.  
  4. In What Ways Can Intimacy Be Improved?
    Aside from going on regularly scheduled rendezvous and giving or receiving romantic gifts, there are numerous other ways to improve the level of intimacy you experience with a partner. It’s impossible, however, to know what kinds of things your lover is looking for if you don’t ask. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, my friends. So whether the sex is lacking or they feel like you’re a bad listener, give them what they need so you can enjoy something real together.
    TIP: Intimacy accounts for more than just sex, by the way. It means having a mental and emotional closeness that withstands a tumultuous life, so be your baby's best friend if you can.
  5. Do You Feel Like a Top Priority or a Second Thought and Why?
    Never underestimate the power of putting your partner first. A lover who feels like a priority will bring more to the table and will act with more devotion than someone who feels like the runner up in your life. The way you see your boo and the way you act towards them could be contradictory without you even knowing it too, so pose the question and then prepare yourself for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    TIP: If it doesn’t pertain to your job or health, allow your partner to make small changes to your schedule or, better yet, work together to create a couple’s schedule that suits everyone’s needs.
  6. Are There Times When I Act Selfishly, Disconnected or Rude?
    We all have our personality flaws, our bad habits, our social shortcomings. Your partner is not attacking you by pointing out those things, especially if their intentions are to help in some way. Listen, teddy bear: Iron is supposed to sharpen iron anyway, so don’t be afraid to ask your partner for their opinion of your typical disposition. This is the only way you’re ever going to find out whether there are ways to make yourself a little more approachable or not. Chances are your attitude could use some work.
    TIP: Rude or selfish mannerisms tell your partner that they’re not a top priority in your life and that you care very little about their emotions. I hope that’s not true, or else your ass needs to stay single.
  7. What’s Something I Could Do Better to Make You Feel More Valued?
    Did you know that you could be doing just about everything right and still not have the solid bond you’re looking for? That’s because certain actions need to be done in a very specific way to come across correctly, but only your partner knows how they prefer their love served up. So, unless you plan to follow up every single action with an annoying, “Did you like that?”, then you’ll have to endure this line of questioning with your partner eventually. Guaranteed there’s some mysterious bullshit you suck at without realizing it.
    TIP: Honestly consider all the times you were supposed to do something for your partner and answer whether you did your best or cut corners instead. Don’t lie to yourself either.
  8. What Things Would You Like to Change About Our Relationship If You Could?
    Your partner might want to make little changes that have nothing to do with your personality or natural behavior. In fact, asking this question will most likely reveal all the opportunities you’re missing. Does your partner want to cuddle more in bed? Do they prefer to keep their money separated? How often do the two of you need to be together to feel truly connected? Nobody knows the answers to those questions but you and your partner but you’ll never find out if you never ask.
    TIP: Make helpful suggestions and compromises when your lover comes to you with minor changes they’d like to make to the fundamentals of your interactions.
  9. What Things Would You Like to Stay the Same?
    You love one another for a reason – probably several actually - and that reason is because your bond is built on top of a laundry list of compatible traits and admirable behaviors. This is a good time to reiterate all the things you enjoy about hanging out with your lover: their sense of humor, the way they look, dress or smell, how they handle conflicts, what they act like in public, etc. Certain aspects need to stay the same for everything to work, so take the time to discuss those things in the midst of this relationship renovation or else lose sight of what’s really important.
    TIP: Try to think back on all the things that your partner did to attract you in the first place and then remind them of that in a positive and uplifting way.
  10. If There Were No Limits, What Would You Want to Do with Me the Most?
    Trust me, the last thing you want is a partner who’s bored with the relationship – someone who isn’t fully satisfied with the things you two do together. Fun and excitement are extremely subjective ideals, which means you can be content while your partner is in agony. Talk it over and find out if there’s anything adventurous or unusual that your lover wants to try. It could pertain to the creativity of your sex life, or lack thereof, so don’t skip this step because it might lead to better orgasms.
    TIP: Be sure to pose the question as though there were no limits, that way you can reverse engineer the ideal situation or occasion and pleasure your partner in a unique and unexpected way.
  11. Are There Any Subjects You Feel I’m Too Rigid About?
    Being malleable is a terrific quality, especially when you’re involved in a long-term relationship that you want to strengthen and keep. Much to your chagrin I’m sure, there are probably several topics about which you’re too rigid and unmoving. That may not be the case at all, and if not, I commend you for being so meek. Either way, you should at least check with your partner to make sure you’re not a stubborn asshole on important matters that hold your relationship back.
    TIP: Try not to involve social and/or religious dogmas until you’ve determined what dynamic works best in your personal life first.
  12. How Do You Feel When I Do/Say ____?
    Now’s the time to get specific about the quality and efficacy of the things you do and say to your beloved. And since you have some insight as to what makes your partner tick (and ticked off), it’s easy to ask a question about how they feel when you act or speak a certain way (to them, around them or about them). Basically you just conduct a test run on some of the things you plan to express in the future, then allow your lover to troubleshoot any misunderstandings you might have.
    TIP: Be ready to hear your lover bring up qualms about the tone of your voice and body language, as both forms of communication can signal false emotions and intentions.
  13. When/How Do Our Fights Seem to Start?
    All couples fight. In fact, they say that a relationship without arguments is doomed to fail because neither party is growing nor becoming more intimate with the other. However, relationships with too much bickering and fighting aren’t healthy enough to reach maturity, plus they usually end in pain, resentment and regret. Instead of suffering heartbreak, find out when, how and/or why your most common arguments persist and then do your best to put a stop to them once and for all.
    TIP: Realize that there will never be a 100% fight-free union between two different people, so learn how to pick your battles because you can either be right or be happy.
  14. Do I Engage in Any Escapist or Projective Behaviors as a Defense?
    A lot of people don’t realize it, but they engage in escapist behaviors when confronted about difficult subjects. A good sign of trouble: You aren’t able to make it through this list of questions without someone’s feelings getting hurt or someone wanting to walk away. It can be tough to face the music but the end almost always justifies the means. Ask about your toxic behaviors and then buckle up for a wild ride because they’ll probably start throwing examples at your feet.
    TIP: Don’t think of this as a rip-on-me session but more like a cleansing exercise that detoxes your spirit of things that keep you from being truly happy in life and love.
  15. What Walls Do You Think I Have Put Up Around My Heart, If Any?
    Hurt people hurt people, yo. A lot of times, we construct protective layers around our true emotions out of fear of being hurt by someone with power over our hearts. This is usually the case with people who have been heartbroken before but bringing past pains into new relationships is a great way to ruin the gig before it even begins. Ask your lover if they feel like you’re closed off in any way and then do your best to remove those barriers so you can get closer as time marches on.
    TIP: Clean out your life like the cops are coming. Make sure there are no lingering reminders of your failed relationships or shitty exes and get rid of all that worthless memorabilia too.
  16. Are There Any Topics You Need More Clarity On?
    You don’t have to be a habitual liar to make someone suspicious of your actions, behaviors and intentions. If the rest of your personality is trustworthy and intact then this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but if your personality borders between extremely affectionate and painfully distant then there may be some unanswered questions and the need for more clarity. Now’s the time to make your real thoughts and emotions known (or maybe just offer an explanation as to why you’ve been acting like such a cunt).
    TIP: It doesn’t matter if you’ve talked about something a million times. If your partner doesn’t feel closure then it’s up to you to provide it for them with your comforting words and honesty.
  17. Is There Anything for Which You Feel You’re Owed an Apology?
    Speaking of clearing things up and being honest, you both should ask one another if there’s anything that deserves a long-awaited apology. You see, we can sometimes hurt our partners without even realizing it, but your partner often assumes that you know their heart well enough to recognize when an apology needs given. Isn’t that such a sweet yet counterproductive thing to do? Instead of handling like a noob, inquire about compulsory confessions and then dole them out as needed. You’re not a saint.
    TIP: You may end up apologizing for things you find silly or unimportant but, for the love of everything holy, do not say that to your partner unless you want shanked and shunned.
  18. Are There Any Areas of Your Life Where I Could Offer More Support?
    You're not supposed to hook up with people just because you want to have sex every time you snap your fingers, and you damn sure don’t treat your partner like their needs don’t matter. Don’t run out and ask your boo whether you’ve been supportive or not because they’ll probably take the modest road and say yes. Rather, pose the question in the form of you already understanding their struggle. See if there’s anything more you can do to be supportive of their personal and/or professional goals.
    TIP: Try to ask follow-up questions about the statements they make and problems they share with you. This will give you more insights on how you can apply your talents to the situation.
  19. How Do You Feel About Your Treatment from the Other People in My Life?
    This is a big one but it’s often overlooked because partners assume their private lives are secure enough to withstand outside interference. That’s not always the case though. We’d all like to think our friends and relatives have no influence on our intimate relationships but they do. Allowing the people in your life to mistreat your beloved can cause major division, so ask about any situations that need addressing and then address those situations in your lover’s defense.
    TIP: “Bros before hoes” and “sisters before misters” sound adorable but thinking that way will never lead to a strong, secure relationship with someone who knows and loves you.
  20. What’s Your Opinion of Our Sex Life? Are You Satisfied?
    Sweet, kind, loving partners who stand up for bae’s honor get dumped all the time. You know why? Because they’re terrible in bed and can’t take a hint if it slapped them in the face. Straight up ask your boo if the sex is good and take whatever answer you get. See if there are any kinky activities that haven’t been experienced yet and find out just how nasty your lover wants to get in the bedroom. Remember, good sex is not only healthy but it’s a major part of strengthening any intimate union.
    TIP: Purchase a few sex toys and accessories from a reputable manufacturer and begin experimenting with them in various settings. Don’t forget to learn about etiquette and cleanliness along the way.

    By the end of all this, you and your partner should feel closer than ever, with a renewed sense of strength and a sexual vigor that rivals the very first time. If not, then either someone wasn’t being completely honest or the two of you just aren’t compatible enough to sustain a healthy union. The strength of your relationship also hinges upon your ability to fix personal problems before they affect your partner, to stay vigilant about agreed upon boundaries, and to avoid common temptations and pitfalls that cause perfectly happy couples to become absolutely miserable despite all the good. In other words, once the foundation is built it has to be protected and maintained.

Risk Factors That Can Compromise Closeness

Before I leave you to your own devices, I think it’s important to address the risk factors that can threaten all the hard work you’re about to put into your relationship. The following actions and behaviors basically undo everything good in your love life and cancel out the progress you make faster than you can make it. They’re relationship killers and they’re more common than you think. People are lured into popping their bubbles for this sort of nonsense and then the slow leak begins. After a while, a couple can begin feeling cold, distant or completely out of love because their foundation has been deflated. Yikes.

Don’t let the light go out on your love as soon as you establish it. Give your union every opportunity to flourish like the gorgeous garden that it is. Be mindful of these sneaky ways in which your relationship can become compromised even if it’s the strongest thing in the world:

  • Enjoying too much pornography
  • “Harmlessly” flirting with someone, especially someone your partner knows
  • Seeking outside ways to feel validated and/or desired
  • Spending too much time on hobbies and interests to avoid conflict with your partner
  • Complaining about your lover to friends, family and coworkers instead of hashing it out with them in person
  • Being dishonest about any aspect of your life, no matter how frivolous

Moral of the story: The likelihood of suffering a breakup is significantly minimized when you work on strengthening your relationship while trying your best to avoid the common pitfalls. Remember that nobody is perfect and there are bound to be disagreements when you’re spending large amounts of substantial time with another person. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what your intentions are, learning how to work in a symbiotic fashion with your partner is the key to enjoying a lasting love and many years of happiness.

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