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How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

By Blake Parker
How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Did you know that there are about 86 single men for every 100 single American woman? If you’re a man living in the United States, your chances of finding someone to love are tremendous these days. However, close to 44% of the adult population in the U.S. is currently without a partner. That adds up to over 100 million individuals who have suffered a breakup (or just never got laid in the first place). As highly intuitive creatures with so much at our disposal, those are some embarrassingly relatable numbers.

Perhaps the staggering figures are due to the fact that about half of all single people say they’re too busy to meet with potential mates. Or maybe the truth lies somewhere behind our collective ability (or inability, rather) to get our girlfriends back after we’ve lost her. Whether it was our own fault or the result of several axes falling over time, breaking up is always hard to do. Unfortunately, winning her heart back can be just as difficult, especially when you don’t have the right tools in your box. Everyone claims to be a relationship expert, yet almost half of us are still without dates. It’s time someone kept it real. 

Single or not, pining for someone you love is a real pisser. To make matters worse, many people use social media to break up with their partners in an effort to avoid confrontation. That lack of closure can rip a man’s heart out and feed it back to him with a rusty spoon, so make sure that’s not why you’re doing this. No drunk dialing either. No guilt trips. No codependency. If you’re serious about getting the girl of your dreams back in your arms and you’re ready for a lengthy challenge that requires fortitude and focus, listen up.

The Top 15 Reasons Relationships Fail

All relationships are different. They involve two unique individuals on a mission for two separate things. When those missions come together, so too does the couple. But when certain things go south, the relationship suffers. According to phycology experts worldwide, there are some pretty common things that can affect us all. And while some couples make it through the turmoil caused by the following issues, many of them do not. Knowing what you’re up against is the only way to get your girlfriend back with any permanency. Here’s what your enemies look like (in no particular order):

1. Unagreeable Expectations

Are you sure you and/or your partner had the right expectations for the relationship when you were both in it? Are you also certain that those counterproductive expectations have been replaced by more realistic ones? Take care of that little detail before proceeding because high hopes can ruin the perfectly good thing you’ve got going.

When you hold onto unattainable aspirations without having a logical or tangible reason to do so, you set yourself and your relationship up for inevitable disaster. People sometimes believe that the expectation alone will manifest what they want, forgetting that it takes work to make a relationship last. On top of that, folks often slip into being overly critical of their partners after a being together for a while, thereby removing the human aspect of their partner’s personality to create a mind-fuck that contributes to the number of single people in this country. Let’s all try to have a little more compassion, shall we?

2. Poor Timing

You only have a 17% chance of liking the person your friends set you up with, but you probably already know that. The good thing is that your ex-girlfriend is facing the same odds as she desperately tries to replace you. Fortunately, timing is everything when it comes to hooking up.

The bad news is that timing is also “everything” when it comes to breaking up. Two people can be perfect for one another and still not be able to make a relationship work because they met at the wrong place or the wrong time in their lives. Take a couple who started out in college, for example. Their lives can change too drastically to sustain a happy union with another person who’s also experiencing the same upheavals. Situations like that can occur at any age and for a wide variety of reasons, so make a more choreographed approach if you didn’t do that the first time.

3. Different Priorities

Human beings are funny creatures, with a vast array of different characteristics they’re looking for in a potential mate. For instance, more than half of all single people report that a person’s smile is their most attractive feature and the same amount of folks said that flattery was the best way into their pants. Meanwhile, about 45% of today’s single community uses Google to check their partner’s stats before the first date. It’s obvious we’ve got our priorities in order, however customized that order may be.

Complicating matters even more is the fact that men typically have completely different priorities than women. Eighty percent of contemporary males say that they’d happily date someone five years their junior, while only 76% of modern ladies felt the same way. If contending priorities were a factor in your breakup, it will do you no good to pursue relationship reconciliation without addressing that first.


4. Low Compatibility

Priorities aside, sometimes two people behave like oil and water when they get together. While it’s true that opposites can attract, that’s not always the case. In fact, compatibility is one of the most important factors in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Don’t believe me? Try working towards a specific goal with a group of people who have nothing in common with you whatsoever. Good luck not losing your shit.

Breakups are commonly caused by a lack of compatibility between partners and that lack can be for several good reasons – some of which aren’t always easy to determine. The wedge can be present at the beginning of your relationship but veiled by the initial attraction, or it can develop over time and become bigger as a result of negligence. Whatever the case, you’ll never get your girlfriend back if you can’t find some common ground to walk with her on.

5. Mental Illness

Listen up, Mr. Sensitive. The prevalence of mental illness in America might come as a surprise to you. Chicks aren’t naturally crazy either; their bodies just react to stimuli differently and operate on another level, so give them a break. Meanwhile, approximately 20% of the U.S. population (or close to 44 million men and women) battle mental and emotional turmoil every day. Your breakup may have been caused by unchecked disorders, not necessarily incompatibility or bad timing.

Mental illness can interfere with a person’s existence in countless ways. It puts limits on important activities and can negatively effect a relationship, even before it gets started. And while the spectrum is wide and the conditions range in severity, help is readily available to those who need it. Disorders of the brain should never come in between a person and their right to be happy with someone they love, so take the right steps so that doesn’t happen.

6. Lingering Emotions

You know firsthand that breakups are impossibly painful to endure. That’s why you’re here in the first place. However, your ex-girlfriend may be harboring feelings for someone else from her past just like you are today. Lingering emotions for someone outside the circle = one of the biggest contributors to failed relationships, unfortunately.

Some people go so far as to speculate that two people can never fall out of love once they’re in it. That’s good news for you and your ex-girlfriend because it means she most likely still has feelings for you. However, that’s bad news for anyone trying to get a girl back when she’s still in love with the guy before you. A vast percentage of breakups occur because of these emotions, many of which develop out of codependency and abuse. If your girl was able to move on and catch feelings for you in the first place, then that dude wasn’t shit anyway. Be sure to remind her of that.

7. Communication Breakdowns

Almost every relationship book in existence has some mention of the importance of communication in it. There’s no denying that open and honest conversation with your lover is essential to enjoying a lasting union, but many couples don’t get the hang of it and suffer through breakups because of its absence. Could take have been your problem too?

By the way, it’s not enough to be present and talkative. According to psychologists and marriage experts, there are five main communication habits that contribute to a failed relationship. They are as follows:

  • Being inauthentic or deceptive
  • Avoiding meaningful eye contact
  • Being easily angered or triggered
  • Interrupting or being long-winded
  • Focusing too much on the negative

Put simply, you can be the best communicator in the world but still end up getting dumped by your girlfriend if you don’t check yourself before you wreck yourself.

8. Lifestyle Choices

People want to live their own lives, so being a controlling fuck is counterproductive at best. You don’t have be a micromanagement specialist to drive someone away, though. Sometimes, folks walk away down the wrong path in life because that’s how their story goes. Your patience and understanding during that transition will be appreciated greatly, especially if you two get back together in the end.

They say that if you love something you have to let it go to see if it comes back to you on its own volition. At times, the birds we set free forget their way back to our hearts because of difficult situations brought on by unwise life choices. It is what it is but knowing that can help you communicate to your ex-girlfriend in a more compassionate and empathetic way. That technique puts an ace up your sleeve, allowing you to develop a tighter bond when all is said and done. Either way, you’ve got to let people make their own mistakes.


9. Curiosity with Sexual Orientation

Do you realize that the homosexual population is growing like a wildfire, especially in America? According to a Gallup poll, about 21% of all U.S. women identify as a lesbian. And while those numbers may look promising to a guy who wants a threesome with his boo, it’s not a good sign for dudes trying to get their girlfriend back. Curiosities about sexual orientation account for more breakups than you probably think.

Folks aren’t just experimenting with same-sex erotica during their college years anymore. Women are more open and honest about their innermost fantasies than they were in the past, yet many are still shy about sharing that secret with their male counterparts. The result is often made manifest in insatiable curiosities and resentment for their man, causing a rift that ends up ripping the relationship apart. Open-minded people with good communication skills have more luck preventing that from happening in their bedroom, by the way.

10. Boredom and Staleness

Being bored can make any situation feel like a long, drawn-out pain in the ass. It’s hard to suffer through, and it can be a major bitch in the face of a struggling relationship. Boredom and staleness actually account for more breakups than infidelity, if you can believe it. We all seem to have ADD and it’s not helping our love lives one bit.

Those thoughts and emotions have a tendency to creep up when you’re least expecting it. To make the game a little more interesting, one partner can be completely content about their day-to-day lives with a lover while the other person is absolutely miserable. Communication can help couples determine what’s considered “boring” versus what’s considered “exciting.” However, those things can change over time and thus result in restlessness, resentment, incompatibility and poor lifestyle choices that are born out of a desire to spice things up a bit. No bueno.

11. Unsatisfying Sex

Surveys conducted by the New York Times revealed some pretty startling statistics about the effects of bad sex on a relationship. According to their findings, satisfying orgasms signify companionship, intimacy and love to a partner – three qualities that are said to be the most important for a healthy, long-lasting romantic union.

Sexless relationships or relationships with unexciting erotica practices can end in disaster because the lack of intimacy communicates some major red flags. It shows that you’re better at making excuses than making love. It reveals your inability to make an effort and it puts your uncompromised personality on full display. Unsatisfying sex can also lead to bigger problems like rampant curiosity for things outside the relationship, irresponsible decision-making, a destroyed self-image, shit talking and (perhaps worst of all) a loss of interest altogether. Complacency is a hard place to come back from, boys. You should have been dicking her down all the time.

12. Infidelity

Cheating can destroy a relationship quicker than anything else, although it’s still possible to bounce back with the right techniques and lifestyle changes (plus a shit load of time). Infidelity is nothing new though. It’s been a part of mankind’s social landscape since the dawn of time, obliterating households left and right under the wake of decreased self-control and increased temptation. Estimates say that nearly 60% of all sexually active adults have committed adultery at least once in their lives.


Most cheating happens within couples with partners who are younger than the age of 30, but a person’s birthdate has very little to do with it apparently. When 3% of the American youth is the product of infidelity, it’s safe to say that we’re all either victims or perpetrators. We could get that naughty shit under wraps for ourselves or let the government do it for us. Think: female circumcision and death sentences. It’s not very pretty out there, guys. Be happy you only suffered through a breakup and be thankful it’s a situation that can be temporary.

13. A Lack of Trust

Whether caused by infidelity, poor communication skills, disorganization or something else entirely, couples who can’t trust each other are doomed to fail and that’s a fact, Jack. Lacking confidence in the relationship contributes to its ultimate demise in several ways. It’s also one of the most common reasons why girlfriends end up leaving their lovers (sometimes for good).

If you’ve been the type of guy who’s hard to trust, if your word hasn’t exactly been your bond, or if you’ve lied more than a well-beaten rug, the chances of winning your girl’s heart back are slim to none. The journey from where you are now to where you’re going is jagged, painful and unpredictable. Don’t even try getting your girlfriend back under those circumstances unless you’re absolutely certain that side of you is dead. Trust issues can be fixed but repetitive behaviors produce a permanent reputation that you may not be able to outlive.

14. Money Woes

As much as we all hate to admit it, money is super important in a relationship. They say poverty kills love and that very well may be the case, especially for someone who’s not organized and/or creative enough to make up for the lack of funds. According to a blind study conducted on American women, 88% of them said dough was a top priority when considering a potential mate. Cash rules everything around you. C.R.E.A.M., get the money. Dollar, dollar bills, ya’ll.

In fact, the number one argument in modern-day relationships is about money, or lack thereof. Lost jobs, reduced cashflow, and mounting debts can become like unwelcome third wheels, resulting in restlessness, blaming, and regret if not worse. Breakups have a tendency to resolve themselves once the bank account looks better. After all, how else are you supposed to make her feel like she’s the most special and interesting among all women? Your dazzling good looks and sparkling personality? SMH.


15. Familial Drama

Your mama doesn’t like your baby and that’s a big problem. You might have also told a little bit too much about your personal life and got everyone up in your business, but hey, it happens and you’ve learned a lot from your mistakes. Right? You better have, because familial drama is one of the biggest reasons why couples don’t work out.

A girl doesn’t always want to feel like she’s a part of your bloodline but she sure as hell needs to feel accepted, or at the very least respected and protected by you when your crazy ass fam starts in with their bullshit again. Your ex-girlfriend is not about to come back into the picture with your relatives still giving her a hard time and you can take that to the bank. If she does, the relationship will ultimately end the same way and there will be more of wedge between you as a result. Get that nonsense in order and have evidence to show off or you can kiss her sweet tits goodbye forever.

Remember, you don’t have to be The Ladies Man to get your honey’s attention again. You just have to give her what she’s been asking for. Chances are, you already know what that is. If not, keep reading.  

15 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back

You’ve heard about all the horrible ways guys can lose their girlfriends and, to be completely honest, you’re probably guilty of more than a couple of them. Self-awareness is sexy to women and don’t you forget it. Plus, you’ll need plenty of it to get her back with any success, especially if you use these 15 surefire tips:

1. Adjust Your Expectations

Honestly, who do you think this girl is? Do you truly know what she wants out of life and from a boyfriend? Have you taken the time to ask her or listen to her as she tells you? Furthermore, are you ready to hear her say something you’re not expecting? Adjust your trajectory a bit, boy. The point is to have her in your life. The rest will work itself out later. So what if she wants to cool it down or redefine the parameters of your relationship? If the new rules are agreeable to you then try it out because you seriously have nothing left to lose.

TIP: Don’t pressure her too hard about jumping right back into the way things were before the breakup. Let it happen naturally.

2. Make Her a Priority

No woman wants to feel like she’s just an option or pastime. After all, it doesn’t take much for a chick to go out and replace your inattentive ass in a hurry and that’s half your problem right now, isn’t it? Put her into your long list of otherwise less important priorities (unless you have kids, of course) and then watch as your relationship takes a turn for the better. It doesn’t matter who she is or what she says. Ladies love to feel like they’re cared for by someone, especially if that someone is their romantic partner. Take an interest, guys.

TIP: Set aside some time each day to call, text or email about any and everything, with a special emphasis on what’s going on in her life.

3. Learn More About Her

Boredom is sometimes caused by a lack of understanding and that’s one of the easiest things to fix if you care about your girlfriend. To get her back, start trying to think like she thinks from time to time. Get into some of the things she’s into and really dig deep to learn some of the finer points. Not only will your newfound knowledge of her favorite hobbies and pastimes impress her but she’ll also be able to see that you’ve been thinking positively about her since the breakup and that does nothing but help your cause.

TIP: Try to pinpoint an activity she talked about doing with you, especially if that activity requires a lengthy time commitment.

4. Get Yourself Checked Out

Being healthy and capable of satisfying sex plays a big role in how successful any relationship is. Health problems of any sort can wreak havoc on a romantic union, even if it’s been going on for several years. So, whether your issues are mental, emotional or physical, ask a doctor for help before undertaking this “Get My Girl Back” mission you’re currently on. Approach her this time without problems like erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted infections or untreated mental illness in the way because she’s already gone through that with you once and it’s not fair to make her do it all over again.

TIP: Be open and upfront about any medications you may end up taking, most importantly about the ones that can affect your libido.

5. Seek Individual Counseling

Be honest with yourself. The problem in your last relationship may have been you. Unchecked temper problems, hidden qualms from childhood, secret struggles you fought in private – all of those things can require the help of a licensed counselor to overcome. And even if the problem wasn’t necessarily you, coping with the breakup in a healthy way can ultimately help you win her back. Your voluntary attendance on a head shrinker’s couch makes you look introspective, sensitive, remorseful and productive. It does not make you look weak in any way unless we’re talking about weak for her, in which case, you need as much of that as you can get. Shall I make the appointment for you?

TIP: Counsel with someone from the opposite sex to get a better perspective on the inner workings of the female mind.

6. Be Better at Communicating

You don’t have to turn yourself into some kind of talk show host or inspiring poet to recapture her heart. You just need to learn how to listen more intently and without getting offended at the things she says about the way she feels. Most likely, her negative opinions are based on the realities that you’ve unwittingly created within the relationship. Your inability to hear her out the first time is what lead to the breakup in the first place. This time come at her correctly. Don’t get rude, don’t patronize, and don’t make light of the things she seems passionate about. In fact, now’s the time to get excited genuinely with her.

TIP: Create a private journal to air your grievances and then spend 24 hours considering their importance before approaching your girlfriend.

7. Put Away Childish Things

Women don’t want to feel like their boyfriend’s mother. That’s not sexy at all and if it is, go back and read tip #5. Putting away childish habits and immature perspectives is what separates the boys from the men. Not all guys can do it, and she knows that. She also knows that she won’t be taking you back anytime soon as long as you’ve still got mommy/daddy issues that keep you from being the kind of man she needs in her life. Even the Bible speaks about letting go of infantile, self-indulgent behaviors in the pursuit of happiness and health, so she’s not nagging. She’s wanting you to grow the fuck up, dude.

TIP: Sit down to make a respectable and feasible 5-year plan, then practice mindfulness each day until you achieve it.

8. Know Thyself

So what if you’re battling confusion in terms of your sexual orientation? A large portion of the population is right there with you, but the responsible people involved tend to refrain from entering relationships until they’re absolutely certain of their preference. Many times, that preference includes a little one each side of the spectrum and that’s perfectly fine. However, it’s not fine to go about this like you’ve got it all figured out when you don’t. Know yourself better than anyone else or the world will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you even more confused and alone than you are right now.


TIP: Use this time being single to safely explore the different avenues of your sexuality (and not necessarily with different partners).  

9. Get Some New Hobbies

Just because you were boring in the relationship doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. Becoming an exciting and interesting person isn’t as hard as you think. All it takes is a little personality and the confidence to share it. Combine the concept with your ex-girlfriend’s personality and interests for a major league homerun. Take up a couple new hobbies in your spare time. It not only helps you become a better person while driving off depression but it also gives you something more thought-provoking to talk about when you see her again…and you will, because you’re not acting like a fucking hermit anymore.

TIP: Look in your local paper or online for inspiring events and activities hosted by your community.

10. Practice Sex Techniques and Stamina

Lame sex: That’s the kind of shit that causes more breakups than we’d like to admit. All of us want to be porn stars, but very few of us know what to do when a gorgeous naked women is laying prostrate in front of us. Get her back by building your confidence through fervent practice because, quite frankly, it’s the only way you’ll ever fuck her the way she deserves. This doesn’t involve watching hours of porn either. Throw down on a high-tech sex toy if you know what’s good for you. There aren’t very many more ways to work on your stroke without banging strangers and that won’t win her back anytime soon.

TIP: Use an automatic stroking machine or find something with interactive features for a more realistic experience.  

11. Try Being Faithful for a Change

I guarantee your ex-girlfriend is not going to take you back if you’ve still got a problem with cheating. She can smell it from a mile away too. Yes, there are millions of breathtaking women on this planet but they’re not all for the taking. Even looking at other women can make your girlfriend feel like she’s not good enough to satisfy you and speaking to the opposite sex in a flirty way is dangerous as well. In fact, some people say that flirting is the best way to get them interested in somebody else. Be careful where you cast your net or you may end up losing the big fish.

TIP: Open your heart and give your girlfriend the opportunity to fulfill all your needs so you don’t feel the urge to go outside the relationship for satisfaction.

12.  Be Accountable and Available

People have a hard time forgetting when someone else lets them down. It’s not always about a refusal to forgive as much as it’s about an inability to forget. The panic that happens when a friend disappoints is traumatizing, and that’s just another reason why adjusting your expectations is such a great idea. Either way, you’ll want to be more accountable and available this time around. And while you’re at it, be very sure to step carefully because she’ll be watching every move you make in anticipation for you to drop the ball. Come when she calls or get ghosted for good. It’s as simple as that.

TIP: You don’t have to be her lapdog, just text or call back within a decent timeframe and pay attention to what she says or asks.

13.  Make a Little More Money

Listen, nobody is saying you have to start up a drug cartel and start calling yourself Scarface, but you’re going to need some spending cash if you want to court your ex-girlfriend with any success. The casual awkwardness that comes with dating requires some throw-around cash – movies, dinners, concerts, gas for your hoopty, etc. She doesn’t want to go hang out at your bachelor pad and she damn sure isn’t going to walk everywhere in those sexy stilettos (that she put on just for you, by the way). Have some class by spending some cash on that ass because, bruh, that going Dutch shit is for the birds.

TIP: Save up more than enough date money before asking her to join you for any activity that requires payment.

14.  Put Your Fam in Check 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but those dirty little secrets shouldn’t be more sacred than the ones in your relationship. It doesn’t really matter what your relatives think about your girlfriend anyway, especially since how they’re not the ones who have to take her home and get in bed with her at the end of the night. Stop airing your dirty laundry right away and go back to explain both sides of any story you’ve already shared. Request that your contentious family members make amends or at least keep their mouths shut. After all, this is between you and your girl. It has nothing to do with them and it never did.


TIP: Be valiant by kindly sticking up for your girlfriend when she’s disrespected by a relative, and make sure to do it where she can see and/or hear you.

15.  Get Closure with the Ex-Ex

Have you been unfairly comparing your current ex-girlfriend with the woman who came before her? If so, stop that shit right now. It’s time to get closure on failed relationships of the past so that you can move seamlessly into your future. The damage has already been done but you can cauterize the wound if you delete phone numbers, discard keepsakes and cut off all communication. You should ask the same of your intended too, because the relationship will never work out if she’s the one who’s still pining over Joe Shmoe from a year ago. Couples that curb together are superb together, end of discussion.

TIP: Exes with whom you have children can’t be cut off completely, so keep communication centered on the kids and nothing else.Exes with whom you have children can’t be cut off completely, so keep communication centered on the kids and nothing else.

We’ve all heard the song called “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Sinatra, the world’s smoothest Ladies Man, recorded and sang it back in 1946. Later, his words were copied by famous performers like Ella Fitzgerald because of a single tagline that still rings true today. It goes something like this: “Would you tell him please to put on some speed, follow my lead…” and the lyrics are timeless because women are impatient animals who won’t wait around forever while you get your shit together. Don’t make me and Gershwin tell you again.

10 Relationship Tips and Tricks Used by the Pros

Feel like taking off running? Think you’re ready to get your girlfriend back like you never lost her in the first place? Well, you better be prepared for some initial rejection because it’s not always that easy. Remember, girls like to play “hard to get” so that they can determine how serious you are about capturing their heart (again). Give her a good reason to give you another chance by keeping the following tips and tricks in the back of your mind:

1. Be Consistent

It’s one thing to get in the habit of doing something new or performing better on behalf of your relationship but when you start slacking after showing off what you can do, you run the risk of damaging your reputation twice as much as you did when you dropped the ball the first time. Ouch. Stay steady.

2. Keep Your Business to Yourself

Not telling family members everything about your girlfriend is a great idea, but don’t think for one second that familial privacy gives you free range to speak candidly about the girl to your buddies. Air your dirty laundry the correct way by keeping it in the house or seeking help from an objective third party.

3. Pick Your Battles

You’re not right all the time, and even when you are, you might not want to make a big deal about it. Some people say there’s a simple choice to be made when you want to stay happy with a partner: Be right or be happy. Pick your position and deal with the consequences like a civilized human being.

4. Learn to Say You’re Sorry

Chicks dig a humble man, plus you’re probably an idiot more often than you realize. Get used to apologizing for all kinds of things and don’t let it make you feel like less of a man. Usually, you’ll be saying sorry for stupid stuff like using the wrong tone of voice or leaving your shoes in an undesignated spot. Chill, Bill.

5. Be Physically Affectionate

Marilyn Manson was speaking for all of us when he said, “Reach out and touch me” because we all like that shit (for the most part) and it goes a long way towards supporting the feelings, actions and behaviors inside a romantic relationship. Rub, tickle, grope, stroke and poke the girl, it’s all good in the hood.

6. Pay Compliments Often

A little book called “The Five Love Languages” mentions words of affirmation as one of the main ways that some people feel valued by their partner. It goes on to describe how positive reinforcement can lift spirits, solidify bonds and (to put it plainly) make you look less like a jerk. Say something nice to her, asshole.

7. Do Little Favors

She’ll love it when you pick up some of the slack she has weighing on her shoulders, especially if it’s something you’ve inferred by watching her intently. Little favors are a romantic gesture that all women appreciate, and they even can be construed into a sexual advancement if you’re clever enough.

8. Replace the Negatives with Positives

You may have to do some work for this one, but now’s the time to delete those old numbers in your phone and clear the cookies on your computer. Replace old bad habits with new and improved ones by spending your time doing productive, positive things this time around. Invite her along for the ride to make it official.

9. Hold Yourself Accountable

The last thing you want to do is make your girlfriend tell you something important more than once. She doesn’t want to babysit your grown ass either. You’ve got the power to be an accountable man without needing prompting and reminders. If not, you’re too retarded for a relationship anyway. Move along, son.

10. Be an Open Book

Skeletons belong in graves, not closets. Your girlfriend deserves to know everything about you so she can make an informed decision about dating you. Don’t you want a woman to love you for who you really are anyway? Being an open book does you more favors than secrecy ever well, trust me.

Implement these simple lifestyle changes and you’ll be back in your girlfriend’s arms in no time. Make them an everyday habit and you’ll never lose her attention again. Stay focused and you’ll be able to give other people advice when they’re in the same boat. Lose sight of the prize and you’ll be reviewing this article again tomorrow. Your move, homey.


The End Game

Nobody wants to be alone, not even your ex-girlfriend. She’s going to be looking for someone new while you’re busy trying to get her back. And while that cuts your timeline back quite a bit, it doesn’t make the undertaking impossible at all. With the right techniques and a new frame of mind firmly in place, you can get your girlfriend back and keep her for as long as you’d like. Hell, you may even convince her to take your last name, but only if the name’s not synonymous with heartache, disappointment, bad sex and frequent breakups.

Look, people break up all the time but this doesn’t have to be where the story ends. Sometimes, couples just need a break to get their acts together and process the drastic changes that have occurred since love entered their lives. It’s a natural human reaction to emotional disruption but it doesn’t have to define your relationship as long as you refuse to give up hope. If all else fails, suggest seeing a counselor together until the upheavals are out of the way.

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