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The Best Dildos For Men in 2021

By Blake Parker
The Best Dildos For Men in 2021

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin is suspected of being part of secret underground sex cult called the Hellfire Club? At their secret mansion, he and his cronies would gather for regular meetings, suggestive rituals, and impromptu rendezvous of the erotic variety. Members were allowed to enter the gated estate only by invite and usually their favorite pastime, besides reading pornographic literature and swapping partners, was using the specially designed sex toys of varying shapes and sizes. Rumor has it our founding father was quite the pimp with his arsenal of male dildos, pocket pussies and penis stroking devices. By the way, that was back in the 1700's.

These days, we have just as much perversion on our minds yet it’s not nearly as shocking to hear about one of us being an honorary member of a secret sex society. Nobody really knows why that is, but I think it’s because of the insane variety now available on the modern sex toy market. These days there are male dildos as far as the eye can see, so it’s pretty hard to talk shit when it seems like everybody loves the same thing. Apparently, people have known about the pleasures of anal stimulation with a specially made product for quite some time. Maybe you should come out from under that rock now.

Our Product Recommendations

I know how intimidating it can be to go up against this massive industry. It doesn’t help that manufacturers have a knack for getting the consumer’s attention even if their product is obviously sub-par. It’s almost like brands are afraid to tell the truth, yet somehow, we’re all supposed to believe that every device we pick up is the best. That’s not even statistically possible, folks. Some dildos for men will naturally rise to the top like fine cream over freshly churned butter. It’s just a fact of life, and it’s also why the following 13 male dildos are so dope:

#1 The LELO Loki

The LELO Loki

The LELO brand is known for producing a wide variety of highly luxurious sex toys for both men and women. Most of their inventory is interactive and all of it is impressive, especially to someone looking for a luxury-grade male dildo that’s designed exclusively for couple’s play. The Loki is an extremely versatile device that can be used in several different ways. It’s shaped and sized to accommodate all sorts of body types and is appropriate for anal or vaginal penetration too. In addition, it features ergonomic angular dimensions to pinpoint the p-spot or g-spot and it houses a series of powerful vibrations just in case that’s not enough.

The LELO Loki has a convenient form as well, with a set of built-in buttons on the palm-sized handle for superior comfort and control. The USB rechargeable battery powers six (6) variable pleasure functions and the entire thing is 100% submersible in water while we’re on the subject. The shaft may be somewhat large for newbies and the curve may be too slight for pros, but the silky-smooth covering and the texture-free design make this dildo the perfect match for any man, woman or couple with a propensity towards superior toys, interactive sensations and/or opulent orgasms.   

  • Safety ridge for precision insertion
  • Tapered tip for enhanced comfort
  • Bulbous design to improve stimulation
  • Available in two colors (blue or black)
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May not be ideal for beginners

#2 The Autblow Colibri Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Autblow Colibri Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Autoblow Colibri is one of those prostate massagers that you hear people talking about under their breath all the time. Its secretive nature comes from the fact that it's shaped, sized, and designed for numerous purposes, including discreet couples play and downright kink. With a double-hung looping system and the kind of features that are fit for a king, this butthole beast takes charge as soon as it's done charging. Best of all, it's made by one of the most intuitive brands on the market and is covered in silky-smooth silicone for maximum pleasure.

When using this dynamic dildo for men, don't forget to slide your cock and balls through the stretchy rings to enjoy a body-quaking orgasm from the inside out. Now, it doesn't have a perineum pad or anything but you probably won't need it and here's why: The Colibri's micro-motors are so powerful you can feel them throughout the entire toy from base to tip. Meanwhile, the device comes with a wireless remote fob for stimulating couple's play and everything is ready to go out of the box. So, we can stop whispering now because the secret to intuitive anal sex has finally been revealed.

  • Extremely unique vibration patterns
  • Two-way control interface for easier collaboration
  • Anatomically correct dimensions for optimal p-spot contact
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Remote range rather limited

#3 The nJoy Pure Wand

The nJoy Pure Wand

Men in favor of a little temperature experimentation say aye because it’s finally time for you to nJoy the fruits of the sex toy manufacturing industry. Somewhere along the line, mankind decided that realism wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Brazenly going where no man has gone before, he eventually invented the stainless-steel Pure Wand and sex hasn’t been the same since. In fact, this 9-inch little number has allowed hundreds of thousands of guys to realize the true potential of their prostate – all without the first inkling of high-tech features or built-in whatever-the-fucks. This thing is a solid piece of hypoallergenic metal, and its features consist of more traditional things like specialized curves and bulbous ends.

Truth be told, however, the nJoy Pure Wand neither looks nor performs like a traditional male dildo. The double-ended design makes it ideal for more than just straight-up penetration. Both ends have different measurements too, and the entirety of this contraption is highly responsive to heat and cold. Formed for precision p-spot stimulation (or g-spot massage, if you’re looking for versatility), this expertly curved device allows users to lay back and enjoy the sensations being produced by the rigid construction. It may not be ideal for people who prefer flexible shafts or skin-like materials but it’s certainly a great choice for folks who like to add temperature play to their routine. 

  • Weighted for firmer pressure on the prostate
  • Can be heated quickly under hot or cold water
  • Retains temperature for a long time
  • Comes in a satin-lined box for an attractive gift
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May be difficult to control with wet hands

#4 The LELO Billy 2

The LELO Billy 2

Oh, LELO, you inventive bastards. The quantity of your quality is overwhelming the market, especially since you introduced the Billy 2 male dildo vibrator to it. Guys, this massively popular plaything is no joke. The maker promises bigger, better orgasms and unparalleled ergonomics; it sure as hell delivers. This delicious device features a conveniently shaped design, a palm-sized handle with built-in buttons, and a USB rechargeable battery that runs the six (6) different pleasure functions which pulsate evenly up and down the silicone-covered shaft. Less bulbous than some of the brand’s other male dildos, Billy boy here offers user-friendly dimensions that make it more ideal for butt play beginners.

Speaking of shafts, LB’s dong is exceptionally slender and ever so slightly curved for a gentler p-spot massage. This model has a little bit more power than most of the competition, and the superior safety components are a nice touch as well - a flared insertion ridge at the base of the shaft, a mostly waterproof design, etc. Just in case, it comes with a full one-year warranty from the manufacturer (like all of their devices), so you can feel free to explore every nook and cranny of your fanny without worrying about breaking your butt (or the bank).

  • Tapered tip for easier insertion 
  • Smooth design for superior comfort
  • Comes with its own satin storage pouch
  • Ideal for anal and/or vaginal penetration
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May be too large for shy beginners

#5 The King Cock Ultra

The King Cock Ultra

When you’re done sweating the small stuff, take a look at the King Cock Ultra. It’s exactly what it sounds like – an enormous dildo for men with components fit for a king. Larger than life yet oh so lifelike, this massive monstrosity is in no way for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s only feasible if you can handle 12 insertable inches and 8 hearty inches of girth. Otherwise, keep steppin’, kid. The KCU won’t shrink its dimensions to fit your body, but it will attach itself to any clean, dry surface thanks to the suction cup on the bottom of the shaft. Did someone say hands-free fun?

This extra-long dong can also fit inside most strap-on harnesses in case you were wondering. Plus, it features some of the most realistic detailing I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing (so far). The dick itself is covered in surprisingly human-like features, including veins, wrinkling, and a bulbous head that’s obviously been through the brit milah (circumcision). It even has a set of balls at the base because, let’s be real, that’s what really ties the device together and the King always abides. Just remember, you don’t have to use the entire thing to get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

  • Ergonomic shape for superior handling
  • Balls act as a safety ridge
  • Flexible shaft for enhanced comfort and accuracy
  • Very little curvature for “in-your-guts” penetration
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May be way too long for some users

#6 The Autoblow Prostate Blast! Male G-Spot Massager

The Autoblow Prostate Blast! Male G-Spot Massager

Extreme stimulation is good for more than just a special occasion. In fact, some people make a lifestyle out of chasing down the boundaries of the human body. Devices like the Autoblow Prostate Blast make that endeavor possible because they feature uncannily intensified pleasure settings and dimensions that test the fortitude of mankind. This particular p-spot pro is most commonly associated with bondage because it more or less puts your penis in prison while forcing an orgasm. The sensations created represent the perfect balance between restriction and unadulterated freedom. Don't believe me? Just as the person holding the wireless remote that comes with it.

This hands-free male dildo has a shape and size that's like none other but that's not even the fun part. Its undulated shaft and cleverly tapered head are only the tip of the iceberg. That perineum pad is where it shines the most, producing intense vibrations that penetrate the inner muscular walls like a hot knife through butter. It's completely rechargeable via USB, wrapped in sweet silicone material, and operational without the remote too. If you don't have a BDSM blast with this bad boy, then I'm afraid you don't know what you're doing. The good news is that the learning curve is small with this one.

  • Extremely unique vibration patterns
  • Ergonomic dimensions for deep penetrative pleasure
  • Two-way control interface for easier collaboration
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Not harness compatible

#7 The Fleshjack 'Get Cocky' Pack

The Fleshjack 'Get Cocky' Pack

Whoever said it’s not cool to be cocky obviously never fucked themselves with one of these bad boys. Crafted out of some of the industry’s best materials, these hyper-realistic dicks are a pleasure to look at and an even bigger honor to use. After all, they’ve each been carefully molded after the exact specifications of three famous male porn stars – Boomer Banks, Levi Karter, and Liam Riley (just in case you were wondering). The Fleshjack ‘Get Cocky’ Kit gives you and/or your partner a full creative license to get as arrogant as your little heart desires, even though none of them feature extras like vibrations or remote controls.

Regardless, each of these male dildos has a unique set of measurements that are true to life. For example, the Boomer Banks dong has a massive 9-inch insertable length, while the Levi Karter comes in second place with a generous 7-inch shaft span. Liam Riley’s 6-incher is the smallest, but don’t count him out. This tempting trio offers superior versatility and is shaped for optimal anal stimulation. Best of all, they have skin-like detailing, bulbous heads, and a set of balls to make the experience even more interesting. So, who said you can’t Get Cocky? Tell them to suck your dick and then hand them one of these things.

  • Considered a collector’s item
  • Detachable suction cup available through the manufacturer
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • Shafts may be too flimsy for pegging or specialty play

#8 The We-Vibe Rave

The We-Vibe Rave

WE-Vibe is a brand known for its wide selection of extremely user-friendly, couples-ready sex toys. Their Rave dildo is no exception, serving as a prime example of what a male dildo should be (never mind the fact that it’s not specifically marketed towards men). Specially sculpted to pinpoint the g-spot and/or p-spot of the user, this well-made pleasure product is ideal for lovers who enjoy a little one-on-one, real-time action. The high-tech, interactive WE-Vibe Rave features a unique asymmetric form with soft edges to enhances penetrative sensations with the twist of your wrist, but that’s not even the good part.

Inside the silky-soft silicone shaft is where the magic happens. There, a powerful motor runs the deep, rumbling vibrations you’ll feel pulsating with the touch of a button. Intimate orgasms are much easier to achieve when everyone’s on the same page, hence the WE-Connect app-controlled database that comes with this finely tuned thing. Each of the 10 settings let you or your partner manipulate the intensity of pleasure being produced. Plus, you both have the opportunity to fully customize your shared experience with the exclusive in-app functionality options and long-winded USB rechargeable battery.

  • Built-in, push-button controls for solo stimulation
  • Curved design for pinpointed accuracy
  • Ideal for anal and/or vaginal penetration
  • Rounded tip for easier insertion
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • Very few safety features

#9 The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

There’s something to be said about a gorgeous collection of glass, even if that collection consists solely of dildos for men. Smooth, stylish, strong and satisfying, glass dongs can get the job done (if they’re made right). The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is a perfect example of that. It comes with two distinct sex toys made out of durable borosilicate crystal, and each one has its own unique size, shape and shaft texture too. This twofer is completely transparent by the way, although one is an opaque pink and the other is totally clear. No matter. because the pair also features a p-spot attacking ‘S’ shape, so intense stimulation is a guarantee.

This dynamic duo allows you and/or your partner to enjoy anal or vaginal penetration, plus they’re technically double-ended so don’t let me tell you what to do with them. The pink dong features a series of nodules up the shaft and the clear one has three graduated bulbs that look, act, and feel a lot like high-end anal beads. Perhaps best of all: They’re both temperature responsive and completely submersible in water so you can experiment in any way, S-shape or form you desire.

  • Compatible with all lube types
  • Comes with a pair of velvet storage bags
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May be too intense for some users

#10 The Tantus Curve

The Tantus Curve

Once upon a time, there was an extremely horny man who insisted on using a high-quality male dildo to get his rocks off. He chose the Tantus Curve Silicone Dildo because, well, it had all the features he was looking for: a conveniently tapered tip at allowed him to ease it gently into his anus, a gradually bent shaft that targeted his prostate, and a delicately ridged body to enhance each thrust without even trying. Luckily for us, this is not a fantasy and the TCD is a real product available without a prescription despite being precisely what the doctor ordered for so many men.

If laughter is the best medicine then this device is the cure. It looks nothing like the human anatomy and maybe that’s why it feels so good inside. It doesn’t hurt that this thing also features a 1.5-inch O-ring and slot so you can quickly hook it up to a strap-on harness for a seriously sexy pegging session. The flared base is a nice touch as well, especially for guys who like it in deep. And since it has a pretty opalescent finish while being completely submersible in water, the Tantus Curve makes an excellent gift for any occasion (in my humble opinion).

  • Harness compatible
  • Attractive, whimsical finish
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May not be big enough for some men

#11 The Icicles No. 57

The Icicles No. 57

Although it looks like it may have been originally designed for couple’s play, the Icicles No. 57 double-ended glass dildo is ideal for solo stimulation too. Not only does it have two different ends to play with but each one has its own unique size, shape and texturization. The shaft offers a hefty 9-inch insertable length and there’s a generous 4.5-inch girth to experience as well. And as if things couldn’t be more promising, this bad boy is crafted out of high-grade borosilicate glass – a substance that’s known for its virtually indestructible properties.

This toy’s material composition plays a huge role in how much pleasure you can derive from it. For example, it’s temperature responsive like a motherfucker, so a quick wash in some hot or cold water should do the trick. And while it doesn’t hold its temper-ature as well as some metal dongs might, the gentle curve of the shaft and the tapered/bulbous tip option make up for that in a very big way. The whole thing is obviously waterproof and rigid for insane p-spot accuracy, but did you know it’s compatible with every lube type known to mankind? Yeah, it does that too.

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Extremely versatile design
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May be difficult to control with wet hands

#12 The Fleshjack Johnny Rapid

The Fleshjack Johnny Rapid

If Johnny Rapid can’t get you off then, most likely, nothing can. This realistic set of cock and balls is the ideal dildo for a frustrated or skeptical man, especially when that man can’t seem to find a synthetic device that targets his prostate. Why mess with what nature has already created so masterfully? As one of the most popular members of the extremely popular Fleshjack Collection, Johnny lives a little more dangerously than his brothers because of the radical arch to his penis. Say he has Peyronie’s Disease if you must but try talking that kind of shit when his curved cock is making you cum like it’s the very first time.

Johnny boy has dimensions fit for a king (or queen if we’re being technical). It features an insertable length of 5.75 inches, making it even more realistic when you think about the average size of the human penis. The total girth is a comfy 5.5 inches at the base, which is where the squishy, realistically detailed balls reside. Everything is made out of platinum cured silicone too, just in case you were wondering. So, what’s the catch? He has no integrated pleasure functions and can be hard to use without the right accessories. Is that really a deal breaker though?

  • Considered a collector’s item
  • Detachable suction cup available through the manufacturer
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • May not be comfortable for some users

#13 The Autoblow Pulse

The Autoblow Pulse

The Autoblow Pulse is one of three vibrating prostate massagers made by the company. It's part of a trio but it's unlike the other two for one glaring reason: It doesn't feature a cock ring or ball separator but has a thick perineum stimulation pad instead. This little fork looks more like a secondary dildo than a anything else, but either way you'll receive internal and external pleasure at the very same time. You can even control the two micro-motors together or independently just in case your junk needs a break. Hand the wireless remote fob to your partner for even more ridiculousness.

This monster isn't mighty because it's big either. Size is important but shape reigns supreme. The Pulse's all-silicone construction conducts vibrations from one end to the other while the finger-like dimensions reach up and hook your p-spot like it's a fish in a pond. You might not like this thing if you're a newbie but pros know what I'm talking about. Toys like this come once in a lifetime and only get better with age. Its unique vibe patterns are only half the story; the rest of the story is up your ass.

  • Textured shaft for optimal internal pleasure
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Perineum pad may be too large for some

Back in the day, dildos got created out of anything a man or woman could find lying around the farm. Archaeologists have recently uncovered examples of this desperate sadness, some in the form of carved stone and others made out of stale loaves of bread, fruits or vegetables and even animal bones. As crazy as it sounds, it’s that kind of ingenuity that has led to the development of our modern-day sex toy industry. After several years, countless setbacks, and a hoard of inexplicable taboos, high-end dildos for men are finally a part of our everyday conversation.

Unfortunately, that conversation usually consists of people talking about how dazed and confused they are in the face of all the variety. Indeed, our market is flooded with options and the everyday man is ill-equipped to stand alone against it. What helps is to know about the topic being discussed. Understand how it differs from other pleasure products and appreciate why it’s so important to our culture. While you’re at it, find out what to look for, what to avoid, and what makes your purchase such a personal one. After all, manufacturers assume they know you better than you know yourself. Prove them wrong.

What Is a Dildo for Men?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to define the differences between a female dong and a dildo made specifically for men because both are pleasurable but they’re not made the same. Many times, however, the two devices can be used interchangeably depending on the manner in which they’re inserted. In general, male dildos are designed specifically for anal penetration and p-spot stimulation, while female dildos are ideal for vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation.

To achieve their goal, anal dildos are precisely sized and shaped for optimal contact with the user’s prostate gland (albeit sometimes hard to find). The dimensions might then be further enhanced through the use of industry-leading ergonomics, anatomical curvatures and/or movable parts that vibrate, rotate or inflate. Male dildos are also notorious for having extra features like perineum stimulation pads and specialized textures for improved pleasure during insertion and removal.

NOTE: Because male dildos are aimed at providing pleasure for men from all walks of life, some of them are not equipped with realistic penis-like detailing.

The 5 Most Important Things to Look For

It’s harder than you are to find the right dildo for a man, but it only makes things more difficult when you find out how different these devices can be. It seems like contemporary manufacturers have become over-achievers in an already saturated market, leaving guys like us fiending for better sex while remaining dis-cum-bobulated the entire time. There’s a lot of hype floating around, with corny advertisements claiming superiority for their products every time we turn around. Cut through the bullshit with a hot blade by considering these 5 essential factors when shopping for a new male dildo:

  • The Size
    No matter what a stripper tells you, size matters whether you’re being inserted or being the inserter. When it comes to using a dildo on a man, his tolerance level to being penetrated should determine the toy’s dimensions. For newbies, it’s always a good idea to start small and work your way up. Pros can go bigger off the bat, but some stretching should be expected (especially if it’s been a while). Look for a device that has the mass you and/or your partner require, even if that means picking something that can be adjusted, harnessed, or inflated.
    TIP: Perform a quick finger test on your anus to find out what a comfortable length and girth would be.
  • The Shape
    Male dildos are especially keen for anal stimulation because of their unique form, so that’s definitely not something you should ignore. And while everyone knows that the prostate gland is notoriously elusive, specially made pleasure devices like these are shaped to pinpoint the p-spot with better precision. For best results in your bedroom, never settle for anything less. By the way, if “the best” in your opinion requires something with more realistic texturization and detailing, then so be it. Sometimes, incredible sex happens in the most unexpected places so don’t let apprehensions keep you from having the time of your life.
    TIP: Look for something with a slight curve and then decide whether you’d like the insertable part to be flexible or rigid.
  • The Materials
    Materials are an important factor when it comes to selecting a good sex toy because they can affect your experience in more ways than one - many of which might surprise you. The composition of your new plaything determines how it feels up against your skin and inside your body. It affects the device’s performance with lubrication and sex toy cleaning solutions. It changes the way the toy is cleans, maintained, and stored as well. Stay away from anything that’s obviously low quality and steer clear of potential allergens like latex, parabens, and phthalates.
    TIP: Choose male dildos that are made out of hypoallergenic materials like silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stainless steel, tempered glass, or a patented polycarbonate blend.
  • The Features
    Despite what those wild apes have been doing out in the jungle, we no longer have to fuck ourselves with rudimentary sticks that have no extra pleasure features on them. Today’s male dildo is replete with bonus components, even some that haven’t been used on any other man-made product until now (like teledildonic technology and motion sensors, for example). Not looking for something that high tech? You still have to pay attention to the features. None of these things are made the same, and a bunch have detailing that’s surprisingly accurate – a feature that some men might not appreciate as much as others.
    TIP: Create a concise comparison chart of each device in your shopping cart to find the features you can and can’t live without.
  • The Ergonomics
    In case you didn’t know this already, ergonomics is a relatively new science that helps consumers determine the usefulness of any synthetic product. It’s an especially useful tool when measuring up various sex toys because it reveals the device’s true worth. Ergonomics also affect the toy’s comfort level and safety, most notably when the item is made for insertion into the body. In other words, don’t forget to check out the overall design of the devices you’re considering because it could be something that makes or breaks the deal. If you have a toy that’s difficult to insert or remove, it’s basically worthless and you know it.
    TIP: Measure your grip and consider your mobility here because both can weigh heavily on what your ideal purchase should be.

Remember, a good sex toy will have all of the things mentioned here and, hopefully, a little bit more. And while they can feasibly be used by both male and female participants, never opt for a female dildo just because it’s cheaper or has better features. Force the industry to make better products for men, that way we can all enjoy the continued progress that’s gotten us this far in the first place. Don’t be afraid of some experimentation and unfamiliarity along the way, but be terrified of red flags like poor construction, aggressive advertising, and unscrupulous business practices if you know what’s good for you.

The 5 Most Important Things to Know

They say the most important thing in life is to know yourself better than anyone else and that’s certainly true when shopping for a new male dildo. You don’t think manufacturers know about those 5 factors we just discussed? That’s what their entire marketing campaign is based on, my friend. They plan to say whatever it takes to get your money, so cut them off at the pass by already having the following information in the back of your mind:

  1. Your Skin Type
    Find out whether you or your partner has any allergies or sensitivities to certain materials or their compatible lubricants and cleansers. Remember, some products may contain ingredients that can cause a painful or embarrassing reaction. If all else fails, use a condom (if possible) until you find another way to work around the situation.
  2. Your Experience Level
    If you’re not careful, you could run into a marketing ploy that has you feeling like Superman when, in fact, you’re brand new to this whole anal stimulation with a male dildo thing. Your experience level should be considered candidly. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re a noob because that’s way better than feeling like a boob.
  3. Your Intentions
    The things you plan to do with your new plaything will determine how it should be sized and shaped. A quick consideration of intent can help confused consumers figure out what to buy when they’ve got several options in mind. Be honest about your objectives because they’ll get exploited otherwise. 
  4. Your Partner
    When choosing the next best thing, don’t forget to find out what your partner is into. This is especially important if you plan to use the dildo as a couple, because as anyone with two brain cells knows, both parties need to be assured of the product’s quality and efficacy before it gets used. 
  5. Your Budget
    You’ll notice an extremely wide range of price points on today’s sex toy market and that’s both a good and a bad thing. Just keep in mind that the initial cost of a device doesn’t always include necessary equipment, supplies or accessories. Leave plenty of room for things like lube, material cleaning solutions, strap-on harnesses, and storage.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Sometimes, the only thing that can get you off is a stiff shaft up the ass. We’ve all been there. You’re the only one who still thinks this shit is wacko. Truth be told, macho men have been shoving shit into their anuses since the dawn of time. Don’t let the painfully slow advancements in modern-day science and culture fool you. Our sex toy industry is massive for a good reason, and that reason is because we all seem to know the value of a good backdoor orgasm. It is what it is, folks.


Q: How am I supposed to store a male dildo so that nobody knows I have one and so I don’t break it as soon as I buy it?

A: If discretion is your main concern, be sure to store you dong in a place where nobody can see it because, quite frankly, most devices look exactly like what they are – sex toys. For superior maintenance and protection, keep your device put up somewhere that’s free from excessive dust or debris. Use any storage containers provided to you, and never leave your dildo out in the direct sunlight or around extreme hot/cold temperatures unless otherwise advised by the manufacturer (such as with temperature responsive materials).

Q: Is it okay for me to clean my anal dong with hand soap and water?

A: While some people may have been able to get away with a quick soap and water bath in the past, today’s sex toys are much more sophisticated. On top of that, male dildos are almost always used exclusively for anal penetration, meaning their surfaces are teaming with bacteria that can be spread from one partner to another. With that said, dildos for men should be cleansed in a more rigorous way than other devices. Always use warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaning solution for best results.

Q: Do I need to have any special skills or equipment to use one of these things safely?

A: Usually, male dildos don’t require a specific skill set or type of gear to enjoy them as intended. As long as you use them as instructed by the manufacturer and are properly prepared for anal penetration, everything should be fine. Always use plenty of high-quality, water-based anal lube, especially if this is your first time. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for devices that require separate power sources like commercial batteries because that’s the kind of missing equipment that can ruin an otherwise perfectly good experience.

Q: Can I use a dildo for men alongside any other sex toys or nah?

A: Great news: Dildos for men can and should be used in conjunction with other pleasure products. Things like cock rings, nipple clamps, external vibrators and BDSM gear can turn the session on its head in an instant, plus each of those devices mentioned can be enjoyed without forcing the user to remove the dildo from their anus. Best of all, vibrating cock rings can be applied to the shaft of dildos for an enhanced sensation even if that’s not a built-in feature of the original device. We, and every sex toy manufacturer on the planet, encourage you to use your imagination freely here.

Q: Do I have to be a homosexual to use a male dildo?

A: Contrary to popular belief, a man does NOT have to be a homosexual to enjoy something up his ass. Dildos for men aren’t made for a specific sexual persuasion. They’re generally crafted for any man who wants to experiment with different pleasure sensations. Some are even made for medical purposes or to successfully milk the prostate gland without intercourse. The p-spot is an intense erogenous zone and should therefore be fully explored by anyone who’s curious about the capacity of the human body.

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