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The 10 Best Fleshlights for Men in 2020

By Blake Parker
The 10 Best Fleshlights for Men in 2020

FUN FACT: Back in the day, men would pleasure their penises by subjecting them to a wide variety of questionable things, from hollowed-out vegetables and juicy garden fruits to cleaned up animal carcasses and bare, calloused hands. It was the dark ages of dick tickling and we’re all still in therapy for it. However, we’ve also come quite a long way as a species. Now, every man under the sun can enjoy more sophisticated sexual satisfaction as a direct result of our collective ingenuity. In other words, jerking off is A-Okay as long as it’s with a high-end sex toy.

It’s not always easy being sleazy though, especially when the sex toy market is so huge and your libido is so out of control. Blue balls are a real struggle but wasting precious time and resources on the hunt can make things ten times worse. If you’re anything like the millions of men worldwide who think masturbator shopping is a big pain in the ass, then you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a manufacturer out here whipping up customizable surprises of almost every shape and size. The manufacturer is known as Fleshlight and you’ve probably already heard of them by now. If not, listen up because by the end of this you’ll be able to pick out your favorite one with a blindfold on.

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With a name that has become synonymous with self-pleasure and male masturbation, the famous Fleshlight brand may have started out with only one device but their inventory is nothing short of massive these days. It takes the average man several hours to pick out which device he prefers, plus the manufacturer even lets consumers design their own. Don’t have that kind of time or patience? Want to get your hands on the good stuff without suffering through weeks of trial and error? Well, check out these top 10 best-selling Fleshlights for men in 2020 to get started:

#1 The Launch

The Launch

Ah yes, the Fleshlight Launch – one of the world’s very first automatic stroking machines equipped with motion sensors and Bluetooth to support interactive, virtual reality pleasure sessions with a performer or a partner using an insane variety of snap-on male masturbation units provided by the manufacturer and the industry’s largest 2D/3D porn library. Crafted out of durable, skin-safe materials and featuring a built-in touch-sensitive control pad on the front, this bad boy runs at speeds of up to 180 pumps per minute and can even direct its attention to specific pleasure zones on the penis. Best of all, the whole shebang is battery powered and can operate wirelessly if you so choose.

The Fleshlight Launch hit our market just a few years back and hasn’t stopped selling out ever since. Maybe it’s because of the powerful drive train and insane versatility – after all, this futuristic fucker houses any standard size device from the mother brand’s enormous stash and it’s even compatible with a few Kiiroo brand toys as well. Hefty but perfect for hands-free fun, this large contraption is a heavyweight in more ways than one. It allows for real-time sex sessions combined with out-of-this-world realism by virtually mimicking the sensations of natural sex with all the naughty visuals included. So, while it may not be the ideal item for casual users, it’s likely a great addition to any long-distance couple’s repertoire.

  • Can be used in manual or automatic mode
  • Fully rechargeable via USB
  • Customized pleasure settings
  • Compatible with hundreds of devices
  • Comes with warranty from the manufacturer
  • Compatible masturbation devices sold separately
  • Extra tech equipment required to enjoy the full spectrum of features

#2 The Quickshot Launch

The Quickshot Launch

Not exactly your ideal tool for couple’s play, the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch still allows for direct, automatic stimulation of the penis while being big enough to feel like another person in the room. Aside from its off-putting dimensions though, the FQL made headlines for being unlike anything else in the industry. This deviant device houses the mother brand’s most popular transparent masturbator, the Quickshot, and it does so in the most curious way. Featuring two ergonomic handlebars on each side of the machine and a universal smart phone mount smack-dab in the middle, it generates real-time motions at speeds of up to 240 strokes per minute (the fastest on the market, by the way) and can even sync those strokes to a variety of app-controlled visual aids. It doesn’t get any better than that, or does it?

Unfortunately, the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch isn’t as user-friendly as the more high-tech original. It only works with one single masturbation unit and it can’t be swapped out with anything else. However, the open-ended design allows for more intense penile stimulation and makes the entire thing much easier to clean. The solid ring casing and superior craftsmanship can cancel out the cumbersome size, that is, until you want to travel with it. Either way, this bad boy is obviously made to please the needs of loners and their boners, not partners and their pickiness. In my opinion, the FQL works best as a stamina trainer or voyeuristic adventure, although I could see someone using it to enhance porn viewing as well.

  • Ergonomic design for better handling
  • Solid construction for decreased handle vibration
  • Built-in control panel on each handle
  • Compatible with a large online library of 2D/3D porn content
  • Comes with a warranty from the manufacturer
  • Extra tech equipment required to enjoy the full spectrum of features
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes

#3 The Fleshlight Girls Series

The Fleshlight Girls Series

As the biggest and perhaps the most impressive series in the maker’s entire lineup, the Fleshlight Girls Collection is a gathering of premium male masturbation devices that have been kissed by angelic hands (or so it seems). Each one is uniquely designed to mimic the sensations of fucking your favorite porn star, so how do they do it? Apparently, dozens of famous female porn stars sat down to have their pussies, mouths and assholes molded by a professional artisan just so you could enjoy the nooks and crannies of their kinkiest crevices. What a bunch of philanthropists. Raise your hand if you’re jealous of the guy who got to do that job. Whoever said pornography harms obviously never heard of this.

Despite the “controversy,” every single model was happy to oblige and the end result has been impressive to say the least. Each delicately assembled device features the star’s signature on the orifice which, by the way, is also made to look like hers. The outer casing is almost always the same (minus slight variations in color), but the interior sleeve is where the magic happens. Every single one is different, with a wide variety of hyper-realistic textures to penetrate and nearly all the best performers’ pussies on deck. Best of all, they’re each made from the mother brand’s patented SuperSkin material which makes them even more lifelike and enjoyable.

  • Works with the Fleshlight Launch device
  • Handheld and manual for optimal control
  • Can be used with the Fleshlight sleeve warmer
  • Fleshlight Shower Mount compatible
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Alternative orifices sold separately
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes

#4 The Stamina Training Unit (STU)

The Stamina Training Unit (STU)

The maker of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, or STU, claim that their specialized device can significantly increase the user’s sexual endurance levels with regular practice. They also say that the toy can greatly increase arousal while boosting confidence too. It’s interesting to see a masturbator with so much to offer, although it’s still just a handheld fuck stick with a unique canal texture when you get right down to it. Either way, training the main vein not to erupt until it’s told is a very good thing and that’s definitely not something any pill or potion could pull off. By the way, this unique sex toy is designed for all sorts of men too, not just the ones who want to rev up their performances in the sack.

I’ll warn you though, it has one of the most intense textures in the male masturbator arena and you probably won’t last longer than two or three minutes the first few times. The various bumps, ridges and nodes inside the chamber aren’t there to torture you though. They’re designed to stimulate the known nerve endings on the average man’s dick and then help him desensitize a tad so he doesn’t always blow his load within seconds of penetration. Over time, this ergonomic, lightweight device can either become the user’s go-to training unit or be used intermittently to spice things up a bit. Regardless of how you enjoy it, just know that the end results will vary based on how often you use it.

  • Compatible with the automatic Fleshlight Launch
  • Proven to help with premature ejaculation
  • Adjustable end caps for customizable sensations
  • Comes with two interchangeable orifices – “pure” and “lady”
  • Can be used with the Shower Mount and Sleeve Warmer
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes
  • Compatible automatic device sold separately

#5 The Classics

The Classics

This soft, smooth and somewhat compact male masturbator is what put the Fleshlight brand on the modern-day map. Made to look like a common industrial flashlight (probably due to the fact that the inventor was a police officer at one time), the Classic is a trusty toy that’s now found in millions of households worldwide. It features the maker’s very first canal texture and it uses the same patented SuperSkin material as all the rest, but what makes this one different is its lack of unnecessary bells and whistles. Solid and simple in its craftsmanship and just as ergonomic as its cousins, the FC device can house mouth, pussy and ass orifices plus it’s contained within a durable casing that allows each sleeve to be removed for easy maintenance.

The Classic device is made to fit snugly in the average man’s hand while he manually pumps his penis into submission, so it’s sure to gain mileage in almost any bedroom. Furthermore, the original masturbator boasted some of the best dimensions on the market and nothing has changed. Consumers can also hop on the marker’s official website to customize various features of their toy, including its canal texture, exterior color, and ideal opening. And while it doesn’t have the extreme properties, high-tech components, or tailored end caps that some of its brothers have, this thing certainly knows what to do when a penis is inserted into it and that’s probably why it hasn’t stopped selling like hotcakes despite the otherwise sophisticated competition.

  • Compatible with the Fleshlight Launch
  • Customizable pleasure features available
  • Palatable sleeve texture, ideal for beginners
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • Can be used with the Shower Mount and Sleeve Warmer
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes
  • Automatic machine sold separately

#6 The Vibro

The Vibro

What’s better than a handheld male masturbator with a patented skin-like material covering and a superior canal texture? How about one that’s equipped with tailored vibration functions and is just as lightweight and ergonomic as all the others? The Fleshlight Vibro may be a dream come true for some men then. It’s the brand’s one and only manually powered, vibrating male masturbator and it uses removable bullets to send a variety of intense sensations to the penis inside of it. On top of that, its unique construction offers a fully immersive experience to the genitalia and it all runs smoothly with nearly no sound at all despite the fact that there are numerous vibe speeds and patterns to choose from. 

Each tingle is transmitted to one of the concentric fingers lining the interior of the canal, and everything is packaged attractively in a gunmetal case. It only comes with one “lady” orifice unless you opt for the “butt” version instead and the manufacturer hasn’t created other for it yet. However, each one is exceptionally realistic with its detailing and the device itself comes with three different vibrating bullets too. You get a set of 10 spare batteries in the box as well – something that’s virtually unheard of in today’s sex toy industry. Generous with its components and its size, this thing is still one of the most compact handhelds on the field, plus it’s super easy to clean and doesn’t require special equipment to enjoy.

  • Compatible with the Fleshlight Launch
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Can be used with the Shower Mount and Sleeve Warmer
  • May not be strong enough for some men

#7 The GO Series

The GO Series

As yet another part of the gigantic Fleshlight lineup, the Go Series is a three-part band of high-end male masturbators that resemble the brand’s original model in many ways while (all while being unique in a few ways of their own). First of all, these toys serve as a more compact and portable version of the Classic, making them ideal for traveling and improved discretion during self-pleasure. Secondly, they’re all designed differently, with components based on the quality of orgasm desired by the user. For example, the Torque Ice is transparent, the Surge is not, and the Jolt is designed primarily for anal sex enthusiasts. In short, there’s a little something for just about everybody in this kinky collection.

Don’t let the small size of this big player fool you though. The Go Series is made to accommodate a wide variety of penises (although it can’t fit them all), and it’s super lightweight as well. So, while it may not be the perfect pick for big dicks, it’s a nice take-along companion that doesn’t force you to sacrifice your pleasures for convenience. In fact, it’s one of the only male masturbators in the Fleshlight inventory that can be used with a single hand which is a good thing because this cute and compressed device isn’t compatible with the automatic Launch machine (boo!).

  • Multiple orifices available
  • Realistic, skin-like materials
  • Ergonomic construction for easier handling
  • May not be suitable for men with mobility limitations

#8 The Flight Series

The Flight Series

The Fleshlight Flight Series is almost exactly like the Classics Collection except it doesn’t have the same casing dimensions and it doesn’t work with as many masturbation sleeves. It’s a market favorite though and it’s pretty easy to see why, especially once you notice all the sleek and slim features that make it ideal for traveling, roommate living and all the denial your heart can muster. It comes with three different models: The Flight Instructor, the Aviator and the Pilot – each of which has its own unique components, namely inside the textured canal. Best of all, despite its compact size and hand-friendly design, this handheld device can accommodate any average-sized penis as long as it’s less than 8 inches in length when erect (which is pretty much everybody but porn stars and that one guy who stole your last girlfriend).

With an already impressive and top-selling collection, the zealous maker recently introduced yet another pleasurable passenger to the series – a transparent version of the Flight called “Clear Skies” and it has all the same basic features of its sisters. Any of the four masturbation devices can be fully submersed in water, plus their orifices can be customized based on the user’s preference. Marketed as one of the most aerodynamic sex toys available, these bad boys don’t drag their feet when producing extreme sensations (even for men with mobility limitations) and most of them come with a sample packet of lube in the box.

  • Ideal for orgasmic experimentation
  • Reduces drag during strokes for increased pleasure
  • Perfect for hands-on couple’s play
  • Shower mount adapter sold separately

#9 The Quickshot Vantage

The Quickshot Vantage

Hailed as one of the Fleshlight brand’s most unique devices, the Quickshot Vantage offers a thrill ride of epic proportions despite being relatively tiny compared of its more robust, full-sized cousins. The entire thing is completely see-through, plus it features the special open-ended design to make it extremely useful for men with large penises, erectile dysfunction problems, and/or an obsession with watching their own dick get juiced. The construction also means it can be used as a supplemental pleasure product during oral stimulation – something that’s practically impossible with other male masturbation toys. Best of all, the highly textured canal is covered by an equally transparent casing that fits right in the palm of your hand.

Coming in at less than half the size of the Classic and compatible with its own special automatic machine, this thing can be used solo, with a partner or in tandem with a high-tech device that sends virtual waves of pleasure through specialized equipment. Use it alone for a quick and convenient rub-down on the go, or hand it to your lover and see what they can do – the choice is in your hands (literally). It’s extremely easy to clean and enjoy too, but just a warning: It’s not compatible with the brand’s Sleeve Warmer nor with their patented Shower Mount (and it doesn’t have an available adapter either).

  • Specially made for use with the Quickshot Launch
  • Can accommodate nearly all penises sizes
  • Perfect for personal voyeurism and masturbation management
  • Compatible auto-stroking device sold separately

#10 The Turbo Series

The Turbo Series

As one of the smallest collections from the Fleshlight stash in terms of variety, the Turbo toys are two of the most interesting regardless of the fact that they both look almost identical to the original. Made to replicate the sensations of real oral sex, although only capable of doing that based on the movements of the user’s arm, the internal masturbation canal texture is filled with twists and turns that mimic the actions of a human tongue. It’s compatible with nearly every accessory and add-on in the maker’s inventory, plus it comes standard with its own sample of water-based lube because, face it, you’ll probably want to use it as soon you it gets to your house.

The pairing is split right down the middle with two distinctly designed toys: The Thrust and the Ignition – both of which are made to delivery oral-like pleasure just in completely different ways. Neither one uses a realistic orifice and the maker doesn’t claim that the appearance is anything human-like, but the soft and stretchy materials feel great against the skin and can be heated up using the patented Sleeve Warmer if not attached to the compatible standard Shower Mount. Best of all, the dimensions of both toys are considered “full size” by the manufacturer, meaning this dynamic duo will accommodate a wide variety of dicks and will work with your Fleshlight Launch if you have one.

  • Can be purchased as part of a twin pack
  • Good mid-point between the Classic and the STU
  • Simulates the sensations of oral sex
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes

Buying a new Fleshlight is super exciting for any horny man who’s sick of fucking fifis and hairy palms, especially if this is his first time using a sex toy designed specifically for men. The process of picking one out can also be very painful, most notably for the guys who have no idea what to look for or what sort of features can be customized by the world’s most tailorable tugging tool. In case you didn’t know it already, this brand is known around for the world for its customization options and innovative device designs. That doesn’t make things any easier though, does it?

Here are the top 7 things you’ll want to look for or pay attention to when hunting down a new Fleshlight masturbator:

The Style

If there’s one thing I know it’s that the Fleshlight brand has style by the mile, and I don’t mean that all of their devices look like futuristic fuck-wands either. In fact, many of their toys are obvious tools for naughty bits, but that doesn’t stop them from being extremely versatile anyway. The style of the toy you choose should reflect your intended purposes, with special care taken regarding the following 5 factors:

  • Your Skin Type
    Allergies can turn an otherwise amazing experience into a nightmare. Most Fleshlights are made from skin-safe silicone or TPE but check the label just in case.
  • Your Lube Selection
    Remember, silicone-based sex toys should be used with water-based lubes at all times to prevent damage. Make sure you have what’s required for a good time.
  • Your Tolerance Level
    The level of intensity varies widely from one toy to another, even within the same brand’s inventory. Pick something that gives you plenty of room to grow and explore.
  • Your Equipment Stash
    A device might be exactly what you’re looking for, but you won’t be able to use it as intended if you’re missing certain equipment. Gather VR goggles and smart devices if you opt for one of the automatic models.
  • Your Goals
    Not all Fleshlights will offer you the same sensations, nor will they all suffice for things like stamina training, couple’s play, or long-distance lovemaking. Check the specs if you know what’s good for you.

The style of the toy you choose will also determine how easy it is to clean, maintain and integrate your sex toy stash. In general, open-ended masturbators require much simpler care routines and can be used by a partner for an enhanced hand job. However, the majority of devices from Fleshlight feature removable and/or interchangeable sleeves to make deciding less stressful (at least a little).

The Dimensions

No matter what a stripper tells you, size does matter. It’s an important factor when considering anything that comes in contact with your no-no bits, including toys you penetrate repeatedly in the comfort of your own home. Who are we to judge? Just find something that you don’t get stuck inside of and nobody has to know anything about what you do behind closed doors. Remember, not all Fleshlight masturbators are made the same. Some are full-sized and others are compact, with many of them sharing the same canal textures to offer consumers more versatility in their love lives. So, what size are you looking for? Keep in mind that a couple of them feature customizable suction/tightness controls too.

The Textures

The Fleshlight is known for its wide variety of textures, from extreme to sensual and everything in between. In many cases, buyer can select their own special sleeve texture to go along with their previously picked out orifice and casing. Other times, the toy comes with its own unique texture for a specific purpose or benefit. Either way, be sure to choose something that suits your tolerance level and intentions, lest you be treated to something that’s far too extreme or not nearly as amazing as you needed it to be. Also, don’t forget about all the specially molded models that feature textures not often used in the standard devices.

The Orifices

First impressions last a lifetime, which is why the maker of these toys always tries to create safe, attractive and/or functional orifices for all of their male masturbators. Many of them are made to look realistic while some are non-anatomical and thus even more versatile than the human-like counterparts. For best results, look for orifices that suit your intended purposes. For example, if you buy a device for oral sex simulation, it only makes sense to pick an orifice that resembles a mouth. Usually, Fleshlight lets consumers pick and choose this option with the exception of a small handful of devices that feature their own unique openings for special purposes.

The Compatibility

Fleshlight toys are made to be incredibly compatible with one another, and some of them even get along with devices from outside brands like Kiiroo (their Onyx 2 and the Launch, for example). On the other hand, the Quickshot Launch only works with the Quickshot masturbator and the compact models won’t work with either one. Furthermore, some can’t be used with the Sleeve Warmer or Shower Mount and a couple require additional tech equipment to enjoy them as intended. No matter what you choose, do your homework. You’d be surprised how many add-ons and customization limitations there are to such a large and all-encompassing brand.

The Collection/Series

Many times, toys from the same collection will work in unison with one another, or at least compliment the functionality of the other. This is often the case with toys from the Fleshlight folks. They have more collections than any normal consumer can shake their stick at, plus most of them have special accessories and/or interchangeable features that can only be used with toys from the same series. Pay close attention here because this is where some consumers go wrong, and just because you bought something from one collection doesn’t mean you have to stay inside that box for the rest of your life. This is just a drill. 

The Purposes

Surprise! There’s more than one reason to masturbate with a sex toy. In fact, some men don’t do it just for the pleasure. A large portion of the male population actually uses high-end devices like these to increase their sexual stamina, bolster their bedroom prowess or both. Others might seek these things out to supplement physical intimacy with a long-distance partner or online porn performer. It really doesn’t matter that you’re looking for a new masturbator because millions of men do it every day and these bad boys are fucking amazing. What matters is that you’re well aware of the reason you’re here and you use that knowledge to pinpoint the perfect penis pleaser.


Q: How do I take proper care of this thing after I’ve used it?  

A: All sex toys require proper maintenance and cleanliness on the user’s part, but they don’t all call for the same routine. Be sure to read the care instructions that came with your device. The maker sells a specialized cleaning solution and a patented material renewal powder for good measure, but most of their toys can be quickly cleaned using warm water and a non-abrasive, antibacterial soap. Allow the toy’s material to dry fully before using it again.

Q: Is there a certain way I need to store my masturbator when I’m done?

A: After thoroughly cleaning your toy based on the included care instructions, always store your device in a clean, dry area. The space should be out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. If the toy comes with a storage container, which is rare for a Fleshlight, always keep it inside that container to prevent the collection of dirt and debris.

Q: Can I use one of these with a partner?

A: Your ability to enjoy a Fleshlight masturbator with a partner depends solely on the style of the device in question and the sexual intentions of the people using it. Open-ended toys are more conducive with manual couples play but interactive machines allow for real-time, hands-free stimulation no matter where the participants may be. As always, when using one of these things is a lover, be sure to discuss wants, needs and limitations before spending your money on anything. Keep in mind that interactive, long-distance Fleshlight toys may require additional equipment to use them as intended by the manufacturer.

Q: Will using an extreme Fleshlight texture make my dick stop working?

A: While it’s a known fact that persistent masturbation can have negative effects on a man’s body, using an extreme sleeve texture in a responsible way will not do damage to your penis or your ability to get it up. Sexual stamina and endurance can, however, be significantly improved with the right device and a regular masturbation regimen.

Q: What happens if I don’t like the sleeve material or texture I’ve chosen?

A: Unfortunately, Fleshlight doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee on the quality of their masturbation sleeves. Besides, the only way you’ll ever find out that you don’t like it is by testing it out, and we’re all pretty sure that would make a very messy mail-in rebate. Choose your cruise carefully but register any warranties and take advantage of coverage when you can.

Q: What is the Sleeve Warmer and do I need one of them?

A: The sleeve warming accessory is a durable PVC pole that gently heats the sleeve’s material to the same temperature as the average human body. It performs this trick within minutes and can be used several times in a row without damaging the integrity of the SuperSkin or silicone. It’s not a necessity to owning a Fleshlight brand sex toy, but it allows users to enjoy a more realistic masturbation experience and can improve the effectiveness of artificial penetration, especially when virtual reality is in use.

Q: Where do I find the compatible equipment for my high-tech Fleshlights?

A: Most of what you need to enjoy the full gamut of features on each Fleshlight toy is found right on their website or through the affiliate selling it. High-tech products require a little more, but you can choose between any mainstream VR equipment including Oculus and Google to make it all work. Mobile data and internet plans can vary at the consumer’s will, but security is not included with any of their interactive devices and some of them utilize smart phone apps as wireless controllers, thereby increasing the user’s need for boosted protection.

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