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The 14 Best Male Sex Toys in 2020

By Blake Parker
The 14 Best Male Sex Toys in 2020

There aren’t many bad things people can say anymore about male sex toys. After all, men are no longer beating their meat like it owes them money using calloused palms and rolled up tube socks. It’s a more sophisticated world out there, ladies and gentlemen. That means us guys have far more options than we ever thought possible. Getting non-stop good head, a bunch of highly decent hand jobs or even having simulated sex with a far-off partner are no longer fits of fantasy thanks to scientific advancements and perverted innovations. Oh, what a time to be alive!

There’s only one problem with this scenario and that’s how hard it is to find the right stuff when you’re a newbie. Hell, even self-proclaimed sex toy experts have a hard time sifting through the riffraff because the market is flooded and manufacturers are clever. It truly takes a keen eye and big enough balls to not give a damn about hurting feelings if you ever want to track down anything worth your time. On the other hand, you could always take my word for it because, quite frankly, I think sex toys are the best thing since sliced bread but I won’t let a shitty device get passed me for one hot second. It’s time to raise the bar, boys and girls.

In your search for a pleasure product that actually does what it’s designed to do, don’t forget to give the following 14 a closer look. A vast majority of men seem to like them (including me) and I think you will too:

#1 The Autoblow A.I.

The Autoblow A.I.

Made by one of the most in-touch group of horny individuals in the entire sex toy arena, the Autoblow A.I. was developed after thousands of hours of research regarding the best possible blowjob experience. It uses artificial intelligence to teach itself how you like it, plus it has a ton of user-friendly features to make each experience as unique as the man masturbating with it. Best of all, it can accommodate any penis size and has a texturized sleeve with a realistic orifice that can be swapped out for something else from the maker’s selection at any given time. And while it’s not the high-tech, interactive device some people are looking for, it’s probably the most powerful so far and it can also be used for hands-free stimulation.

I believe its high power comes from the fact that it gets plugged directly into a wall outlet instead of being ran off of a rechargeable USB battery (which is notoriously weak and surprisingly expensive). The AAI is capable of charging at the penis using 10 pre-set pleasure functions, one of which includes the on-board A.I. that keeps changing its technique until you get off. This bad boy even has a first-ever Edging Function – a pause button on the side that lets you star and stop each session as you please without losing your selected setting (perfect for tantric sex and/or stamina training exercises).

  • No charging needed for continual masturbation
  • Ergonomic control interface
  • Ideal for oral sex enthusiasts
  • Patented penis gripper for enhanced sensations and realism 
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Interchangeable sleeves may be difficult to remove and install

#2 The Automilker

The Automilker

The days of the ordinary pocket pussy are quickly being replaced by evenings with the Automilker by Autoblow. It's yet another one of their fine designs, only this one works to manually stimulate the penis through its uniquely versatile construction. Slide on through or fold over the top - both performance modes are just as hot and both can be enhanced with the push of a button. This space-age automated abstract buzzes to life using two independently functioning motors and one of the best control interfaces this side of the Milky Way galaxy. Best of all, it's practical silent and weighs next to nothing.

Okay, so the Autoblow Automilker doesn't have anatomically correct detailing or artificial intelligence like the brand's other toys, but it does have an interesting texture on the inside of the masturbation chamber and it's fully rechargeable via USB. Not quite convince that this shit is from another planet? It's also 100% waterproof and compatible with almost any toy or accessory in your collection (minus the penis stokers, of course). Ideal for individuals and/or couples, this bad boy just flew the bar to the moon and back.


Accommodates all penis sizes

Deep, divergent vibe patterns

Made from skin-safe materials


Button-hole closure may be hard to maneuver with wet hands

#3 The Autoblow SmartPump

The Autoblow SmartPump

It's not necessarily a toy but boy, oh boy, does this thing make those toys feel ten times better. Everyone knows that masturbation is more intense when your penis is primed, so it should make perfect sense for men to pump their junk before getting funky. The problem is that most devices are bullshit to use, with more moving parts than a high-performance vehicle and terrifying functionalities that make us look stupid while using them. Only does the Autoblow SmartPump keep you from making an ass out of yourself, plus it turns our flaccid sausage into something much more appetizing. If you ask me, that's definitely an idea to toy around with.

The cool part about this SmartPump is that it automatically monitors the level of vacuum pressure inside the clear, PVC chamber. That chamber, by the way, features a dual measuring gauge and can accommodate up to 8 inches of dick. Move through each setting with the press of a button and customize your experience without using the first handball pump or compression belt. There are numerous safety features, comfort functions, and experiences to enjoy, plus it's ideal for BDSM games due to the fact that it's so easy for either partner to use. By the way, it only has 3 pieces to manage - by far the simplest penis pump in mankind's history.

  • Quick charging battery
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made from durable, skin-safe materials
  • Donut may be too thin for some comfort levels

#4 The Autoblow Colibri

The Autoblow Colibri

You know those moments when things get super hot and heavy yet you don't have what's required to execute your wildest dreams? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to enjoy penile penetration and anal stimulation at the same time? Of course you have, and obviously there are numerous toys to make that happen. But what about your balls, your imagination, your perineum, your partner? Those things cannot be neglected, so you'll need something like the Autoblow Colibri or it's bust (in the worst way possible). This mighty machine has a little something for everyone, plus it keeps your lover in the loop by offering completely hands-free functionality.

As one of Autoblow's three prostate massagers, the Colibri is designed to stay in place through ergonomic shaping and integrating cock/ball loops. Meanwhile, the cord which connects the shaft with the rings is conductive, meaning you can feel the vibes on your taint simultaneously. This contraption is covered in silky-smooth silicone too, and it features dimensions that are ideal for the average man's body. So while it may be too powerful for some or too thick for others, this lightweight and compact plug is more than ideal for spontaneous moments and surprise butt stuff.

  • Super flexible shaft for maximum comfort
  • 9 divergent vibe patterns
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from durable, non-porous, skin-safe materials
  • Limited remote control range

#5 The Advanced Silicone Penis Ring Set

The Advanced Silicone Penis Ring Set

When traditional sex just ain't cutting it anymore, it's time to move up to the big leagues. There, players use all sorts of things to give and/or receive pleasure. Simple sex toys and accessories aren't enough to suffice their imaginations, so more creative methods must be used. What's a guy to do in those situations? Say "fuck it" and give up? No. He's supposed to look at the Advanced Silicone Penis Ring Set and move on with his life. This little kit is packed with six (6) different pieces, all of which can be used in numerous ways.

The Advanced Silicone Penis Ring Set is ideal for hardcore BDSM but it's also perfect for noobs and couples, mostly because it's so comfortable and versatile. Now, it won't fit every body type and there's a slight learning curve when using them for the first time, but once you've got the hang of it you're good to go. This kinky collection features attractive studding and stretchy materials to make it even more awesome, plus the straps are adjustable so you never have to play the blame game again. Restrict your dick or show off your shlong - there are no wrong answers here.


More than one strap can be snapped together

Easy to clean and maintain

Made from skin-safe materials


May not be suitable for all body types

#6 The Kiiroo Onyx +

The Kiiroo Onyx +

Those looking for the ultimate sex toy for interactive pleasures and maximum versatility need look no further than the Kiiroo brand’s most beloved product – the Onyx +. It’s a fully automated male masturbation device and it works with a wide variety of other toys, including the Kiiroo Pearl 2 (for women), another old school Onyx 2 and even the Fleshlight brand’s high-powered Launch machine. Together, these devices help create a rip-roaring experience in the bedroom, but the KO+ can be used all by itself if that’s your cup of tea. In fact, that’s probably how most men will prefer it because this bad boy has enough features to hold its own (for the most part).

It’s basically just a high-tech, compatible penis stroker but it’s capable of so much more than just jerking you off sans hands. First of all, it can be synced with prerecorded porn content via a Bluetooth connection and will also join forces with your partner’s device using motion sensors to deliver the perfect amount of motion in your ocean. It also has an enhanced chamber for more intense stimulation. Best of all, nobody has to know how big of a pervert you are because it’s whisper-quiet even on the highest setting.

  • Can be used wirelessly when not on the charger
  • Compatible with most virtual reality equipment
  • Improved battery life from the original Onyx
  • Fully rechargeable via standard USB
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes

#7 The TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV

 The TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV

A lot of men see the TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV as the answer to their prayers. A man who suffers from erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease (an unnatural curvature of the penis) usually has a hard time finding toys that will accommodate his mischievous penis. Fortunately, the mindful makers of this product understood the struggle and invented the world’s very first male masturbation device with a conveniently hinged design. It opens up like a book so you can open up your glans and dump them out. Perhaps its greatest achievement is the electronically delivered vibrations pulsating up and down the soft, texture-free core. Essentially, it is to men what the makeup compact is to women.

Because of its innovative design, it can accommodate nearly all penis sizes without needing the first inkling of an erection. On top of that, this un-basic bitch has a series of pleasurable vibes to explore (as mentioned) and each one can be controlled via some built-in buttons on the dominant side of the device. Did I mention that manual pressure pads on the top and bottom or the fact that it charges at lightning speed? And due to the extremely sleek design, it’s one of the best sex toys for men to travel with as well.

  • Customizable sensation combinations
  • Ideal for men with sexual health problems and/or mobility issues
  • Can be fully submerged in water
  • Rechargeable via standard USB
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • No texture on the masturbation sleeve

#8 The Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch

Hailed as one of the best automated sex device for men, the Fleshlight Launch is made by a brand that’s no stranger to the male orgasm. Their mighty machine is a testament to their adept manufacturing standards, with high-end components and a powerful motor that’s ran by a driveshaft that can pinpoint 3 distinct zones on the penis. This quirky yet convenient little number may look big and intimidating to some, but that’s only because it’s made to house any full-sized male masturbation unit from the mother brand’s inventory. High-tech and highly versatile, the FL machine is perfect for any man or couple who wants to enjoy real-time interactions and realistic sensations at the same time.

This bad boy is set to stroke the penis at speeds of up to 180 pumps per minute (which is exactly three times per second if you can imagine). Each pleasure setting can be manipulated using the ergonomic touch-sensitive control panel on the front of the machine and all features can be quickly syncs to a massive online library of 2D and 3D porn content via Bluetooth to support a thrill ride of epic proportions. Ideal for individuals and especially long-distance couples, the Fleshlight Launch may require spare parts to get started but it’s well worth the investment for the right owner.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with the Kiiroo Onyx 2
  • Cruise Control function for wireless fun
  • Fully rechargeable via standard USB
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Requires additional toys and equipment to use, sold separately

#9 The LELO Hugo

The LELO Hugo

Male sex toys can, should and do include prostate pleasure devices because, let’s face it, an orgasm isn’t quite the same without a little butt play action. Apparently, the folks at LELO understand that very well, because their Hugo prostate massager is no fucking joke. It’s sized just right for the average man’s body, only it’s a little larger than what a newbie might want. Still, this well-hung hero features a silky-smooth silicone covering and a tapered tip for easier insertion with enough water-based anal lube. On top of that, the damn thing vibrates too so you know it’s going to produce an insane amount of p-spot pleasure.

In fact, the LELO brand’s Hugo machine is so nicely formed that it features a bulbous shaft and a dual pronged designed for maximum stimulation of the perineum. Anatomically correct and ergonomically sound, this beast measures a generous yet comfortable 5.5 inches in total insertable length and has a 4-inch girth paired with it. The vibes are set to jingle the entire contraption and everything is slightly flexible to ensure optimal contact with the prostate gland even if the entire length of the shaft isn’t inserted.

  • Six pre-programmed pleasure settings to explore
  • Comes with a wireless remote control for couple’s play
  • Controller doubles as an external massager
  • Fully rechargeable via standard USB
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Batteries not included for the wireless remote

#10 The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

The Fleshlight brand is notorious for offering luxury-grade pleasure products and a few of them look like they came straight from the future – the hefty and high-tech Quickshot Launch, for example. It’s designed to function a lot like the original Launch device, but it’s a more compact and more travel-ready version with a specialized masturbation sleeve attachment and a bunch of ergonomic components to keep it focused on the main mission: Getting you off as quickly and efficiently as possible. Interestingly, this powerful bastard has the highest stroke speed on the market – 240 pumps per minute to be exact.

So, what makes the masturbation sleeve so “specialized,” you ask? Well, for starters it’s completely transparent. It’s also open-ended, which makes the device super easy to clean and maintain. There’s a universal smart phone mount on the top of the device and the whole thing can be controlled via a set of ergonomic handlebars on each side (both with built-in buttons by the way). The Quickshot Launch by Fleshlight is so adept to the human penis, in fact, that it can also pinpoint three distinct pleasure zones while it twerks and jerks. So, while it may not be the super compatible device some guys are looking for, it offers the same great sensational sessions without all the extra parts required.

  • Comes with access to the largest online porn library
  • Compatible with most virtual reality gear
  • Ergonomic design for improved handling
  • No interchangeable sleeve available

#11 The WE-Vibe Vector

The WE-Vibe Vector

Couple’s play shouldn’t be limited to things that include only the two main genitalia. Playing around with the anus can be a lot of fun too, which is probably why the brand best known for their couples-friendly selection has finally made such a high-quality prostate massager. The WE-Vibe name is synonymous with togetherness and kink, with their Vector p-spot stimulator no exception. Shaped and sized for precision pleasure, this interactive bad boy consists of a dual pronged device and its compatible wireless remote which supports short-distance erotica. It also comes with a downloadable WE-Connect smart phone app that allows for long-distance play, by the way.

While it may seem like the perfect product to most, it does have a few flaws including its relatively small size and its lack of ridges and texturization. However, the fact that it features 10 different vibe settings and operates damn near silently is enough to make it ideal for a wide variety of users. The Vector is also covered in a washable, satin-like silicone material which makes it fully submersible in water, and it can be quickly recharged using the included USB battery cable too. Never run out of power either, thanks to the conveniently placed alert light that helps you manage the flow of playtime better.

  • Flexible base to enhance comfort
  • Tapered ends for easier insertion and removal
  • Extra long battery life (device only)
  • Batteries not included for the wireless remote

#12 The Fleshlight Girls Collection

The Fleshlight Girls Collection

You haven’t lived until you’ve fucked a porn star, and you’ll probably never fuck a porn star. So, now what? Well, the closest you’ll probably ever get is using a male sex you that’s designed exclusively for fans of porn performers. As the first of its kind, the Fleshlight Girls Collection features an impressive selection of high-end masturbation devices with unique canal textures and specially molded orifices for enhanced visual appeal. What did I just say to you? I said the FGC is a bunch of pussy replicas with details like your favorite slut’s pussy or ass, that’s what. Fight me. You know you want one, especially considering how these bad boys are the same size, weight and shape as your standard Fleshlight device.

Best of all, each one features its own unique sleeve texture to match the orifice you choose. Lightweight, portable, and compact, these discreet dick teasers also have the porn star’s signature raised on the top of the toy which, by the way, is one of the easiest to clean and maintain thanks to the removeable sleeve function. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks, unless you’re worried about needing continual muscle power to jerk off with it. Then, you might have a problem (but certainly not one that can’t be solved by investing in more sex toys).

  • Compatible with the Fleshlight Launch
  • Uses flesh colored SuperSkin material for enhanced realism
  • Interchangeable sleeves/orifices available for each device
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes

#13 The CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite

The CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite

You’ve probably heard of the CyberSkin brand by now and if you haven’t, welcome out from under the rock. Their Twerking Butt Elite is one of the best-selling sex toys for men and it’s easy see why. This thing features dual holes so that users can be choosers instead of beggars, plus each hole welcomes the penis via a tight, detailed orifice and both have their own unique texture to experience. Best of all, there’s an integrated heating element included with this toy, meaning you can warm it up to the same temperature as a human partner and enjoy more realistic experimentation as a result.

You can make this pretty girl do your bidding by using the built-in control interface, clicking buttons on the included wire-connected remote or through the free downloadable smart phone app that’s included. And you know what else is included? A pair of VR goggles for the compatible porn library, can you believe that shit? It’s weighted for a good thrust and set at an angle for maximum penetration, plus it twerks to your heart’s delight too so it’s a lot like fucking a real person in my opinion (as long as I’ve got my blindfold on).

  • Control three different ways
  • Fleshy materials for enhanced realism
  • Ideal for all penis sizes
  • Relatively short battery life

#14 The Cobra Libre II

The Cobra Libre II

This little number doesn’t get the kind of attention I think it deserves, but it’s rather impressive and it features a very innovative design. At first glance, it looks like a sneaky snake with its mouth ready to swallow your balls and quite honestly, that’s pretty much what it is. The Cobra Libre II doesn’t jerk you off automatically or mimic the sensations of any particular sex act, but it pleasures the corona of the penis exclusively so you can get the most intense orgasms possible. When used with a partner or paired with a prostate toy, the CL2 is one bitchen ass pleasure product. It’s basically the male version of a clit sucker for women, only it’s not designed to suck and it probably shouldn’t be used on the ladies.

Either way, the entire contraption is made out of durable, non-porous, hypoallergenic materials and they house a powerful vibrating motor that sends a series of stimulating rumbles to the targeted pleasure zone. Depending on how you hold it, you can stimulate other parts of the penis as well, although the sensations can wane in intensity the further you go inside because of the suction controls, or lack thereof. At least it’s quiet, USB rechargeable, and offers an ergonomic built-in control interface, so you can flip it and twist it until you find something you actually like.

  • Can be fully submersed in water
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Ideal for stamina training exercises
  • May be somewhat difficult to clean

The Male Sex Toy Buyer’s Guide

So many of us get overly excited when it cums time to select the best male sex toy, and that can be very dangerous. Without a bunch of men working together to keep the bar high, we’ll all be forced to fuck ourselves with bare hands and homemade fifis again. I don’t know about you, but that shit sounds horrible to me. I’d like to masturbate with high-end pleasure products all the time, but apparently there are some guys out here who don’t seem to mind a low-quality product and they’re setting us back with every single purchase.

Don’t be a part of the problem, dudes. Be a part of the solution instead. It goes like this: We start demanding luxury-grade stuff and the manufacturers have no choice but to comply. The days of blow-up sex dolls are long gone, thankfully and conveniently replaced with devices that blow our minds as much as they blow our dicks. It’s time we started enjoying the fruits of our labor, but that’s only possible if we educate ourselves on the topic as soon as possible. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

What Is a Male Sex Toy?

Basically, a sex toy for men is a specially made device aimed at pinpointing the various erogenous zones of a man’s body. This can include the penis, the prostate and/or the perineum. In many cases, male sex toys consist of components, features, functions and detailing that are specific to the average dude’s erotic desires. And because even the average guy is a unique little butterfly, today’s manufacturer offers a wide variety of options which, unfortunately, can make shopping for the right one a huge pain in the ass.

The Most Common Features

One way to cut through the bullshit is to take a closer look at certain features on today’s top-selling devices to see why so many men love to use them. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what good masturbation feels like, but clever marketers will try to hide what they don’t want you to know until they have your money in their hand. Don’t believe all the hype until you’ve checked out the following features which, by the way, will always exist on the best male sex toys:

  • Specialized Pleasure Textures

Whether super smooth or rugged like the side of a mountain, all decent sex toys for men have special textures that are designed to milk the penis or p-spot by stimulating the various nerve endings in the shaft or gland. In fact, some are made for the expressed purposes of forcing an orgasm to promote better self-control and fewer bouts of premature ejaculation.

  • Customizable Speeds and Intensity Levels

Good male masturbation toys almost always come equipped with various pleasure settings, each of which have their own levels of speed and/or intensity for the user to explore either via an ergonomic built-in control interface or through a wired/wireless remote. Devices without these settings aren’t necessarily bad, it’s just that they’ll need to pull more weight in other departments to be worthy contenders.

  • Interchangeable Pleasure Components

Aside from the vibrations, sonic waves and stroke pattern variety mentioned above, customization needs to go a bit further in order for a male sex toy to be considered “amazing” in any regard. Sleeves that pull out to be swapped with another are always welcome, but not all devices have that feature. Either way, good products at least allow you to tailor various components before you buy.

  • Integrated Power Sources

Today’s top-selling pleasure products for men feature power sources that don’t require much, if anything, in the way of external equipment. Usually, these power sources are used to run an automatic stroking engine or an internal vibrator. Manufacturers integrate USB rechargeable batteries quite a lot for this these days, with only a handful of plug-in/electrical devices still kicking ass in the background (thank God).

5 Things to Look for

Keep in mind that just because you have a good sense of what’s available doesn’t mean you know exactly what to look for. Again, the marketing teams employed by these sex toy makers out here will have you believing one thing then finding out another. Avoid the trappings of convincing advertisements by looking for the following things:

  • Mucho Marvelous Materials

First and foremost, the materials with which any sex toy is made matter more than any pleasure function it does or doesn’t have. The reason: You could be allergic and not even know it. On top of that, you could be using the wrong kind of lube. High-quality materials not only feel more like real human skin but they also perform better and last longer overall.

  • Ergonomics for the Male Anatomy

A toy made for a woman’s body will look, feel and function much differently than one made for a man and that should be obvious as soon as you look at the son of a bitch. There should either be a penis-sized hole to insert your member or an anal-sized shaft to insert into your ass. Furthermore, you should spot gripper points, casing curves and/or button placements that are appropriate for the average man’s hand (especially if it’s a manual device).

  • Fuck-Worthy Functionality

Put simply, if the device you choose can’t do what it’s made to do then it’s pretty much worthless. Let’s say you buy an automatic stroking machine and it’s powered by a USB battery only. Chances are, it won’t give you the kind of robust sensations you desire plus it will probably start lagging when you shove your fat cock into it. No Bueno.

  • Visuals-a-Plenty

 Although you may be experiencing most of your orgasms from here on out with your eyes closed tightly as they roll back into your skull, it’s still important for all your male sex toys to have great detailing and an attractive appearance. After all, who wants to fuck something that looks like shit? It’s not too much to ask for some alternatively shaped orifices with labial folds and wrinkling, trust me. 

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

You can have all the awesome features in the world and it won’t make a difference if the product you buy is too difficult to take care of. Look for something that can be quickly dumped out and wiped down without any special products required (outside of the normal cleaning agents you typically use). Rule of thumb: There’s a right way and a wrong way to get dirty. Choose wisely.

Things to Know

Remember, marketers are going to try anything and everything to get that money out of your pocket. Their clever ploy may sometimes include the use of omitted information, embellished data, or clandestine photography. It’s all smoke and mirrors aimed at using your desires against you. Handle it like a champ by knowing yourself better than they do. Have the following information down pat before going shopping for a male sex toy of any kind:

  • You Skin Type

Believe it or not, you could have an allergy to something in your sex toys and not even know it. Rashes, irritations, infections and other unspeaking things can pop up when the wrong materials are used. Your skin type, no matter how sensitive or not, would be best suited with silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stainless steel, glass, or a patented polycarbonate blend like SuperSkin, CyberSkin, or FantaFlesh. 

  • Your Preferred Lubricant

The type of lube you like to use will play a significant role in your experience with any sex toy, it doesn’t matter if it’s for internal or external use (or both). You see, lube ingredients react to the ingredients in the toy’s materials, causing major problems if the two aren’t compatible. As a general rule, your best bet is to stick with water-based varieties as they’re compatible with all skin types and device coverings (plus they don’t stain anything and can last a really long time).

  • Your Intentions

 Are you in the game for strictly pleasure or are you searching for something with a little more substance? Did you know that there are devices out there being specially made for things like stamina training, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and couple’s intimacy therapy? Knowing exactly what you came here for will help you pinpoint the perfect toy with as much accuracy as the perfect toy pinpoints the nerve endings on your penis.

  • Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle woes get in the way of so many perfectly good orgasms it’s unreal. Between thin walls, nosey neighbors, roommates, family members, and partners, it can e difficult to just sit back and enjoy a male masturbator without causing trouble. Think about your living situation. Does the toy in question have everything you need and nothing you don’t or will there have to be some adjustments made?

  • Your Budget

Keep in mind that the base price of any sex toy for men usually excludes the cost of upkeep and maintenance. On top of that, some devices require extra equipment to enjoy the full spectrum of their features. Try to remember your budget throughout the shopping process and don’t forget about the cost of necessary accessories, cleaning supplies, storage and lube. This is supposed to be an investment in your sex like, so treat it like one. Swiftly register any warranties you might get.

The End Game

No matter what it is that you finally decide on, be sure it’s got all the features and functional components you need to begin using it immediately. Remember, it’s not always about the cost, the packaging, the brand affiliation or the popularity. Sometimes, it comes down to the overall design and features of the toy, although products with high marks across the board are your best bet.


Q: Is there a special way to store something like this when I get done using it?

A: As with anything that you plan to put in direct contact with your bare skin, it’s important to take care of it properly between uses. This especially includes sex toys for men considering how many different bodily fluids can be dumped inside a single orifice, or how much bacteria can be put on an internal stimulation device like a p-spot massager. With all that said, the best way to properly store your plaything is to keep it up somewhere safe like a closet, dresser drawer or bedside table. Use any storage containers provided and keep the device out of direct sunlight or extreme hot/cold temperatures and moisture at all times.

Q: Seriously, how am I supposed to clean out something I just got done ejaculating into?

A: Fortunately, today’s best male sex toy makers know how real the masturbation struggle is, which is why most of them create devices that are very easy to clean. In most cases, you’ll only need to dump the contents of the sleeve into the trash, toilet or sink and then rinse the product out with warm water and a non-abrasive, antibacterial soap (unless otherwise stated by the maker). As always, pay close attention to the instructions on the box or in the owner’s manual as they may include steps not typically taken in the usual routine. Allow each device to fully dry in clear, fresh air before enjoying it again.

Q: Do I need to have or buy any special equipment to use a male sex toy as intended?

A: The equipment required to fully enjoy your new sex toy depends on its design. Usually, interactive and/or high-tech devices need extra items like smart phones, downloadable apps, virtual reality gear, or spare batteries for wireless remote controls and accessories. However, even the low-tech stuff needs a few special products lying around for good measure. As a good rule of thumb, always have plenty of water-based lube, some sex toy cleaning solutions, material renewal powders (if needed), and dry surfaces on deck.

Q: Are there any skills required to make sure I don’t get hurt or break anything?

A: Aside from knowing how to pleasure yourself with either a manual or automatic plaything, you really don’t need to have any other special skills for these types of toys. In fact, the good ones are typically made to require as little effort on the user’s behalf as humanly possible. On the contrary, some higher-end products need your input in the form of manual manipulation of certain controls to create a satisfying experience. Keep in mind that toys which require special equipment may also require a level of knowledge on how to use that equipment.  

Q: What happens if my fancy new machine breaks shortly after I buy it?

A: Hopefully, that kind of thing won’t happen because you’ve used the advice provided in the guide to select a great male masturbation device. If, however, something does go wrong, be sure to wield your provided warranty with wisdom. You should have registered it within the first 30 days of your purchase to keep it valid. In the event that you didn’t, or if the manufacturer didn’t provide a quality promise, seek help from the brand’s representative in the form of spare parts, replacement toys or refunds (where applicable).

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