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The 11 Best Lubes for Men in 2020

By Blake Parker
The 11 Best Lubes for Men in 2020

One of my biggest regrets in life is not using the right lubrication when I had the chance. Have you ever been in the grips of passion with someone you’ve been fantasizing about for years only to get halted by some shitty bottle of low-grade lubricant? Well, I have, and it’s not something I like to talk about because my therapist says so. In fact, the scene is the exact reason why I started searching for better stuff. After all, far too many emergency room visits happen each year because of stupid, avoidable mistakes like that and I wasn’t about to have my ass handed to me again.

The first step in my recovery was figuring out ways to determine the worth of a lubricant without having to waste my time, money and reputation on it first. I still had to go through several rounds of trial and error before I found what I was looking for, and even then, my hopes swayed between extreme highs and lows like a crackhead’s mood coming off the pipe. I eventually accepted that I had become addicted to the chase, especially as soon as I started gaining headway. Meanwhile, my love life was improving, my dick was getting softer, and the memory of that fateful day was becoming foggier by the second.

Moral of the story: Lubricant can make or break an erotic experience. Those who don’t use don’t always enjoy life as much, those who use poor quality products have similar luck, and those who do their homework to find the right stuff end up bragging about their experiences to the rest of us. It all depends on which team you want to be on and how long you want to be on this chase. As for me, winning is pretty much the only option here. So, check out these top 11 lubes for men if you want to be in the cool kids’ club with me:

#1 Faplube


When you're jerking off or having sex and it's feeling really good, how hard is it for you to stop just to apply more lubricant? If you're anything like me, it's damn near impossible. The only thing worse is trying to lube up a dilapidated device that has more miles on it than the first Model T. High traffic sex toys require special attention, and that special attention almost always comes in the form of a high-grade lubricant. Faplube - a gentle formulation created by the makers of the Autoblow A.I. - is made specifically for your favorites. After all, who knows about nonstop pleasure better than these guys?

This super slippery-never sticky stuff has skin-nourishing ingredients that are compatible with all complexions, plus the industry-leading goop inside this bottle is guaranteed to protect your pleasure products from the harms of friction. Each container offers hundreds of uses thanks to the lube's long-lasting nature and the bottle's generous portion size. However, a little goes quite a long way with Faplube so please apply sparingly so you have plenty for the sessions to cum.

  • Convenient pour-style bottle
  • Silky, long-lasting ingredients
  • Clear, non-staining formula
  • Completely odorless
  • Made from high-end, skin-safe ingredients
  • No bonus sensations to enhance sex toy use

#2 Kiiroo Spark Warming Lube

Kiiroo Spark Warming Lube

For a lot of people, hearing or seeing the word “Kiiroo” gets them automatically excited because they know the product in question is good. The brand, which is based in Amsterdam and has been a leader in the industry for years, makes a large number of high-end pleasure products and accessories, including their warming lube called Spark. Sold in individual 2oz. (60ml) bottles and just recently as part of a three pack, this premium personal lube gets slightly hotter as the friction increases and it rinses off quickly with a quick splash of water. Best of all, it can be used on all sex toys because it’s made with compatible ingredients.

As expected, the globally recognized brand’s water-based blend is crafted with luxurious components thus resulting in a thin, evenly spreadable liquid. The sensations are strong and things never become sticky when the product begins to dry, but Kiiroo Spark Warming Lube might not be everything you’re looking for because it doesn’t last as long as some others and may need several reapplications during lengthy sessions. However, it’s completely paraben, latex and phthalate free, meaning it’s not likely to cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. Plus, I guess this stuff is officially vegan-friendly so at least you can feel good about yourself while you put dozens of dollops into your hands.

  • Convenient pump-style bottle
  • Travel-ready container dimensions
  • Clear, non-staining formula
  • Warms on contact, increases thereafter
  • Made from high-end, skin-safe ingredients
  • May produce sensations that are too intense for some

#3 ID Glide Original

ID Glide Original

If you haven’t heard of the ID Glide brand then I think it’s safer to say that you’ve been living under a rock than it is to say you’ve been having any decent sex. I could be wrong. Still, the well-known manufacturer’s flagship lube, IDG Original, boasts a proprietary blend of hypoallergenic ingredients that create a hyper-realistic sensation. By that I mean this stuff looks, feels and performs like true human love juices usually do. It’s considered one of the best personal lubricants on the market for several reasons, although a handful of consumers have complained about its longevity and simplicity.  

Either way, ID Glide Original is a formidable contender in terms of its purity and minimalism – two properties that are ideal for beginners, anal sex lovers, oral aficionados and/or sex toy enthusiasts. And although it contains potential allergens and has no special features to speak of, this silky-smooth stuff is condom compatible, offers a neutral taste, and has a water-based list of ingredients that makes it perfect for most skin types and activities. In fact, ID Glide performs so well it was rated number one by Men’s Health Magazine (just not by me because I like my lubes with a little more personality).

  • Ergonomic pump-style bottle
  • Extra long-lasting liquid
  • Thin, clear, non-staining formula
  • Completely odorless
  • Made from high-grade ingredients
  • Contains parabens

#4 Fleshlube


This stuff is made by one of the best-known sex toy manufacturers in the entire industry and it shows. Fleshlube by Fleshlight is a water-based personal lubricant that offers superior slickness and sex toy-safe ingredients that last a long time without becoming sticky, tacky or nasty. According to the maker, it’s made with some of the highest quality components and under strict standards, although some consumers scoff at its relatively small bottle size and not-so-convenient opening. Either way, the product inside is often hailed as one of the best formulas for the brand’s massive inventory of pleasure devices because of the patented material they typically use. 

Hypoallergenic and paraben-free Fleshlube is available in three different bottle sizes (4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz), each with the exact same kind of nozzle (no substitutions available, unfortunately). This luxurious, USA-made formula is advertised as gentle on sensitive skin and is sometimes given away as a sample with the manufacturer’s most sought-after sex toys. Ideal for all kinds of lovemaking, it’s no wonder why so many people currently have a bottle of this stuff somewhere in their nightstand. It also doesn’t stain your bed fabrics and it’s one of the easiest lubes to wash off (if you even need to).

  • Fortified with aloe leaf juice for skin nourishment
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin
  • Improves the condition of some sex toy materials
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made from high-grade, skin-safe ingredients
  • No bonus sensations to enhance sex toy use

#5 pJur Back Door

pJur Back Door

pJur is a relatively popular brand that makes a wide variety of high-quality sex toy cleaning solutions and lubricants. Their top-shelf anal lube called Back Door is crafted out of high-end ingredients that enhance the sensations of butt play while assisting with pain for a more enjoyable experience. It uses a proprietary blend to work its magic, which includes things like moisturizing the skin and promoting easier insertion into tight spots. The liquid inside each bottle is also fortified with jojoba extracts that are known for their muscle relaxing effects and pleasant scent. Best of all, each container features a simple and convenient squeeze design that makes it super easy to use when things get slippery.

It may not be the best option for men or women looking for sensation enhancement because it more or less numbs the contact point in a safe and natural way. However, this stuff is perfect for anyone who’s experimenting with anal penetration for the first time, plus it’s completely edible and even vegetarian approved. On top of that, it’s made from a silicone base which means it’s compatible with all skin types and won’t stain your clothes or bedding no matter how hard you try. It’s also easy to wash off with a little soap and water, just in case you plan to get out of bed at some point.

  • Extra long-lasting liquid
  • Fast-acting numbing effects
  • Condom compatible
  • Can be used vaginally
  • Made with high-grade, skin-safe ingredients
  • Not compatible with silicone sex toys

#6 LELO Personal Moisturizer

LELO Personal Moisturizer

If you’ve been sexually active for more than three seconds and haven’t heard about the LELO brand, I feel extremely sorry for you. This manufacturer is known for their luxury-grade pleasure products, many of which are compatible with one another. As a major part of the inventory’s support system, their Personal Moisturizer is made exclusively for use with pleasure products of all varieties (even the latex ones). It’s pH balanced for sensitive skin, fortified with aloe vera to nourish the complexion as it absorbs and compatible with most condoms. Did I mention that it’s free from potential allergens like paraben, glycerin, and fragrances? Yeah, that too.

It might not be the perfect lube for everyone, though, because it’s slightly thick and the dual purpose reduces its longevity a tad. However, its sophisticated packaging has a way of making up for certain shortcomings in my opinion. After all, who doesn’t like a lotion that doubles as a lubricant? LELO Personal Moisturizer is a water-based product, by the way, which means it’s safe for all skin types and never stains fabrics. Best of all, despite its rather lacking longevity, this stuff never leaves behind a tacky residue but actually provides a silky-soft finish on anything it comes in contact with.

  • Non-greasy lotion
  • Can be used for non-sexual purposes
  • Convenient bottle design
  • Attractive and discreet container, perfect for gifting
  • Made from high-grade, skin-safe ingredients
  • No bonus sensations to enhance sex toy use

#7 KY Jelly Yours & Mine

KY Jelly Yours & Mine

Designed for heterosexual couples (although perfectly suitable for homosexual unions as well), the KY Jelly brand’s Yours & Mine Lubrication Set offers gender-specific skin protection through the use of two distinct yet compatible formulas. Each of the bottles contains specially formulated ingredients to enhance the sensations of sex and/or masturbation, with convenient container designs and travel-ready dimensions. And while the formula contains glycerin and sucralose which makes it a bad choice for some couples who have a partner with sensitive skin or blood sugar issues, it also contains skin-nourishing honey and mentholated properties that produce a comfortable tingling effect.

As a matter of fact, each lube in the KY Yours & Mine kit offers a unique sensation. Hers tingles on contact while his gets busy warming as soon as it touches the skin. The petite, squeeze-style bottles make quick applications a cinch, plus a little goes a long way with this concentrated formula. Created by a well-known manufacturer and sold by the truckload all over the world, the contents of these bottles can also be mixed together for an extremely unique experience. This stuff does, however, contain a few potential allergens like paraben, so don’t use it if you’re unsure how certain ingredients will affect you.

  • Water-based for increased versatility
  • Can be used interchangeably
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • May not be suitable for all body types 

#8 Sliquid Silver

Sliquid Silver

This super concentrated personal lubricant offers one of the most simplified list of ingredient this side of the Mississippi. Furthermore, it’s 100% vegan and vegetarian approved, uses a non-toxic formulation, and stays where you put it until you spread it around. This thick, luxurious liquid outperforms many of its competitors in longevity, purity, and quantity, plus it’s made to remain in constant action even if you decide to hop in the shower or tub with it on. Best of all, Sliquid Silver is completely water-resistant yet it washes off easily with the addition of a little hypoallergenic soap.

This silicone-based lubrication is, as most silicone lubes are, extremely long-lasting but it’s also nourishing to the skin and protective of your sex toy materials (most of the time). It’s actually formulated to enhance the sensations and functionality of the user’s own bodily fluids, meaning it works with your anatomy instead of against it. Moreover, this stuff is fragrance-free and never leaves a nasty residue when you’re done using it. And if that wasn’t enough to float your boat, I’ll have you know that this liquid is also eco-friendly and packaged inside a convenient pump-style bottle. Now that’s the kind of resume that leaves some competitors running for their money.

  • Vegetarian approved for oral
  • Recommended for expectant mothers
  • Made from high-quality, skin-safe ingredients
  • Not compatible with silicone sex toys

#9 TENGA Wild Lotion

TENGA Wild Lotion

Few things in life can compare to having sex your way, and that’s exactly what the TENGA brand says they’re all about. Fully customizable experiences are the bee’s knees, which makes their Wild Lotion a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their sex toy playtime or couple’s activities. This sophisticated stuff is formulated with high-grade ingredients to produce explosive ecstasy through its innovative infusion of menthol, delivering tingles of pleasure as soon as it comes in contact with the skin. Best of all, it’s suitable for nearly all skin types and can even be used with condoms and disposable pocket pussies.

This massive six-ounce bottle of personal lubrication is water based, meaning it’s compatible with all materials and won’t stain your fabrics. Designed exclusively for use with the TENGA Flip Zero EV, its unique formulation transmits motion and provides a smooth, effortless glide whether the user is engaged in manual or automatic stimulation. And while it’s not contained in a pump-style bottle, it has travel-ready dimensions and an extra discreet label. I forgot to mention this stuff can also be used as a traditional moisturizer, although that property slightly reduces the longevity of it, making it less ideal for anal penetration.

  • Ideal for use with TENGA brand sex toys
  • Large, convenient bottle design
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Sensations may be too extreme for some users

#10 Doc Johnson TitanMan

Doc Johnson TitanMan

You’ve probably heard the Doc Johnson name a time or two by now, but did you know that the brand makes more than just sex toys? Their lineup for lubes is impressive, and it includes the TitanMan formulation that’s often considered their top-of-the-line representative. It offers ideal levels of slipperiness without any stickiness, plus it’s made to be super easy to use and simple to clean up. The water-based formula is non-staining, non-irritating (for most people), but never non-essential. It contains zero fragrances or dyes and comes in an extra-large container too. This is the kind of product that gives me those warm, fuzzy feelings on the inside.

It does, however, contain glycerin and propylparaben, which may be a slight problem for some folks. Either way, it can be used with condoms, is ideal for use with sex toys of all varieties and can also be used vaginally or anally. Contained within a rather large bottle that may or may not be suitable for travel, it’s enough product to last a long time and that might not even be necessary. This stuff is already long-lasting on its own, so I feel like one bottle could last the right person a lifetime. The pump-style nozzle is a nice touch as well, it’s just too bad Doc Johnson’s TitanMan doesn’t offer extra sensations like tingling or warming.

  • Vegetarian and PETA approved
  • Large, ergonomic bottle design
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Contains potential allergens

#11 System Jo Classic Hybrid

System Jo Classic Hybrid

It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, the word “hybrid” always makes it sound more interesting. And I’m not sure if that was a clever marketing ploy of System Jo’s behalf or not, but one thing I do know is that their Classic Hybrid lube is one of my favorites. Not only is this gentle product completely waterproof (which meant I used in incessantly in the shower, but that’s neither here nor there), but it’s also compatible with condoms, sex toys, and most skin types thanks to its water-based formulation. It does, however, contain trace amounts of propylene glycol, which may be irritating to some users.

On the bright side, the maker uses the word “hybrid” because it’s a mixture of water and silicone. This offers users the best of both worlds for the consumer, especially the consumer with sensitive skin or an obsession with latex. And while it’s not ideal for silicone sex toys and it doesn’t offer any extra sensations for pleasure enhancement, this is a solid lube that significantly reduces friction while remaining in place and nourishing the skin. It washes off easily with hypoallergenic soap and water too, plus it will never stain your shit because System Jo don’t get down like that.

  • Vegetarian approved for oral
  • Convenient squeeze bottle
  • Made from high-quality, skin-safe ingredients
  • May not be suitable for all body types

The Lube Buying Guide

You’ve got about a million different personal lubricants to choose from out here. Do you have any idea which of them one to choose? Like most men (and women), making a selection is a lot like swimming in the dating pool – you never quite know what you’re getting until you undress it and all your friends have different opinions about it. Few people can walk straight up to a shelf full of lubes and pick the perfect one out. It just doesn’t work like that. Procuring the most luxurious lubrication requires more diligence than you used when selecting your last relationship. This isn’t going to be as easy as your ex-girlfriend. Sorry I’m not sorry.

What Is Lube?

Lube (otherwise known as lubricant or, my personal favorite, “crotch grease”) is a specialized topical substance that’s used during intercourse and/or masturbation to reduce or eliminate friction between body parts and/or sex toys. Friction, which generally produces heat and subsequent skin irritation, can significantly decrease a person’s orgasmic intensity and put them at risk of dermal breakage and bacterial infection. FUN FACT: Some lubes are made specifically to transmit pleasurable forces or energies such as vibration and electrostimulation.

In fact, today’s personal lubrication market is mighty and massive, especially by comparison to what it once was (virtually non-existent). Men and women now have more formulas than ever before, with a wide range of base ingredients, bottle styles, scents, consistencies and price points to sift through. It’s like a proverbial jungle out there, and our only hope is to become educated about ourselves, the lube industry and the pros and cons thereof. So, strap in, boys and girls. Shit just got real.

Who Uses This Stuff?

Lubricants are used in an extremely wide variety of applications, from high-tech medical procedures and delicate mechanical engineering to skilled electrical work and enhanced sexual gratification. For the sake of this buying guide, however, we will be discussing the latter form only. Personal lubes used for improved pleasure are important, which may explain why they’re used by so many people from all over the world (both male and female).

Generally speaking, folks whip out a bottle of high-quality lube for these 5 basic reasons:

·      To make insertion more comfortable

·      To experiment with different sensations

·      To protect their skin from irritation

·      To respect the functionality of a sex toy

·      To moisturize after sex or showering

That’s right. There’s more than one reason for a consumer to own at least one container of lubricant, especially if they’re being sexually active in a mature and responsible way. The hard part, unfortunately, is knowing what exactly that means. Well, I’ll tell you this: It definitely doesn’t start with using the first thing you can get your horny little hands on. Truth be told, it begins when you understand the importance of doing your homework.

5 Things to Look For When Buying A Lube

Part of lube buying due diligence (AKA homework) is knowing what to look for versus what to avoid. Manufacturers will shove their products down your throat until you give in, friends will dole out recommendations like it’s their job, and your instincts aren’t nearly as sharp as you think they are. For example, did you know that modern-day marketing involves special psychological tricks designed to influence your decision-making process? It’s a sick, sad world, ladies and gentlemen. Arm yourself with knowledge because, let’s face it, you’re a dead man without it.

For starters, here are the 5 most important things to look for when shopping for a new lube:

1. The Base Ingredient

The main ingredient, or base, of any lubricant matters more than anything else when you get right down to it. That’s because the base ingredient determines how the lube can and should be used. For example, certain ingredients may not be compatible with some sex toy materials and skin types, plus many can stain your fabrics and clothing if you’re not careful how you use them. For a large percentage of sexually active people, water-based lubes are considered superior. Either way, be sure to look for something that’s safe for use and be especially cautious around products that are made by unknown or unscrupulous manufacturers. After all, this shit is going right onto your precious twig and berries. Do you really want to take that gamble?

2. The Scent

While many people enjoy a lubricant that features a specialized aroma, some prefer their crotch grease sans scent and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, added fragrances can sometimes cause an allergic reaction or rash, so it makes sense to consider the smell when shopping for the slippery stuff. Keep in mind as well that we all have our own unique opinions about what’s pleasant and what’s not. So, when a manufacturer claims their product’s aroma is refreshing, remain skeptical until you either smell it for yourself or read enough consumer reviews to get a good grasp on reality. To simplify the situation and avoid this entire debacle, just pick a non-scented lube and be on your way.

3. The Consistency

Not only do lubricants vary depending on their base ingredient but they also differ based on their maker. It’s a very convenient fact of life that makes customized sexual experiences much easier. Unfortunately, it also makes selecting the right product a pain in the ass (literally in some cases) because the consistency of a lube changes how it feels on the body during sex and/or masturbation. Thick, coagulated formulas have their uses but thin, watery versions can perform more ideally in certain situations. Look for something that feels right on your skin but doesn’t reduce the sensations so much that you can’t feel anything at all.

4. The Bottle Design

The shape, size and functionality of your lube’s container may become a problem that you didn’t anticipate if you neglect to do your homework. You see, everyone’s trying to be creative about their bottle designs, meaning there’s some pretty strange shit out there these days. You’ll find everything from classic pumps, upgraded squirting tops and flip-top lids at the very least. Just think about the last time you had sex or masturbated and ask yourself, “How would the ideal lube fit into this picture?” Bottle dimensions also determine its travel-readiness, user-friendliness, and fluid ounce capacity, so don’t fall for fancy shapes and sparkling labels because that’s not always what’s important.

5. The Extra Features

Modern science has allowed us to expand our reach to the depths of sexual debauchery. Case in point: Did you know that today’s lube arena is stuffed to the gills with lubes that have specialty features like warming, tingling, numbing, and flavored ingredients? Are you also aware that some of those ingredients can change the way the lube reacts to your skin or sex toy? Tread carefully, my friends. They won’t tell you this, but extra features on lube’s label are about as worthless as extra pickles on a toddler’s booger if you don’t properly vet them out. Look for products that can maintain their gentleness on the skin despite the fact that they’ve been artificially enhanced.

Looking for a new bottle of lube can be stressful, but it’s much easier when you know how to avoid the hype like a boss. So, while you may not get good advice from friends, family, partners, manufacturers or even your own instincts, you can pinpoint the perfect product when you utilize the tools that have been given to you. Let’s move on.

5 Things to Know When Choosing A Lube

A wise philosopher once said, “Know thyself,” yet so many of us float around with our heads in the clouds when it comes to personal familiarity. And as common as I just made that sound, it does consumers no favors in terms of shopping diligence because it often gets used against them. It’s certainly no fair, but it’s the only way that some manufacturers can get their lubes off the shelves before tax time. Here are the things you need to know so they can’t pull a fast one on you anymore:

1. Your Skin Type

They won’t tell you think because they assume you already know about it but some lubes aren’t compatible with all skin types. In fact, unless the label expressly states that the product’s ingredients are “skin-safe” or “hypoallergenic,” they’re not ideal for people with allergies and should be used with extreme caution unless you’re very familiar with the way the ingredients will react to your skin. For those who have a super sensitive dermal layer, choose water-based lubes to avoid potential setbacks.

2. Your Sex Toys

That impressive collection of sex toys under your bed isn’t going to maintain itself. You have to be extremely careful what you expose it to. With that in mind, get to know your favorite pleasure devices in a much more intimate way by paying close attention to the materials with which they’re made. Lube makers won’t even mention material compatibility because, quite frankly, they consider it your responsibility to know the difference and they’re absolutely right. You have been warned.

3. Your Intentions

Know your intentions like the back of your hand. That means understanding the basic principles of good sex and great orgasms while respecting the gam enough to arm yourself with appropriate amounts of high-quality lube. Do you plan to engage in anal sex? Perhaps something oral? Maybe just the tip, just to see how it feels? Whatever the case may be, don’t kid yourself by assuming a lube can cover all the bases. Make that bottle earn its stripes, soldier.

4. Your Lifestyle

Here’s a little-known fact that most people don’t know: Some scented lubes have aromas that can linger for hours and waft throughout your entire house. I’m not sure that scenario would be a good one for every consumer. Furthermore, certain varieties can leave behind permanent stains on fabrics and clothing, which means couch sex may be out of the question if you’re using the wrong stuff. Carefully consider the limitations of your daily life and try to find a balance between the two.

5. Your Budget

Personal lubrication, no matter how luxurious, isn’t usually an expensive investment. However, you can end up nickel and diming yourself out of a pension if you select a lube that requires constant reapplication. Long-lasting products are obviously favored for that reason, but until recently the longest-lasting options had serious flaws. Those products remain on the market, so find a well-rounded lubricant by dodging troublesome options and being open to spending a little more for better ingredients, manufacturing or packaging.

You’re a pretty big threat to the lube industry when you have the audacity to know yourself better than they think they do. And it’s okay to be a BAMF; I hope you realize that. After all, who else is going to raise the bar on these motherfuckers?

Final Thoughts

Buying a new lube can be intimidating to anyone who lays an eye on the current market selection. However, understanding what these products are used for, knowing what to look for when shopping for them, and becoming familiar with yourself are the three best ways to beat the bullshit and keep some of that hard-earned money in your pocket. Remember, lube choice is a very subjective thing that’s based almost solely on the consumer’s opinion and that’s the way it should stay. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, just learn how to move around the obstacles like they’re not even there.


Q: Is there a specific type of lube I need to use with my sex toys?

A: Yes, your selected lube will play an enormous role in how much pleasure you and your partner(s) experience during sex and/or masturbation, especially when you use toys. Keep in mind, however, that not all devices are made the same. They come in all shapes and sizes, with various materials covering their internal components and very specific usage instructions to go along with it. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the base ingredient in your lube will react (or not) depending on the chemical compatibility thereof. Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Silicone Based - Long-lasting, won’t stain fabrics and hypoallergenic but hard to wash off and not compatible with silicone sex toys
  • Oil Based - Longest-lasting, compatible with silicone sex toys, and gentle on the skin but not always hypoallergenic, difficult to wash off and stains fabrics easily
  • Water Based - Long-lasting, compatible with all sex toy materials and skin types, will not stain fabrics and is easy to wash off

Q: What should I do if I have an allergic reaction or damage my pleasure device because of the lube type I selected?

A: If you pick the right kind of lube you shouldn’t have to worry about any damages or skin irritation. If something bad happens, however, be sure to thoroughly wash the product off of your skin and/or sex toy’s surface. Use plenty of warm water and non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap for best results. Remember, some devices come with warranties from the manufacturer. If you’ve properly registered your toy in a timely manner, see if it covers damages caused by lubrication to recover some of your losses. *NOTE: Most warranties don’t cover negligence, so read the owner’s manual and warranty policy carefully.

Q: Is lube absolutely necessary for all sexual activities?

A: In most cases, a high-quality personal lubricant is absolutely necessary for safe and satisfying sex or masturbation. It’s even important during pleasures with pussies, despite the fact that her organ makes its own juices. Lubrication not only enhances the sensations of foreplay and intercourse for both partners but it also protects and restores the skin. Sometimes, lube can be to improve the condition of a sex toy’s material, and with the right ingredients it can produce tantalizing tingles and temperatures. Very few situations call for an absence of lubrication.

Q: How can lube improve the condition of my skin?

A: Depending on the ingredients used in the production of a lube, it may or may not improve the condition of a user’s skin. Certain formulas are fortified with skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals, thereby restoring vital dermal cells (especially after it experiences lots of friction). Many lube varieties even offer proprietary blends of moisturizers for that very reason, with some people squirting the liquid on their bodies instead of using traditional lotions.

Q: Do I store my bottles of lube in any special way when I’m done using them?

A: Store you lube stash in the same way that you’d store a cosmetic product like a bottle of shampoo or some perfume. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from extreme hot or cold temperatures because freezing or boiling may permanently change the consistency of a lube. For best results, keep yours stored upright in a bedside drawer or bathroom cabinet.

Q: Can I travel with a bottle of lube?

A: In most countries, you can travel by plane, train or automobile with a bottle or packet of lube because it’s not considered a potentially lethal product. However, some restrictions may be placed on the size of the container you carry. Check your local airports and train stations for more information.

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