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This magic gadget is programmed to give you a blowjob using real life techniques. New AI+ version includes unlimited internet capabilities.

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Full Stroke

In this blowjob experience, the machine will stroke your penis in full complete strokes from top to bottom.

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Full Stroke

Intense Edge

Fast Edge

Teasing Slow Stroke

Top Stroke

Bottom Stroke

Top & Bottom Stroke

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Full AI Experience

For Blowjobs, It’s The Best!

Autoblow AI+ doesn't need batteries. Just plug it into any electrical outlet (110v-240v). Don't worry, we've designed it to be safe!

Autoblow AI+ connects to the Internet and allows downloadable blowjobs, remote control, and more.

Features an easily customizable penis gripper that adjusts to your preferred tightness level.

We used artificial intelligence to understand and replicate real life blowjob techniques to give you the best experience.

Uses interchangeable sleeves. The sleeves are 100% silicone, easy to clean, re-useable, and work with all penis sizes.

Autoblow AI+ is easy to clean. Just remove the sleeve, wash it with soap and water, and apply renewal powder.

The Autoblow AI+ uses a heavy duty all metal motor that is built to last.

Autoblow AI+ uses a redesigned motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow 2 but is 3 times more powerful!

When You Control The Grip You Control Your Destiny

The new Autoblow AI+ features a first-ever adjustable penis gripper that allows you to customize your sensations. Dial in your preferred tightness level in seconds using only a screwdriver.

Connect To Wifi To Enable Countless Hours Of Enjoyment

Whether you hand over your token to a remote operator, download new blowjob experiences, or control your blowjob using voice commands, one thing is certain: you’ll never be bored!

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Voice Control

Tell your Autoblow what you want

Remote Control

Hand over the key to a remote operator


Customize the stroke length and speed


Download dozens of new blowjobs


Web-app infrastructure guarantees privacy

Millions Love The Autoblow & The Happiness It Creates.

You Will Too!

Autoblow AI+

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The new Autoblow AI+ will surprise and delight you with the most personalized machine-given blowjob in the world. The result of years of research, a team of scientists used machine learning to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos and then replicated the real-life blowjob movements into Autoblow experiences. Simply select from any of the 10 built in experiences or connect to the internet to download dozens of additional blowjobs.

This new Autoblow AI+ edition has a first ever adjustable penis gripper that allows you to dial in the tightness for your unique anatomy. This new edition also delivers the slower speeds our users asked for which allows for more sensual sensations. Finally, the new AI+ is whisper quiet so that you can enjoy yourself privately in locations that weren't' possible with the previous model.

If you are an advanced user, connect to our 100% private web-app (no download required) and access the blowjob library, play with a long distance partner, or check out how cool it is to control your BJ using 6 built in voice commands!

The machine comes with 1 silicone mouth sleeve. Remember to add a lubricant and sleeve cleaner to your order!

Autoblow Comes With A Mouth Sleeve

Choose A Lube

Your Autoblow Must Be Used With Lubricant

Fap Lube 2 oz
Fap Lube 8 oz

Choose A Cleaner

Keep Your Sleeves Bacteria-Free!

Toy Cleaner 4 oz
Toy Cleaner 8 oz

Choose Accessories

Enhance Your Blowjob Experience

VR Headset
Discreet Storage Case
Sleeve Renewal Powder
Set Of 3 Silicone Penis Rings
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This autoblow ai+ is probably the best model autoblow has but really its the best auto stroker masturbating machine there is on the market. It is absolutely intimidating with the size of it compared to some other high end name brand automatic machines but it means it has more to it too! Even the other autostrokers that have the bluetooth connections with remotes they don't have the vast possibilities of downloadable or custom settings, and there's voice control with the autoblow ai + that just isnt found in other products and definitely not for such a deal! Other companies look sleeker but they just dont offer what this one does. (Also a lot of other strokers or masturbating toys of any kind will say for all sizes but they often mean the skin is stretchy. With the autoblow ai there's a grip you can actually adjust it AND the skin is stretchy.)


Remote control, voice control, good feel, plugs in so good power, dick gripper that you can adjust to your girth


The size is bigger than other auto machines

Bottom Line

A lot thought was put into this (for a blowjob machine) I'm going to go talk to my machine now! "GO!"
The company sent me one of the new ones in advance of the launch to get my feedback during their development process. Comparing the old AI to the new AI+ they really focused on the complaints I had and I guess that other guys had as well. The new one is way quieter, way slower ( in the slow speeds at least) has heat, lets you adjust the penis gripper size, and of course the internet stuff. Theres a way to use the internet to download more than the ten preset blowjobs and they range in how they focus on your cock and which parts of the cock they focus on. Plus there's the "freestyle" part of the app where you can choose exactly how it strokes you. There is no other sex toy I know of that can do that. I am much happier the new one and think you other guys will be too.


Voice control is fun/funny and the adjustable penis gripper is way better than before


Voice control should be more accurate and it would be better if the penis gripper could be adjusted automatically.

Bottom Line

Way better than before
The ability to tighten the gripper (sleeve holder) is fantastic to get it just how you want. Also, the online mode allows you to customize exactly which speed and movement and part of your penis it strokes and lets you settle into that perfect rhythm specific to how you like it. They really went all out on this model and it shows. I highly recommend the more expensive 'artisan crafted' sleeve... As it is a bit softer than the original sleeve material and I find it ends up feeling a lot better and more realistic as you go on. Voice control worked ok for me I would say 80% of the commands were received correctly. But it is the only toy I have ever seen that lets you talk to it!


Customizations for size, speed and movement are amazing. This model is much more robust as well and really goes the distance. The motor is quieter and does not overheat as easily over longer sessions. It will overheat and display red/yellow lighting but it takes a good while to get to that point and if you ensure proper air flow at the bottom of the device, it helps prolong even more.


Inputting and removing the sleeves is still cumbersome. Would be amazing if it could open up on a hinge so you don't have to pull and pressure the sleeve but I understand why it is designed the way it is. Less of a con to those that are patient I suppose lol!

Bottom Line

Blown Away BOOM
When you open the box it looks and feels like a high-end sex toy. The toy has a good weight to it and the sleeve feels incredibly soft (Better/On Par than the best.) The new AI+ can be tightened or loosened to give the perfect amount of stimulation. When you plug it in the toy comes to life and the excitement begins to build within you to try and from the first moment it's an incredible ride everyone deserves to experience. The new version is very quiet for it's size which is a big plus! The biggest win is the AI built into this toy to offer you a slightly different experience each time but different modes and speeds are all also great in their own regard, but hooking the toy up to the web app takes this to an amazing experience. Once you hook it up to the app you are offered a completely custom experience to tailor exactly how fast you want the toy to go but also exactly to where you want it to "stroke" (Yes, this has a slider to focus on whatever part of the penis you'd like!). Also I preferred some of the new downladoable blowjobs from the blowjob library as opposed to the ones that come on the machine out of the box. It's very cool that I can download new blowjobs to it. My wife took a while to warm up to using this on me, but now we have a fun time with her controlling it using her phone.


The new adjustable tightness level is good. New web app makes this my go to stroker.


Can be tricky to re-seat the sleeve

Bottom Line

Close to a real BJ but from a thing that looks like R2D2
I dont like to admit it but I'm a small guy. I'm short and my cock isnt as wide as other dudes and girls make me feel insecure. Its been nice to have a toy that says all sizes and means it since I am always buying these things to stick my cock in and a lot of them i have to cushion random stuff around the sleeve to make it tighter. Its worse with bad sleeves that get loose fast. Bought AI+ cause the features and reviews said it can actually tighten around my cock with this grip thing. I need to use a screwdriver to really tighten it but its the first time I can make a toy feel like pressure when it strokes me. Theres space for how the grip thing goes and the motor so it is bulky on one side but its decent to hold on too. I mostly don't like the total size of it and the grip should look like a hand since the hole looks like a mouth.


Bought it for the grip and was pleased


Bulky but sturdy

Bottom Line

It does everything it features but I was most impressed with the way it can stroke my small cock unlike others